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Hello people. This is my first Fanfiction, so I kindly ask people to be nice. This is set after the OVA with the starting point as Alucard wakes up.

Let the story be told!!!!!

Also, single quotation '----' is inner thoughts, double quotaion "-----" is spoken. If the woulds inside are italicised, then they are spoken in the mind.

~~~~~~~~~~Waking Up~~~~~~~~~~

All was quiet in the manor as it was fairly late into the night. Seras only heard a few things through the quiet of the house; the footsteps of some of the maids and butlers that Sir Integra had hired to take care of the house going about their nightly chores, the steps from the patrolling security around the outside of the manor, and the soft breathing of Sir Integra as she slept. Seras let out a sigh and sat up on her bed. She had a bed again, one that was designed to become a coffin at the push of a button. Her room had also changed but not by much. It was still in the sub-levels but it now had more decor in it. Along with her coffin-bed, she had a desk with neat piles of notepads and writing tools, a small table and a couple chairs around it made of dark oak, a large carpet rug for the floor, some candels lineing the open ledges of her room and a could bookcases full of books. She had chosen the candels agaisnt lamps because she could have a sweet scent circulate through the room and the flickering of candel light was soothing. She stood up from her bed as she faintly heard some footsteps getting closer to her door.

"Seras?" a voice came from the otherside with a knock.

"Come in Dias," she replied.

Seras let a small smile grace her face as a young man walked in wearing clothing similar to what Walter use to wear; a white button down shirt with a black vest, black slacks and shiny black shoes but unlike Walter, Dias didn't have a monocle. Dias had short platinum blond hair that he always had up in a small tail at the base of his neck and had an Amethyst crytasl on a gold chain around his neck and also had one set in a clasp on his right ear. She noticed he had a small tray cart with an ice bucket on it.

"Thought you might want your breakfast," Dias said with a smile.

Seras nodded and headed to her small table while Dias opened the ice bucket and pulled out the blood pack. He handed it to her with a small smile as Seras saw they type. "AB negative?" she thought casting a curious glance to Dias.

"What is the occasion in giving such a rare type?" Seras asked opening it and taking a sip.

"Just thought you might want to try a new one," he replied. "You have been give such bland tastes for a while that having something exotic might brighten your night."

Seras smiled at Dias's jesture. She knew he wasn't what he seemed. He actually told her what he was when they first met after his interview with Sir Integra.


Seras looked at the young blond haired boy in front of her and Sir Integra. He was applying to be a servant of the house since they were short handed.

"You are younger than most who wish to apply but you have the same amount of experience," Sir Integra said after looking up from the boys application. "Do you think you can handle all that I will ask of you?"

"I can prove it if you wish," he replied calmly.

"In a moment you will, first I want to get to know you."

"As you wish. What do you wish to know?"

"Tell me about yourself," Sir integra said casting a small glance at Seras silently asking her to make sure the boy was being honest.

"My name is Disandros Velkava, I prefer to be called Dias as many usually can't saw my full name properly," he began with a light laugh. "I was born in Romania on Hallows Eve twenty years ago. My mother was a well known violinist in the Russian Orchestra, I never knew my father. My mother and I gained our citizenship here in London when I was seven. She was taken from me at the age of thirteen and I stayed in an orphanage until the age of eighteen. During my time there, I went out to help others in as best as I could, doing all sorts of odds and ends. I continued to do so even after leaving the orphanage and a few of the people I worked under mentioned you might need the aid."

"Seeing as how some of the people you worked for are Knights of the Round Table, I can see how you would hear of me," Integra sighed.

Seras watched him calmly as he spoke and could detect no lies but somethng about him put her in a state that usually only her Master did; she felt surrounded by a dark and serious power that was neither malevonint or peaceful, it was just there circling her and Sir Integra. It felt almost protective.

"Step out into the hall and have one of the staff show you around," Sir Integra spoke breaking the silence after Dias had spoken. "They will put you on a trial run and if you pass, you may consider yourself hired."

Dias bowed his head slightly and stood up from his seat and left the room as instructed. When he was gone Integra looked at Seras.

"Well," she asked. "what do you think?"

"He was being honest Sir," Seras replied. "But there is something strange about him."

"Strange how?"

"Normally I can look into a person like Master could, but I couldn't look deeply into him like I normally can, that and just being in the same room as him made me feel almost as if Master was in the room."

"I noticed that as well. He may have more uses that it appears. Keep an eye on him Seras."

"Yes, Sir."

Seras slowly melded the wall and stuck to she shadows following Dias and the maid that was giving him his trial run. She noticed that he only made small mistakes here and there but she could tell he was making those mistakes on purpose. She had to stiffle a snicker when Dias "accidentally" spilt the pail of cleaning water on himself and the maid causing the poor girl to squeak.

"Let me get a new pail," the maid said laughing slightly.

Dias nodded and watched as the maid left. "You can come out now Vampyre. I know you're there."

Seras's eyes narrowed slightly as she came out of the shadows. "How did you know I was there?"

"Simple," he said turning to face her.

Seras watched in awe as Dias's eyes flickered from a starlight blue to a deep obsidian purple with crimson speckles. "I'm not human. Never was, never will be."

"What are you?" Seras demanded, ready to fight in case she needed to.

"I'm not here to harm anyone little Vampyre," he said putting his hands up in a small sign of surrender. "I was told to protect and defend. As to what I am, I am a Keldari. For lack of better analogy, I am a Demon."

Seras stood there stunned. "Who asked you to protect and defend and who is it that you are supposed to do so?"

"You and Integra, as to who asked me to, I can't rightly say as he never gave me a name. He just wanted to be known as Alpha. I could also tell he was a wolf. Not a werewolf mind you, but an original wolf. I also ask that you don't inform Integra as to what I am just yet, or who sent me as it will make my stay here very complicated. That information is for me to tell her, not you."

Seras nodded reluctantly and re-entered the shadows as she heard the steps of the maid and continued to watch Dias go through his trial as if nothing happened.

