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BY : sephslover
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Disclaimer: I do not own Hoshi no Yakata, nor the characters from it. I do wish I owned Natsumi though. T_T I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Another display of my love for my dear Natsumi. <333

This time it'll be an attempt to write a multi-chaptered story with solo ( masturbation ), yaoi, het and pegging. I guess I'm gonna give Natsu everything he can possibly take. The poor thing. >_< 

If you happen to like it, please be patient with me because I don't have that much time and I'm not a very fast worker either. :P Sorry for that. ^^'

Er, another important information is Natsu's interaction with his young brother, Minato, the one that ocurred on the manga, will never happen here.

For this first chapter, we'll have a Natsumi solo. That's why I didn't add any other warnings when publishing it. They'll sure be added in the future.

Please have fun! ^^/


By Sephslover ~ November 01, 2015.

Chapter 01 ~ Lost In His Fantasies


Natsumi walked slowly into his room. He didn’t even bother to turn on the lights, just letting the weight of his body fall hard on the couch.

“Tired . . .”, he sighed.

So many guests had come to see him today. They all seemed so pleased when they left. Even so, he felt so empty inside . . . so lonely. He wondered if coming to a place like that to hide from his family was a wise decision after all.

“It feels even lonelier here sometimes.”, he sighed again and started undressing slowly.

He carefully laid his black leather outfit on the nearest chair and prepared himself for a long, relaxing bath.

Standing there in the middle of that dark room, with the help of some dim light coming in through the open window, he could see his naked form on the huge mirror by the wall. He sadly looked at himself, thinking of how bad that body wished to be touched. A cold, gentle breeze made him tremble slightly, and just from that simple sensation he started getting hard.

Actually maybe not only from that sensation but also from his daily experiences pleasuring people in relationships that were not really his own. Just guests coming for what he had to offer, without any emotional attachment. Was he any different from a fancy prostitute? Well, he was indeed, because even prostitutes got that touch he so longed for.

“Wow! I’m feeling really needy tonight. Maybe I should ask Master Sakurai to train me as a slave.” Natsumi laughed to himself at such thought, but as he kept thinking of all the lusty facial expressions and enticing moans he got from his guests, he couldn’t help but grow harder and harder.

Looking down, he had to acknowledge his imposing erection. “Well, I guess it’s pointless trying to ignore it.” He then climbed his bed and lied down comfortably.

Natsumi was not one to take those matters lightly. He wouldn’t just do it quickly to get rid of it or jerk off to a magazine. He closed his eyes and started feeling himself slowly. His left hand took the path up, attacking the defenseless, closest nipple, making small circles around the delicate, sensitive tip and then squeezing it, making it even pinkier, until the blond beauty let out a pleasured moan. At the same time, his right hand made its way down, taking its sweet time to tease all the muscles and skin on his abs until it finally reached his needy length. The soft touch on his tip drew another pleasured moan out of him.

Natsumi kept caressing his cock softly from tip to hilt and back up again. His parted lips were already becoming dry, so he slowly rubbed them with his tongue, making them moist again. He could imagine a warmth such as that covering his length completely and that made his needy member grow more and more responsive until he could no longer avoid grabbing it in his hand.

“Aaaaaaah . . . “, he squeezed it deliciously, fully enjoying the sensation for a moment, imagining it was someone else’s hand and not his own, taking him like that. Next he loosened his grip a bit, just to immediately start moving his hand up and down in a slow pace.

His mind created scenarios in which a mysterious someone teased his overly sensitive body in all possible ways. He kept dreaming of a smooth tongue soaking his shaft with hot saliva all over, and with this thought his hand increased its pace.

But that was far than enough for Natsumi tonight.

He led his left hand up to his mouth and inserted two fingers in it, wrapping his tongue around them, twirling it sensually and making those digits as wet and slicky as he could. He then placed those saliva covered fingers right at the entrance to his tight hole. He rubbed it a little, and soon after carefully entered it with only one of his digits.

Though it was not his first time doing that, he was not very used to penetration. But after a moment of discomfort, he could already feel it. He then added his second finger and the delicious sensation became even better. As the overheated blond relentlessly assaulted himself, moving both his right hand and left fingers faster and faster, his mind went crazy as well, thinking of fingernails scratching his back, teeth biting into his flesh and soft hands sliding up along the inner part of his thighs.

The thought of it made his skin shiver all over and he unconsciously spread his legs really wide. He wanted more of it, had to savour more of those breathtaking fantasies and sensations. He then twisted his body left a little, offering his fingers an even better access to his twitching ass, and reached real deep, hitting his sweet spot so precisely he couldn’t supress a long lustful cry.

He threw his head backwards, still keeping his eyes closed, and allowed himself to fully enjoy the overwhelming pleasure while diving deeply and losing himself in the delightful fantasy where he shared that unique moment with a special someone.

As physical and mental stimulation became stronger and stronger, his body felt feverish and his head started spinning around. His whole being longed for orgasm. And orgasm that didn’t take much longer to happen.

He could feel that incredible sensation rapidly taking form inside of him. His breathing became frantic, shallow and both his front and his back twitched desperately, not able to take his hands ministrations any longer. He involuntarily arched his back and cried deliciously in pure abandon as his body convulsed in the heat of his climax. And for a moment, his beautiful, perfect form remained still in that dark, silent room. Just his uneven breathing could be heard. His demanding orgasm had left him spent, fully satiated and he could hardly move.

Removing his fingers from his abused hole was his first action. He moaned in a pained way because at that moment they were already causing him some discomfort. He then sprawled himself in his comfortable bed, trying to gather enough strength to go take a shower.

He looked out through his large window and contemplated the night sky already changing colors to give way to a new day.

Lazily he removed some strands of golden hair that got soaked with sweat and attached to his neck, and reached for a box of tissues to clean his sperm-covered stomach before getting up.

As he sat on the bed, he could again see his own image reflected on the huge mirror. Frowning at it, he grabbed the sheet and threw it over the annoying object, covering it almost completely.

“Don’t spoil all the fun I had with uncalled thoughts, buddy.” He smiled softly and headed to the bathroom, eager for a hot shower.

A brand new day was just beginning.


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