Midnight Supper

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Disclaimer: I don't own Kurosagi and all inside of it, including the characters, even if I wanted it to; they belong to Kuromaru, Natsuhara Takeshi, and Shogakukan, Inc. I don't make any money by writing this fic; it's just for fun. I just ow


Disclaimer: I don’t own Kurosagi and all inside of it; they’re owned by Kuromaru, Natsuhara Takeshi, and Shogakukan, Inc. I don’t make any money by writing this fiction.

Kurosaki scowled at the tray laid beneath his feet right in front of his apartment room. He remembered EXACTLY he had told the girl next door, harshly, that he didn’t want any offering from her, how lightly they were. But now, despite of his disapproval, she did it again, made him some home cooking meal and served it on the tray that she put it in front of his door.
Holding back his grumbling, he picked the tray up and went to the next door. He took some deep breaths before he knocked the door.
“Oi,” he shouted hoarsely, loud enough to be heard from inside.
The girl opened the door, peeked outside with genuine surprised look, and then came outside knowing who the rough guest was. “Wh-what?”
He scowled more, fully aware of the pink night gown peeking from the inside of her coat (Since when she did wear those kind of feminine clothes any way, AND why I must care about that??! He thought grumpily), and barked, “I thought I’ve said to you that I don’t like this kind of offering.”
Tsurara glanced to the tray and looked again at the young man. “I know, I’ve heard.” She said meekly. “But still… I kindda like to do that, again.”
He sighed, “Why?”
Tsurara looked away. “Same reason I’ve told you.” She blushed lightly. “But as I said before, you don’t have to return anything to me.” She added quickly, still didn’t manage to look back at him.
Kurosaki blinked several times before stated grimly, “And I said, I don’t want this, no matter what. I don’t need those.”
He shoved the tray to her hands and backed away, disappeared behind his own door. Tsurara watched intently at his back, such longing sight flashed on her eyes, then sighed heavily, before retreated to her room.


Next couple days, Kurosaki had finished one job of wiping shirosagi away. After short brief at Katsura’s with old man Katsuragi, he went back home at midnight, feeling tired madly. What he wanted right now was a hot, steamy bath and a cup of noodle.
Suddenly his mind went to Tsurara and her food offering. Is she doing it again, cooking foods for me?? He wondered. She has to know, that I don’t deserve those foods. She has every right to hate me, to get away from me, because I’m such a bad guy... still she managed to ...LIKE me??!! I don’t understand women...
He reached his own apartment within 15 minutes only to stand blankly in front of his door. There was a tray beneath his feet; with a letter on top of its cover sheet. He started to grumble, but all the way he picked the letter up and opened it. He read it inwardly, and his eyes grew widen knowing the content of the letter.

I know that you hate me and you despise me for bothering you with such trivial things like food and others. But I want you to know that my feeling won’t change.
Let it be; I won’t bother you again with my offering. I won’t talk to you again if that what you wanted me to do, except for formal ‘hi’. That’s just for modesty, and a proper manner to greet our neighbor :)
Oh yes, this food will be the last; it’s just sweets, so please take it, even just a little... do me a favor, will you?? I know that you always trashed my foods away; that’s okay, I don’t mind that.
I also want you to know that you’re not alone, no matter what you’re thinking about yourself and another people and the circumstances lingering you; you’re not alone.
T. Yoshikawa.”

Kurosaki gazed at the letter. Then he turned his attention to the tray beneath him. He picked it up and opened the cover. There was a bowl of fruit jelly sweets, definitely home made, considering its form. Kurosaki smiled faintly. This girl just doesn’t know the word giving up, does she? Such a stubborn girl, she is...
Some twisted thought came to his mind. He didn’t want to continue thinking about those things, but it couldn’t be helped. At least, maybe, just maybe, he would return something as a gratitude to the girl. Even if it had to be that thing.
With determined face, Kurosaki rushed to the 24-hours shop and bought something he needed most for his aim.


