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By Sephslover ~ July 24, 2014.

Natsumi stares out at the dark night sky through his living room window as those painful feelings slowly consume him - anger, frustration, loneliness, . . . love. All too much for him to take. All too much, so he can hardly breathe. 

He leans over the glass window, eyes shut. He hits it with his clenched fist. “Why can’t I have you right here in my arms? Why? It’s just too painful without you . . . “

He feels like trashing the whole room, seeing everything in pieces, just like his heart, but instead he grabs a coat and leaves for a night walk. Out there, he might be able to have a faint illusion of freedom. At least for a moment.

It’s a cold week night. It’s very late already and, though that’s a very populated area, it’s very quiet and empty at this time. The atmosphere brings some peace to Natsumi’s heart, as he walks aimlessly.

His mind wanders aimlessly as well and he tries hard not to think of that person, who makes his chest hurt so much. Even being so lost in thought, he doesn’t fail to notice a van slowly approaching from behind. He turns fast and the van stops immediately.

Though he can’t see who’s inside, he keeps looking intently at it. He feels, he knows something’s very wrong and suddenly the realization that the late walk was not such a good idea comes fast and hard over him. There’s no big center such as that totally free from violence. As a celebrity, it’s not impossible he’s being targeted by someone. And that’s just the case.

When he turns to leave as fast as he can, he stumbles across a group of five huge hooded men. Even being so skilled in martial arts, Natsumi doesn’t stand a chance against them. He’s fast immobilized and one of his assailants keeps his hand firmly pressed against Natsumi’s mouth as some drug’s injected into him even before they get to the van.

Not long after the men bring him inside, he’s already quite dizzy. He can hear some talking but nothing he can really distinguish. In a few minutes, he blackens out completely.

Not long later . . .       

Very slowly Natsumi starts to open his eyes. He still feels dizzy. His body’s heavy. It doesn’t help much that the room’s not very well lit. He tries to get up but, to his horror, he finds out he’s been chained to the bed. Both his wrists are chained together and to the bedhead. His ankles are chained to the bed too.

He looks down desperately only to get even more horrified as he sees his completely naked body. “What the fuck is this?” He looks around in a total state of panic. An almost empty unknown room. Just candles spread around it. No one there. Should he cry out? Would anybody come to help? He doesn’t think so. The only thing he can do is keep struggling against his chains, though it’s not hard to see his body’s not responding to him as usual.

His useless fight for freedom’s abruptly interrupted by a click followed by the squeak of the only door in the windowless room. As his visitor approaches him, Natsumi can see that’s a tall, slim man with short, dark hair. His eyes widen open, trying desperately to take in more of that form in the badly lit room. As the man gets close enough, Natsumi can gaze into his beautiful but scary golden eyes.  

“Are you feeling comfortable, Natsumi-sama?” The handsome young man asks with a soft smile on his face.

“Comfortable my ass? Cut the crap! Is that money you want?”

“Money, you ask?", the visitor laughs soundly. "My family’s not less wealthy than yours, my dear Natsumi-sama. In fact, such an isolated property, which was bought with the sole purpose of keeping you captive, cost me quite a lot.” He grins. “Natsumi-sama’s what I want and whom I shall fully enjoy tonight.”

“Is this some kind of joke?”

The soft smile from before comes back to the young man’s face. His eyes shine brightly as he drinks in the perfect forms of his captive. “You’re beautiful.”

“Fuck you, brat! Let me go!”

“But we didn’t even get started! I won’t let you go. I can’t let you go until you totally fall in love with me.”

“Wha? Don’t fuck around with me!”

“We met a long time ago. We were both kids then. I fell for you at first sight. For your beauty, your spirit, your passion. It’s been my whole life’s dream to be by your side. Natsumi-sama, I adore you.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about!”

“Oh, so it meant so little to you back then. That hurts.” The young man’s expression goes from joy to sadness then, but not for long. Looking back at Natsumi, he says, “It’s OK not to remember it. I understand it happened long ago. It’s not your fault, Natsumi-sama. When you fall in love with me, everything will have been worth.”

“You’re crazy! You can’t really mean it, can you?”

“I know you’re in love with someone else but such person does not deserve you, Natsumi-sama!”

