Our Secret

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Our Secret

Naoya sat casually beside him. Looking far calmer than Izumi was certain either of them felt. Around them the hospital staff walked around at a fast pace that managed to look fast and professional all at once. Hurried, but not frantic. He wondered if they practiced it.

"The doctor's are certain they'll both make full recoveries. Some scarring is expected." Izumi repeated the doctor's words, despite the fact they had both been present to hear them.

"Aoe says they'll release them within twenty four hours." Naoya replied.

"He's probably threatening the staff." Izumi responded. He wasn't joking either. He wouldn't put it past Aoe. Naoya didn't deny it, which seemed like an admittance of his lover's guilt.

"Takamiya seems subdued."

"He's pouting. He doesn't like the idea of having scars." Izumi let his head fall back against the seat. "That man!" He hissed under his breath. "They're lucky to be alive and he's worried about scars. Of all the infuriating..."

He trailed off. Naoya was pretty sure he was continuing the rant in his head, though. Saving it up for Takamiya himself, he supposed. He let the silence go for a moment. "Izumi..."

Izumi glanced over when Naoya didn't continue pass his name. His friend was blushing. A blush heated his own cheeks and he looked away. "No, I didn't tell him."

Naoya felt more relief than he really had a right to. "Our secret?"

Izumi nodded. "Ya, our secret."

It had all started out simple enough. Reiji had had a business trip, and Naoya's own business had prevented him from going along. Takamiya had volunteered to accompany him, but Izumi had a list of things he preferred to do over going on a business trip with Aoe Reiji. A very long list.

So he'd visited his family while Takamiya went with Reiji. Naoya's business finished up, but Reiji's was taking longer than expected. Kiichi had suggested joining them.

It had seemed a brilliant idea at the time,. If they'd met up at their hotel rooms, it might have still been. Certainly deciding to find the address Reiji had written on a piece of hotel paper in his room had not been the best plan. After all, they'd known they'd most likely be interrupting a business meeting. If Naoya hadn't made that goading comment about him being such a well-behaved wife...

Of course, it was Reiji's business contact's fault that the meeting was occurring at a stripper bar. And nothing but bad luck that they'd entered when one was on Reiji's lap.

Izumi had always felt free to give Takamiya a piece of his mind. From the night of their first meeting on, he'd never held back when the other man displeased him. Nor had he ever felt guilty for the habit. But when Naoya had railed into Reiji, he'd felt strangely responsible. As if years of by-standing his own rants had influenced the usually even-spoken man. And the way Reiji had simply stood there and taken it had managed the previous impossible deed of making Izumi feel slightly sorry for him.

Pity not withstanding friendship - or combined fury at their lovers - he'd left with Naoya. Somehow they'd decided a reenactment of their first double date - sans lovers - was a fitting way to spend the evening. Naoya had rented out a pool hall and somewhere along the line a lot of alcohol had been involved. Neither of them had planned on taking the reenactment quite so far as they did.

The fact that Naoya was angrier at Reiji than he was with Takamiya surprised Izumi. He supposed if the stripper had been on Takamiya's lap things might have been different.

"I wouldn't think he'd go for something like that. I know he runs those type of businesses but..." Naoya slammed his cue tip into the cue ball, and it shot out to break the triangle of balls with a fury that knocked two off the pool table completely.

Izumi picked them up and put them onto the side of the table, picking up his cue stick. "Maybe he doesn't go for it. You can pay for someone else to get a lap dance..." His face flushed as he confessed to the knowledge. He lined up his shot, aware of Naoya's silence behind him.

"Y-YOU'VE been to one?" Naoya finally spluttered.

Izumi grimaced, taking his shot before answering. The cue ball slammed into the side and bounced back to hit several balls. A striped ball fell into a pocket. "I didn't realize what it was at the time. It was for a business meeting. A co-worker who knows about Takamiya and my relationship thought it would be funny to buy me a dance." Naoya was silent again, and Izumi lined up a second shot.

"Did you like it?"

Naoya's question took him off guard, and he missed his next shot. He flushed, glaring at his friend. "Warn a guy, will you?"

"Well, did you?" Naoya demanded, his face somewhere between angry and pouting.

"That's not the point. I'm trying to give your jerky boyfriend some credit. You're usually the one defending him."

"Yah, well, you haven't blamed Takamiya for tonight yet. So I'm not the only one acting weird." Naoya countered. "And I want to know if it turned you on or not. I have to know!"

Izumi's face flushed. "Shut up! What a question! Don't expect me to answer that."

"Will you answer if I win?" Naoya asked - gesturing to the pool table.

"Are you serious?"

"If you think you're such a lousy player, we'll bet on something else. Cards, truth or dare. Whatever. But I want a chance to win the answer."

"Are you drunk?" Ironically, Izumi took a gulp of his own drink. His face was bright red. "That's too personal."

"Cuz you know you'll lose."

"I didn't say that."

"If you thought you even had a chance of winning, you'd bet."

"Fine, you're on!"

The game was pretty much tied. They were both trying to pocket the eight ball. They'd also both had considerably more to drink, which was partially accountable for how long the game was lasting. Naoya had been a good player even back on their first double date. Izumi knew he'd been pathetic back then, but years of going to the pub with Takamiya where they'd chosen to make their home in England had changed that. He was probably more practiced than Naoya. They'd have to have a rematch sometime when anger and liquor didn't mess things up.