Tsurara listened to the tapping sounds of his shoes when she just had gone out from shower. She scrutinized the sounds while clutching her towel; her heart beats jumped every time his taps got closer and closer. Then they suddenly stopped, and Tsurara felt that her heart also stopped beating.
He must have found out my letter and my last offering... I hope he accepts that, she thought hopefully. She tried hardly to listen for his movement; nothing could be heard of. Then the sounds of his tapping shoes became hasty, as if like he was running or something. The sounds faded quickly, indicated that he just barely went out again.
I wonder where he’s up to; he was just coming back from his ...work.
Tsurara let her mind of him aside, changing her clothes for her new night gown – she bought them because of Yukari’s advice; she said that Tsurara needed some more girlie things to use, not that she really wanted to; hell, she even thought buying a piece of earrings just because of Kurosaki’s sarcastic comment about her not really looked like feminine girl after all – and readied for bed. Her night gown was light-purple-colored, one-strap-tank-top and knee-length gown, same model like her late night gown which was pink-colored; it was made from silk and felt cool when touched. Tsurara liked these pieces much and decided that she would want to buy some more when she had enough money.
She put on her favorite aromatherapy mist -- jasmine tea and chamomile scent – and slipped under the cover of her bed. The idea of using aromatherapy mist before sleeps was definitely Yukari’s; obviously not hers. Tsurara stifled a laugh thinking about her best friend; she always advised her, sometimes in too-girlish-manner of speaking, about girlie things she tended not having some.
She already half closed her lids when she heard knocking on her door. Scowling, she got up and walked toward the door, wrapped a shawl around her shoulder for modesty; wondering who the hell was coming in the middle of the night like this. She opened the door and her breath hitched in her throat.
Kurosaki stood in front of her door, cold and impassive look on his face, but it was also somewhat handsome and attractive. For a slight moment, he grinned cockily. Tsurara always found that he was some kind sexy in his boyish grin and cocky attitude. And this night, his charming was completely and successfully pushed out air from her lungs; she held her breath long enough before recovered her voice and asked slowly, “What is it?”
Kurosaki raised one brow, inwardly amazed from his sight of her absolutely new night gown – light purple this time, he thought somehow happily – and simply retorted, “I just want to say that I, this time, gratefully accepted your offering. Just for this time, though. Like what you’ve written on your letter.”
Tsurara stared at him for a moment then looked away and blushed lightly. “O-okay. I’m glad you like it.”
“Well, I kindda like sweets, so it’s not a big problem to chew your horrible jelly things.” He smirked teasingly.
Tsurara’s head jerked back to face him; her eyes widened open with surprise. “Is, is that bad? Well, I have to look at the recipe book often to make sure I was making it right so... um, that... I guessed that it has been good enough to digest and, I...”
She stuttered in her words, feeling mixture of ashamed and guilty, when she heard him laughing. Not mockingly or teasingly laughing like he usually let out, but genuinely, warmly laughing. She looked at him confusedly and a bit stunned, never heard him laughing openly like that before.
“You’re such a funny girl, aren’t you? Yoshimitsu...”
“Yoshikawa!” She glared at him.
“Okay, whatever. Any way, your jelly things are just fine, don’t worry.”
Tsurara blushed again. “Oh, thank you.”
Kurosaki tilted his head a bit, successfully gained him a good view of her cleavage peeking from the hem of her night gown. He inwardly licked his lips; he felt his arousal tightened from his pants. Fortunately, he wore his usual black coat; which modestly covering him from up to his mid thighs, and, off course, it was covering his proof of lust too.
“Do you want to taste it?” he asked devilishly; his voice was husky and low. He lowered his head so he could stand eye-on-eye with the girl.
Tsurara gasped at their sudden closeness, blushed furiously, and murmured, “Wha-what?! Oh no, no, no need to... I’ve tasted it and kept it some for myself so...”
“I’m asking you to taste it, but I remember I didn’t tell you how to taste it, from my point of view... yet.” He said slowly, evilly.
Tsurara blinked once, twice, still confused what he had meant about when she saw him took out a jelly sweet and plunged it into his mouth. He chewed it for some time before he swallowed it and commented teasingly, “It’s sweet.”
Tsurara had no time to ask what kind of silly things he kept in his pocket when he abruptly wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her onto his lean yet muscular body. She yelped in surprise, but the sound soon was muffled by his mouth upon hers. He kissed her with ferocity and directly demanded her opening, which she willingly granted.
His tongue explored her cavern, teasing, licking, and sucking, caressing hers on its way. She closed her eyes and tasted sweetness lingering in there, definitely from the jelly, and it tasted very, very sweet. She enjoyed the taste and the feeling his passionate kiss gave on her; moaned faintly for ecstasy she felt. She still amazed; she knew Kurosaki long enough to be able to label him as a loner yet aloof person. She could barely imagine him to do this kind of act. Nonetheless she liked it.