“Shut up, you fucking bastard!”

“That person’s twisted feelings only bring you pain. Can this really be called love? I know how to make you happy. I’ll love you throughly as you deserve.”

“Enough’s enough! Let me go!!!” Natsumi shouts. His captor looks pretty young but he’s obviously quite dangerous. Natsumi’s never been that scared in his whole life.

“You’re right, Natsumi-sama. We’ve had plenty of talk already. Let’s enjoy our time together.” He places something at the bottom of the bed, near Natsumi’s right foot, and starts undressing. The dim light doesn’t fail to reveal he’s already fully hard.

“Don’t get near me, you psycho!”, Natsumi tries to threaten the young man somehow but the only thing he’s still able to do in his current condition is tremble.

The young man lies down close to him. His erection rubbing against the side of Natsumi’s left thigh. “Kyou. That’s the name I wanna hear you cry as I pleasure you again and again.”

Natsumi wants to throw up. He wants to cry. He wants to shout for help. But he can only keep trembling as he tries to distance his own body from that disgusting hardness pressing against his thigh.

Kyou turns Natsumi’s chin to the right and keeps it in place to have full access to his captive’s neck and shoulder without the risk of being bitten. Natsumi can’t offer much of a fight as his body’s not obeying him properly yet.

Kyou licks Natsumi’s neck slowly, savoring the soft, white skin of his so desired lover. He kisses his neck and left shoulder plenty. Natsumi breathes heavily, as he keeps fighting to put a distance between him and Kyou.

“Natsumi-sama, your skin tastes so delicious. I knew it would.”

“Shut up! Let me go already!”

“Poor Natsumi-sama will feel pretty tired real soon like that. You’ll look even more defenseless, Natsumi-sama. How cute!”

Natsumi just growls in anger and frustration. He’s the perfect victim right now. His thoughts are cloudy by the situation and by the drug as well. He doesn’t know how to find his way out of it.

Kyou lets his chin go to use his now free hand to attack Natsumi’s right nipple. The unwilling lover manages well to hold a small sound of pleasure but he’s not that lucky though when the young man licks his left nipple. A delicious moan escapes his lips and Kyou can’t help but smile contently.

He keeps attacking both nipples mercilessly, as his captive rewards him with a few moans here and there. Natsumi’s getting more and more tired for trying so hard not to enjoy it but all his efforts go to waste when Kyou grabs his half erected cock and it gets as hard as it can be as soon as it is touched.

“Stop it! Fuck! Stop!”, he shouts angrily, ashamed of himself.

“Natsumi-sama, there’s no shame in feeling pleasure. Taking pleasure from someone who truly loves you is such a beautiful thing.”

Natsumi chooses not to reply. He has nothing to say that can possibly convince Kyou to stop his abuse and let him go. And also, at this moment, he’s using all of his concentration power, so he won’t openly moan in pleasure as the young man keeps pumping his member relentlessly.

Kyou can see how hard Natsumi’s fighting not to show any signs of being enjoying it.

“You’re so not honest with yourself, Natsumi-sama. I’ll help you be free.”

He goes down on his captive and starts licking the man’s cock from bottom to top. Slowly, sensually making his member totally wet with warm saliva. Twirling his hot tongue all around it until it gets to the head and then he easily takes its full extension into his mouth and starts sucking hard.

“Ah! Mm! St- ah! S-Stop . . . ”, Natsumi’s no longer able to keep his cries and moans inside. They just escape his lips as he pants heavily. Without changing his pace, Kyou sticks his hand and grabs the thing at the bottom of the bed – a tube of lub.

Natsumi’s so taken in pleasure that he doesn’t notice when the young man opens the tube and spreads the creamy substance abundantly over his fingers. The middle finger’s immediately inserted into the poor victim’s ass.

“Aaaah!!! You fuck! . . . What are you fucking doing?”

Kyou starts moving his middle finger in and out but, unfortunately for Natsumi, he stops his perfect blow job to give his prisoner some attention.

“What, Natsumi-sama? Did you expect to be the top? A beauty like yourself? You were made to be a bottom and be spoiled to the fullest! I’ll love you in a way nobody ever has! I’ll give you my all!”