He had the perfect shot, much to his relief. He was lining it up when Naoya leaned on the pool table next to him, looking off behind them. "You remember the night of our first double date?"

"Said I did earlier, didn't I?" Izumi only payed half attention to him as he went to shoot.

"Did you have sex with Takamiya that night?"

His shot went off. The cue tip hitting to the side instead of the center of the cue ball, and sending it on a careening course around the pool table before it sank into a pocket. He cursed, glaring at Naoya. "That's cheating!" He hissed. Naoya ignored him, placing the cue ball up in the perfect position and lining up his winning shot. Izumi seethed for a second before blurting out - "Did you have sex with Aoe that night?"

Naoya hit the cue ball perfectly, sinking the eight ball. He didn't even blush as he looked up to meet his friend's gaze. "Yes."

"Damn it, how can you be so calm about it?" Izumi glowered, a blush still highlighting his face.

"Did the lap dance turn you on?" Naoya countered.

Izumi glowered, then looked away. "No. Not in the least."

"But Reiji's not like us. He's had girlfriends before. I've heard the Blue Boy staff say so. So woman must turn him on."

"Hey, what do you mean "like us"?" Izumi scowled. "There isn't a category here."

"If you say you aren't homosexual-" Naoya began.

"I'm Takamiya-sexual." Izumi countered, despite the blush still coloring his face. Things like this were never easy for him to speak about. Neither sex or feelings, in truth. "Men don't turn me on anymore than women. Only Takamiya."

"How do you know if you've never tried it?" There was an odd note to Naoya's voice.

"I never tried it!" The question seemed like an accusation to Izumi, though he wasn't positive it was how Naoya had meant the words.

"I never said you did!"

"You know I've only ever had Takamiya!" Actually, Naoya probably had never really known that. He blamed the drink on the confession.

"So you had sex with him that night, right?"

"So what?!" He snapped, slamming the pool stick down on another table.

Naoya grabbed his arm and yanked him to face him, his lips capturing his in a desperate kiss. Izumi gasped in shock, and Naoya turned to press him into the pool table. His hands started pulling at the overshirt - trying to find closures of some kind. Not finding any one hand slid up underneath instead, seeking skin.

Shock was replaced with the start of pleasure. Izumi pulled his mouth away, slightly frightened by the implications of his body's reactions to Naoya's experimental touches. "Naoya, what are you doing?"

"Our first double date...sans lovers." Naoya responded, his fingers found Izumi's nipple and pinched it.

Izumi gasped, squirming against the body pressed against his as he began to grow excited. "P-pool...it ended at pool."

Naoya kissed him again, more forcefully this time. one hand rubbing his nipple as the other sought out his hip, rubbing slow circles over his pants. He broke the kiss with a groan, rubbing his hardening erection against Izumi's through the clothing in the way. "No...it ended with you promising to do anything Takamiya wanted. I remember that..."

"N-Naoya!" Izumi cried out as the other man's hands squeezed his butt suddenly. He was panting with desire, mind fogging. Forgetting all the really good reasons why this was a bad idea he was sure he knew.

"It ended with this," Naoya pressed kisses to his neck as he pushed the shirt higher, revealing skin. His lips attacked the nipple he'd been playing with, freeing his hand to work on Izumi's pants.

Pleasure fogged Izumi's mind, one of his hands weaving through Naoya's hair, gasping as the other man suckled the nipple and pushed the pants and underwear off his hips. "Nn!" A blush burned his face as Naoya's hands explored his member, mapping unfamiliar ground by touch. Naoya kissed him again, somehow maneuvering them up onto the pool table. His hand slid down the unfamiliar slender form above him, caressing and stroking.

Naoya panted into the kiss, breaking it to trail his lips down his neck again. "Izumi..." he groaned, hands hurriedly undoing his own pants. Liquor wetted fingers found his opening, pressing in uncertainly.

"Naoya!" Izumi cried out at the feeling of the digits invading him. He twisted and bucked desperately.

Naoya slicked his member with the precum dripping from the tip, then withdrew his fingers to press slowly into Izumi. His movements were shaky and unsteady. Inexperienced. He moaned as Izumi's body squeezed around his organ. "M-more..."

"Y-you have to MOVE." Izumi reminded him, pressing down onto him and gasping at the sensation, body tightening.

Naoya gasped as well, and started moving his hips. Inexperience gave way to sensation and he pressed over and over into the tight body beneath him. Izumi gasped and groaned, pressing down as they fell into rhythm. Heat coiling inside of him until it exploded outward. He cried out in climax, body squeezing tightly around the organ inside of it. Naoya screamed as the pressure brought him to climax - releasing inside the lithe body below him. They collapsed onto the pool table top, exhausted and subdued.

Sense returned slowly. "Naoya...what did we..." Izumi stared up at the ceiling. Shock and guilt warring within him.

Naoya pulled out of him, but only collapsed back on top of him, burying his face in his shoulder. "I-I didn't mean to..."

He collapsed into silence, and Izumi didn't try to coax him out of it. He didn't know what to say himself.

Takamiya and Aoe had gone searching for them, and ended up in a car wreck. They wouldn't discover it until the next morning. As they sat in the hospital waiting room, they didn't meet each other's gaze as they recalled the previous night's events.

"Our secret." Naoya repeated quietly. It was a promise they'd keep the rest of their lives.


There was briefly a Love Mode Kink Meme, and this was based on a request from it. I don't normally do affairs - kind of a personal squick. But the idea of Naoya/Izumi intrigued me, and this fic kinda happened.

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