She moaned in disappointment when he abruptly stopped and pulled away from her. She opened her eyes, stared at him confusedly, and found herself twitched with excitement when she saw him smirked with gleaming eyes full of lust and heat watched her intently from up to toe.
“That...” he said lazily, “...is my point of view how to taste those sweets of yours.”
Tsurara almost retorted back at him, but her voice soon disappeared into moans when Kurosaki once again caught her lips and kissed her hard. Hearing her moans, Kurosaki deepened his kiss, plunging his tongue not only to licking and sucking hers, but to war against her; which she eagerly accepted. For quite some time, their tongue warred with each other. After they tired of war, their tongue made love, caressing and licking gently.
Their need of oxygen, forced them to halt the kiss. They stared at each other, feeling lust and passion heated inside their body. Kurosaki grinned evilly and spoke; his voice rasped in low and husky tone. “Well, now what?”
Tsurara licked her lips, and let her shawl dropped from her shoulder, revealing her skin and tantalizing curve of her hem’s gown covering her cleavage and breasts. She clutched the shawl tightly into a ball of fabric and tossed it inside her room. “Well?” she almost didn’t recognize her own voice; it sounded very convincing and seductive; yet her own boldness. “What are you thinking right now?”
“I’m not thinking.” He whispered. “I’m acting.”
He pushed her inside, closed the door, locked it, and began to kiss her again. He pulled her body onto his once more and his arms tightly wrapped around her. After that, he decided to lean her back against the wall and held her wrist above her head with one hand, while the other snaking up and down her body, touching, caressing, and groping. She moaned wantonly at his ministration, barely felt her night gown being slipped away from her body; the fabric now pooled around her feet.
“I like that gown. It suits you. The other one also suits you well.” Kurosaki whispered into her ear, made her shivered.
“Really? I’m glad you like that.”
“It means that you bought that for me?”
“In your dream.”
Kurosaki laughed warmly, still holding her wrists up, he began to fondle her breast. Gladly, he thought happily, she doesn’t wear a bra. He cupped her left breast, fondling it, twisting and flicking her nipple until it erected proudly; while his mouth hovered down to engulf her right nipple of breast. The feeling of him sucking and licking, sometimes nipping her breast was overwhelming enough for Tsurara, made her elicited a sharp gasp. He gave same attention to the left breast, licking, sucking, and nipping before he hovered south, trailing butterfly kisses down her flat stomach and navel.
Kurosaki grunted slightly when he came to her offending panties. Releasing her wrists, with swift movement he hooked the hem of her panties and slid it down her shapely legs. It pooled on her legs and Tsurara stepped over it, along with her night gown. She was bare now, to Kurosaki’s delight; he gladly admired her nude and beautiful, flawless body in front of him. He could felt his arousal hardening almost painfully, restrained by his own pants.
She happily obliged when Kurosaki nudging his coat’ zipper, silently invited her to unzip it. She did it with such hasty, tripped on her own fingers; successfully made her lover-to-be laughing heartily; amused with her eagerness. She bashfully giggled at her own clumsiness; giggles that replaced by moans when Kurosaki kissed and licking her neck and throat; moans turned to gasps when he sucked the soft flesh where her neck and shoulders met.
Kurosaki shrugged his coat off, pulled his shirt and discarded it somewhere on the floor. Baring his up torso, he grinned seductively at Tsurara who openly admired his muscular chest, arms, and abdomen. His grin widened hearing Tsurara gasped when she recognized the huge bulge on his pants.
“Surprise.” He unzipped his pants slowly, wantonly, and then slipped it off from his strong legs. He stood there just wearing his black silk boxer. His arousal was clearly recognizable.
He then caught Tsurara’s hand and guided it to the hem of his boxer. Nodding, he let her slid his boxer off. Tsurara’s eyes widened both in shock and awe looking to his size of girth and his length.
God, he’s big. She thought; feeling a bit worried. Not that she had any comparison with any body. Despite of her age, Tsurara was still virgin. She just knew about this specific part of male anatomy from science text book while she was at high school or just from her friends’ chit chats.
“Like what you see?” Kurosaki teased her while his hands went to pull her body against his for once more; now skin-to-skin.
Tsurara blushed furiously and nodded. She placed her arms around his neck and shoulders, looking at his dark eyes. She silently pleaded him to take her now.
Kurosaki grunted and hauled Tsurara to the bed; laid her down and mounted her. He used his fingers to trace her already slick fold, stroked it gently, eliciting moans from the girl beneath him. His thumb circled over her clit, made her shuddered and gasped sharply. He shoved his finger into her warm, tight wetness, and pumped in and out wantonly; sped up his pace each time he went in and out her body. His lover-to-be moaned; eventually gasped and breathed sharply during his ministration.
He added second finger, and pumped with fervor; he could feel Tsurara’s body tensed. He knew she was near to her coming; he gently stroked her clit with his thumb to add the pleasure she experienced. It was her first, after all. Kurosaki just guessed that she was a virgin; and felt more than happy knowing his guess was true. He would be her first, and he didn’t want her to be hurt in her first sex. Furthermore, this was his first time, too; but he didn’t feel like to tell Tsurara about this.
