Coffee Table Talk

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Disclaimer: This is purely my own head-canon of events after part 5 of Magono-Tei's "Keep This A Secret From My Boyfriend" series. This is not to be confused or recognized as actually apart of the original works. Also I make no profit off this work.

*Coffee Table Talk*
Friday morning, Ayaka came home after dropping her children off at daycare, she set down her bag and was about to start fulfilling her chores, intending to clean then organize the childrens room and decide what to make for dinner when her husband Yuuki gets home. Even though she's nearly dead inside, having not just cheated on her husband for years and lied countless times, but continued cheating up until a couple months ago. Despite this, Ayaka is finally starting to get some of her vigor back, by telling herself over and over that she'll finally make it right by Yuuki. She told to herself she would not cheat anymore and properly be a wife and mother for him and the children.

What Ayaka wasn't expecting that morning, was to come home and see Yuuki sitting in the living room with a pile of binders, dvds and papers on the coffee table. Ayaka looks confused and said, "Yuuki, weren't you going to work this morning? Why are you home so soon?" Yuuki looks up at her with eyes that were glazed over. Yuuki blinks a few times as he looks at his wife, this slowly brings him back to reality and he's now fully awake. Ayaka doesn't know that Yuuki had waited 5 months after "their" second child was born, all in order to ensure everything is in place for this exact moment.

Yuuki motions Ayaka to sit down on a chair next to him, by the coffee table with all the documents. After Ayaka sits, she becomes visibly confused as he slides her two papers, his look remains stoic as she reads them over. There's a lot of medical jargon she doesn't understand, but highlighted on each sheet: "Probability of Paternity: 0%" Ayaka's expression becomes somewhat panicked, and she looks at husband Her : "W-What is this?"

Yuuki replies without a hint of emotion in his words, "A paternity test, I checked if either of the children were my own. I held onto a small sliver of hope that just maybe, maybe, one of them was mine." Ayaka freezes up after hearing his words, then begins to stammer, "No-no that's not true, they both are yours! Aya has your nose, Aki has your eyes, please stop trying to scare me." 

Yuuki then reaches over, opens a thick binder and sets it infront of Ayaka. "I hired a private investigator after I found your adult videos online. Based on his findings you've been lying to me for a long time now. Since before we were married and all the way until two months ago." Ayaka's eyes open wide in shock as pictures from both her videos and private "sessions" are pulled out, one by one. Yuuki then picks up the tv remote on the table, turns on the tv and presses play on an already loaded dvd. Video of her in a black couch interview comes up with the interviewer saying-
"Woah, if I was your boyfriend and found out about this then I'd want to die, hehe."
Ayaka: "I'm aware what I'm doing is a terrible thing to do to him... but I decided that I'm still going to do my best anyway."
Interviewer: "You're really optimistic aren't you?"
Ayaka: "No... I'm just answering my boyfriends support, that's all."
Interview: "I see, well then let's drop that subject for now. What will you be doing in today's film Momoka-san?"
Ayaka: "Um, behind my boyfriends back. I'll be having... a raw orgy with everyone today."
The video then fast forwards to her in the middle of several men fucking her raw, her being creampied and many other acts she has never done with her husband. Yuuki with the remote clicks 'Next' and a new video begins playing where Ayaka is in her wedding dress, standing next to a man in a white tuxedo who acting the part of the groom, but he isn't her husband Yuuki. 
Fake priest: "The bride Momoka, do you vow to love and cherish your husband, respect and comfort him, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, and pledge your faith to him until death do you part?"
Ayaka/Momoka: "I do"
Fake priest: "Then, you may now kiss the groom"
Ayaka gets on her knees pulls her hair back and says "Here I vow to love cocks, from now on, till death do us part" and begins to give the groom a blowjob.
Yuuki then stops the video using the remote, sets it down and looks back to Ayaka, his gaze still showing no emotion.
At that time, Ayaka was lost for words and sat there stunned. Yuuki, still looking at his wife, "I never claimed to be a perfect man, but you always knew I was happy to listen and work with you on any of our problems. Yet for some reason, instead of talking to me about what was happening, you decided to do this. And you claimed it was to answer my support? How could you ever claim that you loved me?"

Ayaka, knowing full well that she can't pretend she didn't cheat anymore, begins crying "I-I swear I di-didnt mean for this to happen, Manager Kikuchi was blackmailing me into doing this. I love you Yuuki! I've always loved you!" Ayaka slid off her chair onto the ground, kneeling and clinging onto Yuuki's leg. Yuuki looked down at her, his face changed to show complete disgust at the sight of the woman he once loved. "If you loved me you would have told me what was happening, you wouldn't have snuck around for YEARS and tore my heart into pieces. If you loved me, you would have talked with me and we would have dealt with your manager togathar." Yuuki said, to the sobbing lump of a woman who's desperately holding onto him. 