“I don’t want it! I don’t want to receive pleasure from you! I don’t want your sick love! I don’t want any of it! Just take your goddamn finger off of me!!!”

Kyou inserts the second finger. Natsumi throws his head backwards and goes mute, as his assailant hits his sweet spot so directly and firmly. He stops struggling and stands still, gasping.

“I’ve practiced this with a considerable number of partners. I wanted to make sure I’d show you a wonderful time. So . . . don’t worry. I won’t make you suffer.”

Again he starts licking and sucking Natsumi’s length and, not long after that, he inserts a third finger. It seems the poor captive has no longer the strenght to complain or curse or fight back. He remains lying there, his body betraying him shamelessly, until he can’t take being attacked from both the front and the back anymore and shoots his hot semen into Kyou’s willing mouth. Tears start forming in his beautiful blue eyes but he blinks them away. He won’t let his captor see them.

The young man raises his head in triumph and leans carefully to steal a kiss from his new lover but he’s almost bitten.

“Oh! I’m glad to see my love’s still quite lively! The next part wouldn’t be that good if you weren’t totally into it.”, Kyou laughs playfully.

Natsumi widens his tired eyes quite open as the young man starts to prepare them both for the next part. Kyou unchains both his legs but before he’s able to do anything, his rebellious victim starts struggling pretty hard. Kyou fights back in an attempt to put Natsumi on his stomach and chain him back to the bed, which is made a bit easier thanks to the drug that is still effective in the poor prisoner’s body.

“No! I don’t want it! Not like that! Not with anyone else but the one I love!”

“You’ll never have that person in your arms again. If you’re still not convinced, I’ll make sure you understand you’re mine now.” Kyou places a pillow under Natsumi’s hips and nests himself between his white thighs.

“No! Stop!”

After lubricating his cock quite enough, he presses the tip of it against his captive’s hole.

“Please!”, Natsumi begs.

Kyou starts entering that man he’s loved at a distance for so long. His whole body shivers in absolute ecstasy but as for his unwilling lover, though he’s well loosened already and quite aroused as well, he feels his body being opened in a weird and painful way. He feels scared. His voice just won’t come out.

The young man keeps entering him slowly until he’s completely in, up to the hilt. He’s feeling so much, he would never be able to describe. To be inside the one you love, to feel his tightness, his warmth. To feel his body trembling beneath you.

“No words can describe what I’m feeling right now, Natsumi-sama! I’m gonna start moving. I can’t wait to make you feel that great too.”

And he starts going in and out. In and out. Slowly at first but moving faster and faster. Stronger and stronger. His thrusts going deeper and deeper, everytime he dives into his lover’s body. Natsumi no longer feels any pain as Kyou keeps hitting his prostate over and over again. His body is feverish and his mind’s blank. For the moment he can’t even remember he’s being taken against his will by some crazy stranger. Kyou settles more of his weight on him as he keeps his incredibly assertive thrusts going. Their bodies, covered in sweat, squirm and shiver against each other. That’s all too much for Natsumi to take. He cries in pleasure. And so does Kyou as both men get closer to their climax.

“Natsumi-sama, I’m gonna pour all of my love into you. Natsumi-sama, please accept me. I love you. I love you so very much.”

Natsumi has no words to say. His mind can’t even provide him with a single meaningful sentence because he’s too lost in pleasure. He can only understand that overwhelming sensation spreading fast through all of him as orgasm takes over them both.

Totally spent, they collapse, almost unconscious.

After a few minutes, Natsumi feels relieved as his assailant moves his body away and he can again breathe properly. Kyou removes the chains from his ankles and wrists. Now he knows for sure his captive has no strength left to fight him.

He puts Natsumi back on his back and tenderly removes some hair strands from his wet face. He leans slowly and kisses his lover deeply. His lover offers no resistance. It’s a delicious, passionate kiss. 

As Kyou had promised, he loved Natsumi throughly. He’s not insane enough to fail to understand that Natsumi’s kiss is not a real lover’s kiss but just the result of his exhaustion. However he also knows that’s a beginning. Their beginning!

For now, to be able to hold the one he loves against his chest as he falls asleep is more than enough for Kyou.

He smiles to himself, pleased, and whispers, “Good night, my love.”   


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