Finally, Tsurara let out a shriek, which was muffled by Kurosaki’s lips as he kissed her hard; her inner wall clamped down onto his fingers and her natural lubricants flowed out freely as she came hard. Her body shook uncontrollably; she breathed heavily against his jaw. Her body went limp and her panting could be heard filling her small apartment.
Kurosaki smiled feeling satisfied that he succeeded making her came for the first time. His pride swelled thinking that for this time it was him and only him that could make her coming like this. Suddenly he felt like he lost half of his heart when he realized that maybe there would be no next time. Maybe this time was the first and last time he ever lay with Tsurara. Never would be any next time...
Kurosaki put the grim thought of reality aside and resumed his current activities. He looked at Tsurara who watched him with content look, seemed oblivious about his concern, and smiled gently. “Was it good?”
Tsurara smiled beautifully and nodded eagerly, linking her arms around his neck. She mumbled, “It will be best to continue forward, Kurosaki.”
He laughed genuinely and replied, “With pleasure. But wait for a second, will you? I have to put on something first.”
He released Tsurara’s arms and went to take something inside his pants’ pocket. Tsurara watched him curiously from her spot at the bed.
He waved a box of condoms to her. Tsurara blushed furiously. How could she forget about protection?!
Kurosaki took one condom from the box, withdrew the foil with his teeth, and slipped it on without some difficulties.
He went back to Tsurara and then parted her legs by placing his own, positioned himself between her thighs in front of her entrance. He placed her legs around his waist, pulled her lower body off the bed onto his lap and rubbed the head of his cock against her wet fold; made her moaned with need. He used his arms as leverage against the bed on each side of her body, hovering above her and watched her pleading face.
“Kurosaki, please...”
He smiled and nodded; slowly and gently pushed his cock into her. He entered her slowly, not wanting to hurt her. When he finally felt her barrier, he halted his penetration. He looked down at Tsurara and said simply, “It will be hurt, but I promise it isn’t for long.”
She nodded and braced herself for upcoming pain. Kurosaki shut his eyes tightly and thrust forward sharply, breaking through her hymen. Tsurara tensed her body, yelled both in pleasure and pain as Kurosaki filled her deeply to the hilt. Tears ran freely from her eyes’ corner, which kissed away by Kurosaki; while the young man stilled himself inside her.
“Sshh,” he whispered comforting her, “I’m sorry.”
“It, it’s alright. Just go on.”
Kurosaki kissed her again in her lips and began to move; withdrawing from her until only his tip remained inside her, and slammed forward forcefully. Tsurara gasped sharply; his assault drove out air from her lungs. She struggled for breathe, while Kurosaki began to build a steady rhythm of jack hammering her. He pounded into her senseless, eliciting her moans, gasps, and sometimes screams whenever he thrust and hit the sweet spot inside her. He recognized it, and angled his hips so he could hit the spot again and again; he just loved hearing her screams of pleasure.
Tsurara felt her body tensed once more; her back arched; she almost reached her peak again. Sheen of sweat began to form on her body, also on Kurosaki’s body. She gasped when she realized Kurosaki had lifted her legs upon his shoulders, allowing him move even deeper inside her. She felt him quickened his pace; her hips moved along with him, meeting his thrusts. She could feel heat spreading over all of her body, the tension rising and rising until she couldn’t take it any more. She screamed his name as she came hard, clinging desperately onto Kurosaki’ shoulders like for dear life; her sense blurred as bliss overtook her.
Kurosaki still pounded into her mercilessly; her climax made her inner wall went into spasms, clamping down his length, massaging it; only encouraging him to go faster and harder. He rode the wave of her climax, moved in and out furiously and was able to make her came again with a sharp yelp. Finally, he roared as he came; his hips jerked as his seed was spilt out harmlessly into the condom. He fell upon her; his breaths and pants mixed with hers, filled the room as they laid together in exhaustion, feeling completely spent.
The bed was totally soaked from their previous activity; their sweats were mingled as their body met skin-to-skin. Kurosaki suddenly realized of his weight and rolled over Tsurara’ side; his arms wrapped tightly around her body and embraced her possessively, much to her pleasant dismay. He placed his chin upon her head; kissing her hair slightly, while she nuzzled her face onto his neck; inhaled at his masculine scent. She felt sated, sore, and sleepy; she smiled contently realizing that the one who made her feel amazing like this, was still here, embracing her tightly and lovingly.
“You know... if it was a dream, then I would let you know that it was the best one I’ve ever dreamt of...” she mumbled sleepily.
Kurosaki fell silent for a moment, before simply retorted, “No, it wasn’t dream... koi...”
Tsurara had fallen asleep, but not before she heard his words. She almost cried out in tears as she realized what he was calling her with. Koi... he called me koi, oh dear God... I’m so happy, even when tomorrow; we will be back to be only neighbors again... strangers again... after what happened between us this night... I don’t care... as long as I remembered this moment, this precious moment with him... it’s enough...


