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Disclaimer: I do not own The Tyrant Falls in love and am not making money off this. It belongs to Takanaga Hinako.

Koi Suru Boukun - "Untitled"


Disclaimer: I do not own The Tyrant Falls in love and am not making money off this.  It belongs to Takanaga Hinako. 


Setup: Morinaga and Souichi are in a relationship though Souichi is still getting used to his feelings and expressing them.  Souichi tops.  PWP

A/N: This is unrelated to my one and only other Tyrant fanfiction.




Souichi came out from the bathroom after having finished his bath.  He had his pajamas on and a towel around his shoulders which he was using to dry his hair.  He walked out into the den where Morinaga was seated on the couch watching TV.  Morinaga had already bathed and so was also wearing his pajamas.  Souichi stopped for a moment to study him; from Morinaga's dark hair to the curve of his ears to the bare nape of his neck.  He wished he could see his face but if he moved to where he could see even his profile, Morinaga would know he was there.  He pulled the towel off, placing it on a dining room chair before moving behind Morinaga.  Slipping his hands around his shoulders, he then leaned down, placing a kiss behind his ear. 


Morinaga started, "Senpai?"  When the blonde continued kissing behind his ear and moving down the back of his neck, Morinaga relaxed into the touch.  He was almost afraid to move, thinking he might scare Souichi off or that it was a dream.  As Souichi kept nibbling the side of his neck and his hands moved inside his top to touch his bare chest, Morinaga reached one hand up to cup the back of his senpai's head, encouraging him to keep going.  Hearing the younger man groan low in his throat emboldened Souichi.  He flexed his hands against Morinaga's taut chest, feeling the brunette's nipples harden under his palms.  He began to rub and pinch them, doing what Morinaga had so often done to him and moving his head up to suckle on Morinaga's ear lobe.  He looked down to his kouhai's lap, noticing the growing bulge in his pants.  Morinaga's breathing was becoming more labored and he gasped when Souichi sucked hard behind his ear, leaving what would surely be a hickey later. 


"Do you want to be on top, Senpai?"  Souichi paused.  He realized he was already very turned on and the idea of topping Morinaga turned him on even more so.  It didn't take him long to reach his decision. 


He straightened and grabbed Morinaga's hand.  "Yeah, I do.  Let's go to the bedroom."  Morinaga's blood pounded at those words.  Never had Souichi made his feelings so clear and he had to hold back from running to the bedroom.  Arriving, the blonde turned around, taking Morinaga's face in his hands, then running them up into his hair as he kissed him.  Morinaga placed his hands on his senpai's waist before wrapping them around his lower back.  Their kiss intensified and soon, began pulling off each other's clothes.  With each article of clothing that fell to the floor, Souichi took a step back, Morinaga sticking close.  Their hands roamed each other's body, raising goose bumps on the bare skin.  When the older man felt the back of his legs hit the bed, he turned them around and gently pushed his kouhai onto the bed.  Morinaga complied, lying back, pulling Souichi with him, all the while kissing.  Souichi's hands moved further and further down until they curled around Morinaga's obvious arousal.  The younger man gasped at the feeling of being stroked and tilted his head back.  The blonde took advantage to nibble down his neck.  Eventually Souichi slipped his hand further down under, his partner's balls to slip a finger inside him.  Morinaga moaned at the intrusion and arched his back as his senpai took a hardened nipple into his mouth.  It felt so amazing to Morinaga that the older man would play a willing part in their love-making.  He looked down at Souichi and whispered his appellation, causing him to look up.  When their eyes met and he saw the intense look on the other's face, the blonde suddenly felt too exposed and blushed bright red.


He turned away, partially covering his face with one hand, "This is too embarrassing!"


Heart hammering, Morinaga asked him, "Do you want to switch back?"  Please don't stop he chanted over and over in his head, afraid he would call it quits altogether.  Souichi didn't actually want to stop but his embarrassment kept him from moving.  He looked at Morinaga through his fingers.  If only he weren't looking at me so attentively.  That's when he had an idea.  He grabbed the brunette's arm, pulling him so he lay on his side.  When he moved behind Morinaga and wrapped his arms around the other's torso, the younger man realized what he was doing.  Relieved that the other hadn't stopped them, he moaned when Souichi propped his leg up and began fingering him again.  He was getting really hot and thought if his senpai kept fingering him like that he was going to come all too soon and he wasn't even touching his front. 


"I think that's enough, senpai.  Just enter me already," suggested Morinaga, afraid he would become too stimulated.  The blonde grunted his assent then grabbed his erection, placing the tip against Morinaga’s entrance.  As he slowly entered him, Morinaga arched his back and moaned, not quite believing how good it felt.  He’d always topped in relationships and thought it was supposed to hurt more the first time.  Maybe because Souichi had fingered him so much, he was more relaxed, but he just felt a delicious warmth spread through him.  Seeing Morinaga was relaxed and not in any pain, Souichi propped his leg under Morinaga’s which gave him better leverage as he began slowly thrusting, testing the pace.  He wrapped his arms back around his kouhai’s chest, nibbling on the back of his neck and shoulder.  Morinaga had one arm stretched in front of him to steady himself and the other hand was clinging to Souichi’s arm around him.  Together they gasped and groaned with every undulation of their hips.  Eventually the brunette slid Souichi’s hand down to his cock, needing more stimulation.  The blonde took the hint and began beating him off in time with his thrusts.  It wasn’t long before the friction became too much and they both cried out their release.  They lied there, catching their breath and reveling in the glow of their love-making, Souichi still loosely holding Morinaga from behind.  Morinaga managed to pull the sheet over them, then turned around to face his senpai; wrapping his arms around his love’s waist and pressing his face to the other’s chest.  Souichi put his arms back around Morinaga’s shoulders and they fell asleep like that, sleepy, satisfied, and happier than they've ever been.

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