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Disclaimer: I do not own 100% Perfect Girl or the characters nor make any profit from this.

Although it isn't necessary to have read the manhwa (Korean manga) this is based off of, it would help you to understand the characters a little more. You can read it free online at Manga Volume (

This is based off of volume six, chapter forty-two, between pages twenty-one and two. (

100% Prefect Girl is a fast-paced story that takes place over two to three years. I have heard it said that you either love it or hate it but I recommend reading it. This manhwa, along with The Bride of the Water God, opened up the doors to others countries art and stories. I find them really enjoyable – some I even know. Okay, enough ranting, sorry.

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    ~ grossly or obscenely abusive

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If I'm the worst person you've ever come across, you've got much more living to do.”

Clarence's words kept ringing in her ears. His dark gaze and sinister smile made her shuddered again at the memory. She couldn't understand how someone could be so cruel and then laugh about it.

A knock on the door signaled the guard who brought her dinner. She heard the key slip into the lock before the latch was released and the door swung open. Jay was surprised to see Rome, her body guard, standing in the threshold.

“Rome, what are you doing!?” she asked in chaste. “If Clarence catches you, he'll kill you for sure,” she told the woman as she rushed to her and tried to draw her inside.

Rome pulled back. “No, Lady Jay, we have to hurry. I've found an escape path that should be lightly guarded.”

Jay only paused for a second before she nodded and followed the woman out the door. They went left then turned right into a hallway ten feet away. The door clicked shut behind the duo as they rounded the corner. Jay was able to keep up with Rome's fast pace but she lost count of the dizzying amount of turns.

“The door should be at the end of this hallway,” Rome whispered to her as they moved into the last corridor. The sound of a gun firing and whisper of the wind as it flew past her, caused the trained woman to jump in front of her charge. “Stay behind me, Lady Jay!”

“You thought that it'd be easy to escape. So easy!” he laughed at the two women. “I knew you'd try to save your Master's rare bird. I set this little trap for you. There's no hope for you now that he's abandoned you. Give up and I'll let the woman live,” he told Jay as he walked toward them.

Rome shifted, readying herself for any attack he might attempt.

Jay dipped her head, hiding her eyes with her bangs. She thought, really hoped, Jarte would come. Even though she said those awful things to him, she believed that he wouldn't abandon her. Jarte wouldn't leave her with a man like Clarence Ewan. But, at the moment, with Rome in danger, her heart was faltering. She couldn't let someone else die because of her and she couldn't stand to see someone else die in front of her. Clarence was right. There isn't any hope left.

“You won't hurt her in any way?” Jay's voice softly asked, trying to hide the tears.

“Lady Jay, no! You can't believe he will keep his word,” Rome exclaimed at her.

The woman moved from around her. “Please Rome, leave me be. Jarte isn't coming,” she told her before walking toward Clarence. It was inevitable. Her fairy tale life had turned into a monstrous nightmare.

Clarence was stunned at her revelation. He hadn't thought that this feisty woman would give in so easily. “Have you finally come around?” he teased her before one of the men spoke up behind him.

“We should get rid of the other one, boss. She's gonna be trouble,” he stated.

“Please,” Jay spoke beside him, “don't kill her.”

“I'll let her live if you stop trying to break out,” he told her. “She won't leave if you stay.”

Jay nodded her head in agreement before Rome tried to speak out. “Lady Jay, you can't agree to that. Ewan isn't a man who will keep his word, you know that,” she pleaded with the woman.

“She's made her decision and you get to live as a result. It's in your best interest to keep your mouth shut,” Clarence told the insistent woman. “I'll let you stay by her side if you are quiet.” He turned to one of the men behind him. “Get her medical treatment and some new clothes,” he ordered. The tall man looked at the glaring woman. “Don't do anything stupid,” he smirked as he led Jay past her.

Rome didn't have any other choice but to comply. She knew that the only reason Lady Jay had given in was because she was worried for her safety. She would stay and protect her from Ewan. It was her only option at the moment.

She heard one of the men approach her. “Hey, I'll take you to the medical bay,” he said, walking past her. She reluctantly took a step.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The door shut behind them and Jay immediately crossed the room to stand in front of the large bay windows, not looking at the man behind her.

“I have to say I'm surprised. I didn't think you'd give up so easily,” he spoke as he strolled toward her. “Have you changed your mind about me then?” Her silence didn't detour him as he continued to push her buttons.

He moved to her side, leaning against the frame and looking out the window. He glanced at her stiff form a foot away. She was so close and so far. It frustrated him. Her silence frustrated him. Any reaction would do, he surmised before he spoke. “We could hone your skills to pass the time.”

“Don't touch me. That kind of charm isn't something I want,” she spoke defiantly, stepping away from him. “I've never met a man as depraved as you.”

“Revenge isn't a pretty thing. It turns people ugly,” he told her, grabbing her arm and stopping her movement. “You should understand that you don't belong to anyone now. I can do whatever I want.”

“So you plan to take me under your wing, guide me? In exchange for sex? No thank you,” she spat at him.

He pulled her closer. “Of course. What other reason could there be?” he asked her. “Women naturally work with what they have. They sell their body for money, drugs, even the illusion of love. It's so pathetic,” he laughed at the notion.

“I feel sorry for you,” she told him.

Clarence threw her on the floor and she landed with a thud. “I don't need your sympathy. You only have one choice. I'll give you time to sleep on it but I expect a yes tomorrow at breakfast. And I expect you to sit and eat with a smile on your face.”

“Why are you doing such awful things?” she pleaded with him.

Her wide, innocent eyes pulled at Clarence's heart. 'Damn this woman,' he thought. He would break her if it was the last thing he did.

“How do you expect me to smile when I'm being forced into this?” Jay asked him.

“It won't be you who will suffer,” he warned her before swiftly walking past the female.

Jay glared at him with hate-filled eyes until the door slammed shut. He wasn't leaving her any choice.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Guess who the scurrilous one was? >,<”

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