After making sure that Tsurara had fallen asleep completely, Kurosaki gently slid out from her; he heard her moaning incoherently at the lost, making him smiling. He watched his lover’s face for a long time; he smiled lovingly admiring her beauty even in her sleeping. He stroked her cheek gently with his knuckles, then moved carefully from the bed, tried his best not to awake her. He slid off the condom carefully and wrapped it back with its previous package to be thrown later at the garbage.
Kurosaki gathered his clothes from the floor and dressed in silence. When he readied to go, he halted for a second and crouched beside the bed. He kissed her gently on her lips, savoring her sweet taste before pulled down the blanket, covering her nude body. “Sleep tight, koi. I love you, and please forgive me...”
He walked off her apartment stealthily and retreated back to his own room after locking her door from the outside; making sure that she was safe. He was the landlord after all.


Tsurara woke up on the mid afternoon, jerked away when she realized that she was already late for her class. She looked at the alarm clock and her eyes widened with shock that it was already eleven pass thirty. She managed to get up from her bed only to fall back when she felt suddenly tired and sore. She inwardly asked herself what she had done already; getting her entire body stiff and sore like she had been running marathon for hours. Then she remembered her activity with Kurosaki last night; she blushed furiously for an instant.
OH! MY! GOD! I slept with him! I presented my innocence to him! I made love with him! I was having sex with him! Sex! She thought erratically before she managed to calm herself and tried to remember every single piece of memory when she was making love with Kurosaki last night.
She remembered his words right before she fell asleep; his remark to her as his ...koi. His lover. Lover. Tsurara felt her chest swelled with heavenly feeling; only to find out, much to her grave heart, that their relationship would be unworthy to be defended. Kurosaki didn’t want everyone, anyone, interfering with his own life, his darken life. He had been Kurosagi for years, seeking for shirosagi who had responsible for the tragedy that fell upon his family. He had crossed the line that separating the light and shadow world.
Tsurara wept silently. She had made sure that she wouldn’t care about the fact, that she felt enough and content just remembering about her passionate night with the young man. But, no... She couldn’t help it; she felt empty without him. She wanted him. She needed him.
“I love him. Oh God... I love him... I love him so much; I’d feel like to die for him... why? It’s just too cruel...” she kept weeping and sobbing, uncared about her surrounding.
When she finally calmed herself, she saw a letter slipped beneath her door. She got up slowly to pick up the letter and opened it. She read it inwardly, surprised that the letter was from Kurosaki.

I know that you will hate me when you wake up this morning. I have taken your precious innocence. But I want you to know that the moment we’ve spent together will always be my most treasured thing I’ve ever had. I’m not regretting what had happened between us.
Sadly, the fact that I am Kurosagi has forced me to leave you behind. I don’t want you to get dragged into my problems nor my world. No, I can’t let that happen to you. You deserve more than this sorrowful relationship. I want you to live happily and safely.
I love you. That’s one thing I denied for long time; I barely realized it until I found your tray of sweets and your letter. I decided to give into my feeling, just for once, and made love to you. I love you, for God’s sake, I love you so much!
With this letter, I left the apartment’s ownership certificate and keys to you. The apartments are yours to be handled. Neko is also yours to be kept. Please take care of her :)
I love you, koi. It’s you. It’s always being you. Ore no koibito. Tsurara, aishiteru yo.

P.S. Your sweets made perfect midnight supper for me, koi. Especially with you as the dessert.”

Tsurara fell to the floor. She didn’t know whether she had to cry or laugh reading his letter. Otherwise she only clutched his letter tightly as she mourned for his leave.


Sorry if there's any misspelling or any wrong grammar I've written down, hehe

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