Skewed Fairytale

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Skewed Fairytale
A Lovemode Fanfic

February 12th, 12:43 PM

"I couldn't take it." Katsuki pushed the envelope back towards Marudo.

"Why not?" The host smiled. "Tori won't be back until next week, so he sent them to me with his apologies. But I'd rather stay in." He pushed the envelope back. "Chai says you love the theatre. And Seiichi says he's given you tickets to symphonies and plays before."

"I...well, yes, but..." Katsuki looked at the tickets again. "Marudo-san, these are box seats! And what would I do with two?"

"Invite Jin-san." Marudo suggested.

Katsuki felt a blush heat his face. "Ask Jin to go to the theatre with me?"

"It's called a date." Marudo supplied helpfully.

"Jin and I...we don't have that sort of relationship."

"What sort of relationship do you have?"

"We...I don't know." Katsuki sighed. "The sort that doesn't involve going to the theatre."

"Because he doesn't want to? Or because you've never asked him?"

"He's never asked me either."

" you know how old I am, Katsuki-san?"

Katsuki blinked at the question. Marudo was the B&B's No. 5 Uke. He'd had an exclusive with Tori for an unknown amount of years to him. He was a beautiful man, and while Katsuki knew he was mature, he'd never attempted to place an age on him. "No."

Marudo smiled. "Thirty-one. And Jin was a host already when Aoe Shougo...recruited me."

He didn't miss the hesitation. Aoe Shougo's methods of "recruitment" were rumoured to have been wide and torrid. Unpleasant memories to those involved. The room felt colder just for the mention of him. "What does that have to do with Jin and my relationship? I know he's a host."

"But do you fully understand the psychological impact of a lifetime spent as one? Tori always complains to me, even now, 'Why don't you ever ask me for anything?'; 'Why don't you ever say - "Let's go here. Let's do this."?' And I can only tell him. 'I don't think like that'. My role has always been to supplement to the dreams and desires of others, not act upon my own."

"But that's...but you're..." Katsuki hesitated to finish the sentence - not wanting to insult Marudo.

"An uke?" Marudo finished it for him. Far from insulted, he looked amused. "As a man, become like a woman, eh? You've dated woman, I hear, Katsuki-san. Are they submissive? Do they let you call all the shots?"

Katsuki's first thought was of Eiko. Laughing and smiling as she chose work over him. Of the first time she approached him at the cocktail bar he served at. Flirtatious and inviting, yet somehow, in control. He laughed. "Heck, no."

"Jin-san may seem to always be in control. But he, too, is a host. He, too, has spent a lifetime fulfilling fantasies. He may think - 'I'd like to do this or that'. But if it is not in accordance to the client's whilms, he dare not."

"I'm not a client." Katsuki pointed out. "I'm...we're...I'm not a client." He once again fouind himself without a term for what Jin and he were. It was easier to put words to what they weren't.

Marudo smiled. "No, you aren't. You are, however, the only man I have ever known Jin to sleep with who was not a client." He paused for a moment, before continuing - his voice thoughtful and sad. "Katsuki, you forget to want after awhile. Forget to can fail to recognize your own fantasy. Until you're served it."

"He'll laugh at me." Katsuki looked down at the tickets.

"But he might say yes."

"But he might only say yes because I've asked not because he wants?"

"I do believe Jin enjoys the theatre."

"I...I just can't." He pushed the tickets back at him. "Besides, he might be with a client that night, for all I know."

"You'll never know without asking."

"Then I guess I'll never know."

"Alright." Marudo took out one ticket, and pushed it at him. "Then go alone. I'll just find someone else to give the ticket to."

Katsuki looked at the ticket, then up at Marudo. "But it's a box seat. It's so expensive."

"Wouldn't it be a shame to let it fo to waste, then?"

Katsuki hesitated a moment more before taking the ticket. "Thank-you, Marudo-san. I take my leave of you."

"Oh, Katsuki-san!" Marudo called.

Katsuki paused partway out the door. "Yes, Marudo-san?"

"Do you have something to wear to the theatre?"

"I have some suits." He assured him.

"Suits are for dinner, Katsuki. For something like this, it should be a tuxedo."

"Um...I don't have-"

"As I thought. Shall we go shopping, then? Say, tomorrow at five-thirty?"

"Marudo-san, I really can't afford - "

"Don't worry. I know you don't have a host's salary. I promise you won't spend a penny more than you can afford."

Katsuki wasn't at all positive Marudo knew how little he could afford, but didn't want to hurt the other's man's feelings by declining either. "Tomorrow. Five-thirty." He repeated. "Have a good evening, Marudo-san."

"You as well, Katsuki-san." When the door closed, he picked up the phone and dialed a number. "It's Marudo...He'd only take one. I tried to convince him, but he's convinced Jin would not be amenable...Of course, he'll be at the shop shortly after five-thirty. I imagine it will be great fun, I'm looking forward to it, Sensei. Until tomorrow." He hung up the phone.

To Be Continued...

Here I go again. This little fic grabbed me by the horns, and wouldn't let go til I wrote it. I forget what I read, but I kept thinking that Jin and Katsuki needed to seriously do something together besides bang it. LOL And I thought, what the heck would they do for a date? Hmmm....but Katsuki doesn't look like he's going to ask Jin, does he? Don't worry, there's a plot (And Kiichi!) involved, so it's sure to work out. ;)

Oh, and I created another OC. Marudo wasn't supposed to play a huge part, but he sort of swooped in and took over. And I thought later - I could have done this with Akechi instead. But...I'd really come to like Marudo at that point. -_-' But, hey, guess who makes a brief flashback guest appearance later in the fic? :D Keep reading!


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