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Spiderwebs Prologue

Katsuki groaned when the sound of his cellphone ringing penetrated his sleep. His first instinct was to ignore it, as he often did when the electronic device interrupted his rest. That plan was quickly laid to rest when a hand pressed him toward the edge of the bed and a deep voice spoke close enough to his ear for him to feel the warmth of the words on his neck. "That's your phone, and if it's Amagai, I have few suggestions for how he could otherwise be spending his time."

Katsuki only acknowledged Jin's words with another sleepy groan as he stumbled out of the bed in an attempt to find the mentioned electronic. It clicked off for a moment - apparently sending the late night caller to his voicemail. Not satisfied with that outcome, the caller must have redialed, because the ringtone soon started again. Finally locating the phone, Katsuki hastily pressed the answer button. "What?" He demanded irritably - still partly asleep.

"Tell me, how's the prettiest piggybank in Tokyo this evening?"

The voice that came over the line swept away the last of the fatigue. For a moment he was frozen by surprise. "Tane?" He whispered.

"I know, I never write. But you can't say I never call." The voice continued flippantly from the phone.

"Who is it?" Jin's voice made him jump slightly.

"N-noone important." He glanced over at where Jin still lay on the bed.

Possibly because it was the worst delivered lie he'd ever told the man, he wasn't surprised to see his eyes slowly open, and study him carefully. "Then it can wait. Come back to bed."

Katsuki bit his lip, torn between Jin's command and the equally demanding voice on the phone. "Is that a man's voice? Picked up a few new interests while I was away?" Katsuki grimaced at the mocking words from the third party in the conversation.

"They'd just call back - They're annoying that way." He made no attempt to muffle the receiver. "This will only take a minute." He retreated into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. Jin sat up on the bed, his eyes narrowing suspiciously.

"Annoying am I?" The flippant voice sounded irritated now.

Katsuki scowled in response. "Tane, how did you get this number?"

"I have my sources." Tane responded, then chuckled. "They aren't as lucrative as yours, but they're good for information."

Katsuki's hands clenched angrily. "What do you want?"

"We need to talk. Lose your company."

Katsuki nearly laughed at the thought of trying to "lose" Jin. "I'm not home, Tane."

"That makes things even easier. I'll be at your apartment soon."

"Are you deaf? I just said I'm not there."

"Get there."

"I can't just...Tane? Tane?" The phoneline was empty. Katsuki leaned against the wall with a groan, clenching one hand in his hair in frustration.

A few minutes later, after partially composing himself, he slipped out of the bathroom - shutting the door noiselessly. His pants were on the floor nearby and he grabbed them up irritably. A pair of hands caught ahold of his upper arms, and he started - having expected to be able to slip out unnoticed.

"Going somewhere?" Jin's voice was low in his ear. He could feel how close his mouth was to his skin, and couldn't suppress a shiver of desire.

"I...have to go meet someone."

"At 2 in the morning?"


"I thought that call wasn't important."

Katsuki's mouth twisted into a grimace. "It wasn't, but..."

"Then you don't have to go." Jin pulled him back against him and Katsuki gasped at the feeling of his skin against his. Jin obviously hadn't bothered to dress when he'd risen.

"I-" He cut off, biting his lip when Jin nipped at his jaw and trailed his mouth down his neck. He shivered again, his resolve weakening at the attack on his senses. Jin trailed one hand down his arm, and his fingers started to pry the phone and clothing from his grasp. Katsuki tightened his hold, pulling slightly away. "He'll just call back."

"He who?"

Jin's demand caught him off-guard. "Ah...A friend."

"Got a name?"

"You wouldn't know him."

"Didn't ask if I knew him. I asked for his name."

Katsuki turned to face him, though Jin kept his hold on one of his arms. "If you were anyone else I'd accuse you of being jealous." He told him, his eyes challenging him.

Jin's eyebrows arched, and his lips curled into a smile. "Jealous?" He repeated the word, his voice thick with amusement. "Are you really suggesting that I'd be jealous over you?"

Katsuki's jaw clenched, and he pulled his arm from Jin's hold. "I said if you were anyone else. I know better than-" He cut off when Jin recaptured his arm, yanking him back to him, one arm clamping around his waist to keep him pinned against him. He felt his face heat at the feeling of Jin's arousal pressing hard against his hip.

"You have some important matters to take care of here first." He reached out to tilt Katsuki's face up, tracing his lips with his thumb. He felt the younger man tremble under his touch and his own mouth set in a smirk as he continued to speak. "Then you can take care of your un-important friend."

His protests were silenced by a searing kiss as Jin led him back to the bed. Later he couldn't remember when his phone was taken from him, but he knew the only one who could have turned it off was Jin.

Katsuki sighed as he deleted one of the many angry messages from his voicemailbox that Tane had left him. He supposed he could have simply told Jin the truth. Though whether that would have changed his agenda was questionable. Although his only agenda before the phonecall had been sleep after their activities earlier in the evening.

He knew he'd acted strangely, and had only succeeded in making his lover suspicious. Habit had made him hide the identity of the caller, even though the truth would have sounded rather innocent to the host. Jin would have had no way of knowing the meaning of Tane's reappearance. Unless, of course, he questioned Amagai. That was a can of worms he'd rather not have open. He sincerely hoped Jin had missed the name of the caller he'd carelessly whispered. He seemed to have - as he had asked for their identity later.

He sighed again as he quickened his step. In the predawn, the streets seemed darker somehow. He was anxious to get home, despite who he knew was waiting there. As he turned onto the street that held his apartment complex, he froze at the sight of several men gathered around a fallen figure. One man hovered back, watching, as about three others kicked at the crumpled form on the sidewalk. "Hey!" The words left his throat before his mind had time to catch up.

When the one standing apart from the group looked his way, Katsuki swallowed a lump of fear. It had been a stupid thing to do, and he knew it. He took a step back - expecting to have to run. He was surprised when the man said something too low for him to hear, and the three abandoned the form on the street - disappearing into the darkness of the surrounding streets. The leader turned back one last time, but all he caught of his features were narrow dark eyes that seemed to study him for a moment. Then he, too, disappeared into the night.

Surprised by the inexplicable turn of events, Katsuki took a minute to remember the man on the ground. He ran over, already spotting blood on the ground and his clothes. He yanked out his cellphone as he knelt down by him. "Hold on, I'll call an ambulance..." He told him, punching in the emergency number.

The figure stirred, moving one of the arms that were covering his face. Brown eyes looked up from a blunt, square face that was all too familiar. "You're late." He accused, before his eyes rolled back in his head, and he passed out.

Yet again, Katsuki felt himself freeze up. "Tane?" He whispered in shock, looking down at the unconscious man next to him - his mind not fully registering the voice coming from the phone he held.

To Be Continued...

Yep, back again. With another multiple part Jin and Katsuki story. They really have to stop capturing my Lovemode muse. She needs to write other pairings occasionally...

I had this story planned before I wrote Jesters & Kings, so it is meant to be cannon. (Although, admittedly, I'm so very tempted to bring Akechi in and set it in the realms of Jesters & Kings. Nope, must resist...)

So, who in the world is Tane? Who is he to Katsuki? And just what kind of trouble is he bringing with him? You'll have to wait and find out! Though guesses are, of course, welcome.

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