~~~~End Flashback~~~~

"You okay Seras?" Dias asked placing a hand on Seras's shoulder. "You spaced out for a while there."

"Just remembering when I met you," she replied.

"Ah. It's been about six years since then. You have changed a fair bit."

"A lot has..."

Seras's sentance faded when she felt a faint pressence moving through the house. She stiffened and shot up when she heard several gunshots ring out from Integra's room and ran to give her aid with Dias closely following. Seras got to the room first due to using her Vampiric traits while Dias continued to act human, despite the fact it wasn't needed. If her heart had still been beating, it would have been racing then hit a sudden halt as she heard a familiar laugh from a red clad man sitting on the floor against the wall by the windows.

"Such a violent welcome," he laughed raising his head. "I feared you had forgotten about me."

Seras's face broke out into a smile. "Master! You're back!"

Integra let out a small breath and went to go sit on her bed and crossed her arms over her chest.

"You're a bit later than I expected Alucard," she said tirsly. "Care to explain yourself?"

Alucard let out a small scoff. "Killing oneself takes some time, and in my situation, there was a lot of self to kill. 3,424,867 souls were within me, clouding my mind, denying me awareness. I butchered them all, until only I remained. I have returned here but, I am also always nowhere. It's a conundrum, the truth of it is, I am everywhere."

Integra let out a small sigh. "You have returned, and in the mean time, I have grown old and gray."

Alucard let a small smile cross his face.

"Do forgive me," he said with a hint of sorrow in his voice.

Seras saw Integra slowly turn with a smirk on her face.

"Were you skulking in here, to drink my blood?" she asked with a growing smile.

Alucard's eyes widened as he laughed. "You need to ask? I haven't eaten anything in thirty years. I'm famished."

Integra stood and slowly walked over to him pausing just before him, a sad smile on her face.

"The young woman you knew is gone," she said sadly. "I am....ancient..."

"And I'm not?" Alucard asked calmly.

Integra let out a small laugh as she brought her right hand up to her face, one of her fingers resting about her mouth. She bit down on her finger with enough force to draw blood. As the blood started to slowly run from the wound, Seras heard a small sigh come from Alucard and Integra lifted her hand away from her mouth and held it above Alucard's head.

"You're home," Integra said softly. "My dear Count."

"Back forever more," he replied softly. "My Countess."

Seras watched as a small drop of blood slid off Integra's finger and landed on Alucard's tongue and let out a small sigh. She turned to walk away but saw that the door was blocked by Dias with an aplogetic smile on his face and sympathy shining in his eyes. Seras let a small sad smile spread across her face as she walked over to him.

"I see that your Sire has returned," Dias said softly, watching the semi-romantic moment between Alucard and Integra. "I'll go get him some packs....and maybe a person."

Seras turned her head sharply to Dias with wide eyes. Dias looked at her shocked face and tried to hold back a laugh but failed and it came out as a snort. Alucard tilted his head to look at what was happeneing at the door and saw Seras try to hit the boy with one of her rifles, which the boy easily avoided while laughing.

"Seras, Dias," Integra's voice rang out causing both to pause and look at her.