Ayaka: "Honey, please listen, I-I've stopped..."

Yuuki, ignoring her words, looks over the coffee table and sets one of the binders from it infront of himself, "Tell me Ayaka, have you been in contact with President Kitou, Kikuchi or any of your other partners recently?" Ayaka, despite her constant tears manages to blow her nose into a tissue from the table, and responds with "I, no I haven't."

"Call them." Yuuki replies coldly. After a moment of silence to try and comprehend what her husband was saying, Ayaka replied, "What?! Why do you want me to call them?" Yuuki turns his head to look Ayaka in the eyes, "Call them, each of them, one by one. Ask them if they will take you in and will take care of you and your children." 

Confused and scared, Ayaka wipes her nose and with trembling hands proceeds to unlocks her phone and starts making several calls. All the while hoping that by doing what Yuuki wants, he will somehow forgive her and not cast her aside.

"We're sorry but the number you have dialed is unavailable"

Next call, same message. Each time she calls a "partner" of her's, the wretched feeling in her gut grows more and more. Until finally she's calling her last lover, the manager who had convinced her to cheat, and who started this whole mess:
Manager Kikuchi: Why are you calling me? We don't have any business anymore.
Ayaka: What do you mean? Y-you said you'd take care of me if I didn't say anything and kept working. 
Kikuchi: Did I say that? If I did, that was just to fuck you. Things have changed now because of you and your husband.
Ayaka: W-what?
Kikuchi: Because of your stupid ass, me and the whole company are now about to lose a lot of money in a lawsuit. Even the President is taking a hit that he can't avoid. You were useful for a few years, but now we're going to lose far more money than you could ever make for us. Don't contact me or the company again. *click*
After the call ends, Ayaka bites her lip nerviously and looks at her husband, "Please Yuuki, I stopped working with them two months ago. I love you and only you no matter what, please think of our kids, we've been raising them for 4 years now!"

Yuuki furrows his brow at Ayaka, "I didn't raised those children as their father, I was just a caretaker. They are only yours and whichever other men are their fathers. After today I'll have nothing to do with them because I waited for you Ayaka, I waited for you to come clean and tell me the truth while setting this up. If you had, I would have forgiven you. I would have stayed with you, stayed by your side, but you were never honest with me. You who were so infatuated with lying and cheating behind my back. I can't stay with you anymore Ayaka, but more than anything, I wish you had never made any of those choices because of how much I loved you. God what a fool I was."

Tears stream down Ayaka's cheeks as she clings to Yuuki's leg once more "Please don't do this Yuuki! The children and I need you!" Yuuki stands up and pulls away from Ayaka, she loses her grip and ends up falling against the couch, sobbing.

Yuuki moves around to the far side of the coffee table and leans over and picks up the binder he moved earlier, pulling out a sheet from it. "Ayaka, this is a divorce form and I've already signed. Inside the binder you'll also find a copy of the lawsuit I've filed against your former employer, specifically President Kitou and Manager Kikuchi. They're facing severe damages for their part in ruining our marriage. I also have the option in this to bring up a lawsuit against you, for falsely making me believe I'm the father of your children. However if you work with my lawyer, along with the other women victimized by that company, I'll not pursue damages against you. I'm going to work now, to the job I gave up college for because you got pregnant with another mans child. When I'm back, if you haven't signed the divorce form, I'll assume you don't want to help this case, and I'll pursue damages against you for all you've done."

Yuuki stands upright and walks towards the front door, he picks up his briefcase, stops and looks back, "Before I forget, I have movers that will be coming by to pick up my belongings this afternoon. I had my name removed from the lease and as a final kindness to you, paid this apartment through to the end of next month, same with the child care service. I also informed your parents about all of this ahead of time. Your father in particular was apologetic, given how he punched me in the face back when you told him you were pregnant, when we thought it was my child."

Yuuki then looks downward, places one hand on the doorknob, sighs and says, "I really did love you Ayaka... goodbye." Ayaka who's unable to muster the strength in her legs to stand up, is reduced to sobbing uncontrollably on the floor.
A little over ten hours later, Yuuki is standing infront of his former apartment. He unlocks the door and steps in. The lights are all off and the only noise is a faint sobbing heard near the back of the apartment. The children aren't around, so Yuuki assumes his former mother-in-law picked them up to watch them for a few days, as she said she would when he spoke with her the day before. 

After taking off his shoes, he moves to the coffee table and picks up the divorce form that has been signed and stamped, by his now ex-wife. His stomach churned with mixed feelings of anger, depression and regret, with a resounding emptiness felt in his chest. Yuuki only took with him the divorce papers, leaving behind the pile of binders and videos. They were all copies he intended for Ayaka to keep. Perhaps it was petty despite his earlier kindness but,  he wanted to leave it all for her to clear away, all the evidence of the choices she made and kept hidden from the one she claimed to love.

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