Velvet Black Rose

BY : GinOle
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It wasn't late night yet, but the train toward her destination was scarce for some reason. Mamoru has been waiting almost for 45 minutes. It wasn't a big deal, she used to wait more longer than that. And her patience always rewarded. As if hearing her wishes, her train finally arrive. With a deep sigh, she get inside and take a seat. The clock showing its close to 9 PM when she should've ride this train at 8. But no matter, at least she got the train heading toward home.

As another minutes pass, the door finally closed. That's when she realize there's no one in the train except herself. Was she riding the wrong train? Or the crowd is on the other cars and she happen to take the empty one? Whatever the case, she decide to ignore it and enjoy the solitude. The silent rumbling of the train somehow relaxing music to her ears. So relaxing that she almost fell asleep. "Perhaps closing my eyes for minutes won't hurt" She thought.

As the minutes passed, she felt a little move beside her. The moment she open her eyes however, she found a shady man groping her breast. In a surprise, she let out a scream. But the man didn't flinch, instead, he smirk and tell her she can scream as much as she want since the train is empty anyway. As if to emphasize that, the man fondling her breast more. Slapping his hands, Mamoru run to the other car. But that was a mistake. The man caught her and hold her close from behind, resuming his groping act as he felt the girl warmth. Mamoru try to break free but found herself can't. The man hold her tight and there's no way for her to break free with her close to nothing strength.

Then the man decide to step his game by lifting her school uniform, showing her black laced bra. He smirk, mocking her for such adult taste and claim she's his type. He continue to grope her more before deciding to lift her bra, touching the soft mound of flesh directly. Her nipples also not spared from his assault. Turning her around, he pin her to the door and begin sucking on her breast. Mamoru squirm around and before she know it, she let out moan. Again, the man show a mocking smirk, telling her she secretly like it being molested. Before letting her answer, he shut her up by forced kiss. His hands fondle her breast and pinch her nipples, earning some moan out of her.

Then she let out a gasp and her body jolt for few seconds. She just cumming from the kiss and grope. Again, the man mock her for such sensitive body. And he prove it to her by lifting her skirt and touch her sex area before showing his sticky fingers in front of her. Its her own love juice. Feeling its not fair for him to only have her get the pleasure, he pull out his erection out then force her to stroke it. Mamoru keep resisting so the man decide to do the work himself by stroking his erection using her own hands. As he did so, he told her that he won't hesitate to hurt her if she keep being a bad bitch. And Mamoru know he's not messing around.

The man let out a gasp as he cum from the handjob. Mamoru however, felt disgusted. Still, that wasn't the end of it when the man demand her to clean it up. She know what he mean so she refuse. Of course the man won't take no for answer. He decide to play it rough but not leave any bruise. As Mamoru can't take it, she fell to her knees. That's when the man strike by quickly putting his erection inside her mouth. Mamoru don't have any choice but to keep sucking it as the man hold her head. When she heard a grunt, she was surprised with big amount of cum entering her mouth. And there's only one way to go; swallowing it all.

Feeling the excitement buliding up, the man didn't let Mamoru to rest at all. He lift her up, push her down on the train seat and strip her. Mamoru resist the best as she could but found its a futile effort when the man finally penetrate her virgin hole. And he didn't bother to do it gently, even though this is her first time. She cry in pain as her virginity were taken by a stranger. The man compliment how tight she is, given that she is actually still a highschool student. Her cry turn to moan, her tense body relax, and her mind draw a blank. She was raped and had to endure it for who know how long and there's no hope for someone to rescue her as the road back home still further away. 

As the despair set in, Mamoru let out a scream when she felt a warm fluid gushing inside her. She shake her head, begging him to pull it out but that's just her wish. The man let out satisfied grunt as he keep pumping his load inside her before he finally cease.

"Now now...who told you we're done? Had to try few times until we know you're knocked up after all!"

The dimly lit room filled with moan and grunt. Two naked woman had to endure the assault of horny men who ravage their body to fill their desire. Mamoru was taken to possibly the stranger home not very far from the station. And it turn out she wasn't alone; her best friend is also here, being ravaged beside her. But unlike her, she's already broken.

And its only matter of time until the black rose herself lost its final petal...

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