Seras looked down ashamed and Dias tried not to start laughing again.

"My apologies Sir Integra," Dias said with a smile and a bow. "I may have said something that was meant as a joke but Miss Victoria took it the wrong way."

"And what did you say?"

"That maybe her Sire would like a person along with a few blood packs," Dias said calmly with a straight face.

There was a small moment of silence that in which you could hear a pin drop before Alucard started laughing darkly. Seras turned her head to stare at her Master shocked and Integra just shook her head and gave a sharp glare to Alucard, making him stop laughing.

"You know my thoughts on the matter Dias," Integra said sharply. "If I do not allow Seras to do so lest it be from the Royal Family's order, it shall be the same for Alucard."

"As you wish. I shall have some packs placed in the Count's room for him to recover his strength.

Alucard stood and walked towards Dias, who turned and started walking back to the sub-levels while Seras remained with Integra.

"So much time has passed," she said tiredly. "I pray things remain as they have been."

Seras let out a small sigh. 'Me too, Sir Integra,' Seras thought sadly. 'You won't be able to handle another set of hardships like the ones Millennium sent at us.'


Alucard walked slightly behind Dias and watched him calmly.

"How long have you been here?" Alucard asked, breaking the silence.

"Nearly six years," Dias replied.


"I think you already know how that has been going. After all, Integra hasn't really let me out of hers or Seras's either since I came here, but I doubt that you are worried."

"Oh? And what gives you that idea?"

"Simple," Dias said, pausing at Alucard's door. "If my being here was a threat to Integra, Seras would have corrected it. And if you thought so, I would have been dead the moment I appeared at that door."

Alucard let out a dark laugh. "You are underestimating yourself little Demon."

Dias smiled. "No, I just know who I would be going against. I would rather not fight a self-made No Life King. Any No Life Royal that has survived as long as you have, knows exactly how to defend themselves from all forms of foe, even if they had just woken up and have no Subjects at their disposal."

Alucard smiled. "You really are a smart little Demon. Whose Order do you follow that brings you here to London? By your accent you hail from Russia."

"Nu doar din Rusia, regele meu. Am venit în mod special din România*," Dias replied turning to face Alucard, his eyes the deep obsidan purple. "Numele meu este Disandros Velkava.*"

Dias smiled and bowed low before opening the door to Alucard's chambers. When the door opened, the candels of the room lit showing the dark crimson and black gothic decor of the room he had before his slumber. To one side was a large black coffin, near it was a small table with a chair beside it that looked almost like a throne with crimson cushions. Along the walls were some old tapestires from when Alucard was still the ruler of Romania and some book cases with some aged tomes. Near the middle of the room was a moderately sized table with a small cooler on it filled with ice and blood packs.

Dias walked over to the table and pulled out one of the packs, opening it and pouring it into a cup. "I'm not sure of you type preferance so I grabbed a little bit of everything. There should be enough to fill you for this night."

Alucard walked over to one of the chairs by the table and sat down. When the cup was filled, Dias handed it to Alucard with a small bow and let him drink it.

"I shall leave you to your recovery," D'ias said calmly. "I have other chores to attend to."

Alucard waved him off and Dias left. 'This shall be interesting,' Alucard thought as he took a long drink from his cup. 'I wonder what will happen now that I am back. From what I gathered from Integra's blood, no much has happened since Millennium has been here. But now that I am back and I have seen a Keldari Child, what will happen this time around?'


Pale blue eyes opened slowly and looked around. What greeted said eyes was a lavish room of blues and golds. They sat up and looked around. 'Where am I?' he questioned mentally as he had no voice to speak the question aloud. 'Last I remember was fighting that girl from Hellsing and her familiar ramming the tooth into my chest. That should have killed me, yet here I am.'

He heard a door open and turned seeing a well built man walk in, his silver toned hair held up in a tail that reached to his waist despite being up.

"Ah, you are awake little pup," he said with a smile, joy shining in his emerald eyes. "I was beginning to think that you wouldn't ever wake. It has been thirty years since you came here badly burnt and heavily injuried."

Hans tilted his head to the side confused.

"Ah," the man laughed slghtly. "I should probably introduce myself so you have a better idea who I am. Most just call me Alpha, or Father. I am Merdez."

Hans's eyes went wide when he heard the mans name. "Merdez?! Lord and Father of Wolves......the first werewolf."

"The same," Merdez said calmly.

Hans tilted his head to the side again causing Merdez to laugh slightly. "First off, your facial expresions told me what you might be thinking and second, as I am Alpha of all Wolves, be they in a human form or not, I can still understand their thoughts."

"So you can hear me?"

Hans questioned mentally.

"Only if you wish me to know what you are thinking or wish to speak with me. I can't intrude unless you let me."

"Where am I?"

"On an Isle far away from mankind. You came here so badly hurt we thought you wouldn't recover. Unfortunately we had to intrude into your mind to figure out what happened to you. I've got to say, you are stubborn but strong. Most Wolves would have gone insane with what you went through. Especially as a pup."

"You went that far back into my mind?!"

Hans growled angrily.

"Take it easy pup," Merdez said calmly but sternly. "We had to know who you were and your more recent memories didn't answer that question so we had to go back pretty deep to find your name. It is unfortunate that your clan died so horribly but you are not the last of your kind."

"No, you are alive but..."

"There are other packs alive Hans. I have seen them, I take care of them. True you are the last Arctic wolf but there is hope."


Merdez smiled. "Whether you realize it or not, your wolf has chosen his mate and it will be interesting seeing you court her."

Hans's eyes narrowed in thought. "My wolf has chosen our mate? Who? Who was chosen and when?"

Merdez watch the young pups face contort into confusion and shock before turning back to face him. Both of his arms had been returned, the hole in his left lung healed, and the holes in his leg had mended. Hans' hair was a dull pale blue but that could be brought to shine after a good bath and a decent meal. His eyes were now a calm blue instead of the blood red they had been when he first arrived. Merdez was concerned when he first saw the pup. Red eyes usually meant that they had lost all sense of their sanity and would fight to the bitter end as nothing more than a mindless beast rather than try to find their sanity again. Either that or their blood had been corrupted by a Vampire. He was surprised that when he moved to the pup, Hans had bowed his head and whimpered in submission when he was close enough, practiacally begging for help and forgiveness or the things he had done. It was during Lin-Kia's healing and treatment that Merdez delved into the pup's mind to see how and why he was in such a state. It shocked him to see the blood and carnage that was World War 2, as well as the fifty years of experiments, tests and alterations done by that sadist of a Doctor with Millennium. He cringed slightly as he watched the chaos that nearly crippled London, as well as the proceedure done on a man who looked to be a servant of someone of noble lineage.

'This pup has seen so much blood and chaos,'

He thought sadly. 'Can I really help him overcome all that has happened to him and find a better, more normal life? Or will that be the task of his mate?'

"Alpha," Han's voice came through his thoughts.

Merdez looked into his eyes and saw confusion. "Yes?"

"You say that my wolf has chosen our mate but I cannot figure out who. I have gone through every memory I have and yet I am confused."

"What confused you?"

"There is only one moment in which I can think of when it may have happened but she was and may yet still be my enemy."

Merdez smiled. "She is only your enemy if you let her be so, pup. You did attack her home, practically destoried all she knew and loved, and nearly killed her. I am sure you can understand her reasons for holding nothing back, right?"

Hans nodded. He could understand. He was once part of Millennium. He helped try to destroy London. No, not try, they did destroy London.

"I still don't understand Alpha. How could we have chosen her?"

"She proved worthy. She beat you fairly but also at your behest, at least that is the impression I got while you two where fighting. You wanted her to pull you out of the horror that Organization had placed you in. She gave you freedom. Now it is time for you to start a proper courtship with her, as well as make amends for the past."

Hans nodded and looked down. His eyes widened slightly as he took in the fact that he was looking at his hands. The very ones he had lost in the fight against that girl. He quickly looked at his chest and saw that there was no hole where her Servant's fist had rammed the silver tooth, just a faint scar that looked like the sun, or a star. Hans looked up to see Merdez smiling at him.

"Yes you are healed pup," he said. "Even the wound to your leg has been healed, though it didn't scar like the one on your chest. Silver does hurt but it rarely ever kills true wolves like you and myself. It only kills those that are changed into wolves, not those that are born. Now, your intended is fine. She is back at her home, which if Dias has told me right, is the newly rebuilt Hellsing Manor. He has been there for the last six years keeping an eye on them for me. Also, apparently Alucard has woken up. Do be careful pup, he may not be very welcoming to anyonefrom that Organization."

Hans nodded and tried to get out of bed but Merdez stopped him.

"Rest for now pup. You will be able to go to your inteded soon enough."

"Yes Alpha."

Hans laid back and shut his eyes, quickly falling back into slumber.


Language Translations:

Nu doar din Rusia , regele meu . Am venit în mod special din România = Not just from Russia, my king. I come specifically from Romania

Numele meu este..... = My name is.....


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