The Untold Story of The Donquixote Family

BY : Nabeleon
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Chapter 1: Evil

Somewhere in the vast oceans of our world, there is a place you cannot find even if you were to look for it. For the gods finding this place, it is said to be as important, as stopping the damn pirates that roam our world from finding "that" legendary lost island. Why?! Good question. People say that is because of the demon that reside there. It is said that the gods are obsessed with him.

I assume that by now you are wondering who this demon is, that has even made the gods worry. His name is Donquixote Doflamingo and he is the man you all are so curious about right now. As for why he worries the government and the gods so much? I cannot tell you that. You will have to discover by yourself the reason, if you ever happen to find this man’s domain. If you do manage to find his domain, know that I am sorry for the end that will befall you.

The day was hot and humid, so a twenty-one years old Doflamingo had decided to wait for the call he was expecting, in the middle of countless palm trees, near the shore. He was sitting on the giant couch his servants had brought for him there. He wasn't there alone though. He was there with two very young girls. He had one girl sit on each of his sides.

Both girls were completely naked and both of them were giggling as they went up and down his muscular body, touching every centimeter they could with their hands. For Doflamingo they were just two of many. Two that he wouldn't even remember in the evening so let us not waste time describing them. Just know that they were two beautiful creatures, beautiful enough to have the honor of spending a couple of hours of their insignificant life with the king himself. Behind them was the enormous and frightening royal castle. The castle was built on top of a high hill and topped everything in the king's domain. It was so high that the people who see it for the first time say that it seemed like the castle was looking down on them. There were multiple small islands all tucked together in this realm and in whatever corner of the kingdom you found yourself in you could still see the royal caste stand tall over you.  The kingdom was quite big but underdevelope. The only things that you could find there at this point in time was the royal castle and a very small port town north of it.

The shape and the way the small islands forming the archipelago were the kingdom was located were unnatural. If you were a bird and you happened to fly over this earth formation you would notice something bizarre. You would notice that all the island formed the shape of a very sinister smiling skull. The royal castle was in the center of the skull’s right eye.

You look, pensive Sire - said the young girl to the left as the one to the right was kissing the king's bare chest. I hope we haven't displeased you - she continued. Doflamingo turned his head toward her and a wicked smile appeared in his face. A smile so terrible that the blood vanished from the face of the young girl and she became white as snow. What is wrong little bunny? - asked Doflamingo with malice in his voice. He had noticed the fear creeping in her beautiful face and was amused by it. If there was something that Doflamingo liked that would be fear and terror. He loved seeing hope leave people's eyes, and he loved it even more, when that hope turned into terror. The cruel young man was waiting for the girl to respond but he knew already that the only response she had for him was silence. This pleased him even more - after all what is better than a terrifying silence. If you were displeasing me - he started after he had enough fun watching the frozen expression on the young girl’s face - do you know what would have had happened to you? [Silence] What is wrong? - he asked with a sly grin on his face. The cat took your tongue. [Silence] Shame - he said. At least this other one still has her tongue and knows how to use it - he finished by pointing absent-minded to the other young girl who was now on her knees in front of him. As the conversation between Doflamingo and the girl to the left was waging on, or should I say in the meantime that Doflamingo was playing mind games with the other girl the one to the right had gone to her knees, pulled his pants down and had dutifully begun sucking him off. He was too big of course, and she knew it already seeing that this wasn't the first time she found herself in that position today, but still, she was trying with all she had to make his royal prick flood her young warm mouth. She wasn't doing this because of fear - she was doing this to please him. Both girls hadn't managed to do that today even though they had tried very hard. They hadn't tried everything at their disposal though. They haven't been mounted - he was so big that if he penetrated them, he would probably snap them in half. They were too young and petite to handle a young man like him.

Are you enjoying yourself down there? - asked the young king with a sly smile. The girl raised her head at these comments even though some of her mouthparts like the tongue and lips ignored the comments altogether and were licking and kissing the king’s right ball as her soft hands were trying to keep the king's prick firm in their embrace. That lasted just a heartbeat though. She nodded once and then her undivided attention returned to what she was doing down there. He rewarded her with a pat on the head and then returned his attention to the one on the left. You see - he said by pointing again at the one that was on her knees in front of him. This is what you are here for. If I wanted, you here for a polite conversation I would have asked you to stay dressed - he said mockingly. The girl on the left nodded and moved to go on her knees but Doflamingo cut her off: No! The girl stopped and looked with terrified eyes at Doflamingo. I don't need you anymore - he continued. You may go. The girl quickly did what he asked her, too afraid of displeasing him again.

Some time had passed but the young girl was still on her knees before the king. She was still dutifully trying to please him. That is enough - Doflamingo said. You may go too. The girl raised her head but didn't move. Would it please my king if he took me right here right now - she said. Doflamingo stared at her for a bit and then started to laugh: Heh Heh Heh! What a dutiful girl you are - he said with a mocking tone like, the one he always used when speaking to these "humans". Tell me little bunny - he said as he put his hand on her chin and kept her head firm. Are you offering that because your pride got hurt? The pride of a young slut, that cannot believe a man cannot be pleased by her young body. Or perhaps did you fell in love with the king's soldier? - asked him with a devilish grin. That is fitting I suppose - he continued. After all, dumb peasants like yourself cannot help but do that. You see - he added - People like you cannot help but lust for people like me. It makes you feel important even though you are just blowing me off. Or maybe it is because you find your real place in this world when blowing off people like me - he finished. The girl stayed in silence with her eyes directed at Doflamingo's face. Very well - he said after a while. The girl's eyes brightened when she heard those words and lust started to build up in her, but that didn't last long. When she saw the expression on his face, she knew that he wasn't being serious. He was mocking her like he mocked everyone he called a "human". She knew that he thought of her no more than what he thought of a dog, maybe even less. Let me show you how you can please me - said the king. Take it in your mouth - he said with a commanding voice. She dutifully did as he asked. Now - he continued - I will give you five seconds to change your mind and leave. If you don't, then you will be staying here sucking me off till you make me flood that warm mouth of yours to the brim. The five seconds passed but the girl didn't budge.

If you looked close enough you could see two figures standing in a weird position in the middle of the palm trees. Half an hour ago the only sounds you could hear were the singing of the birds but now those sounds were chased away from a louder one. This sound was being made by a beautiful girl which was on her knees in front of a sited tall man. The tall man had taken the head of the petite girl on his right hand and was pushing her up and down. Was the girl chocking? Or was she moaning?

If you looked even more closely now you would notice a third a figure behind the two, we mentioned. This figure had her hand going up and down her honey pot area and we are saying honey pot because the third figure belongs to a tall green-haired woman.

Peru-Peru-Peru. Peru-Peru-Peru. Hmm? - Doflamingo raised an eyebrow and turned his head to where the noise was coming from. It was the snail phone. He kept the girls head in place with his right hand and then with his left he picked it up. He didn't speak but just stayed there waiting for the caller to talk first.

Hello Joker! - a sinister voice said on the other side. A devilish grin came to Doflamingo’s face as he said - Yes. The sinister voice continued: I managed to get the information I was looking for, and I was told it was thanks to you. I don't know what good deed I have done to deserve this... Doflamingo started to laugh: Heh Heh Heh! I am not one that appreciates good deeds or rewards people for them Vergo! Hahaha, I guess not – Vergo said. [Pause] So now what? – asked the young marine lieutenant. Now?! - Doflamingo said with a malicious tone: Now you start repaying the debt you owe me. You start raising mayhem on those fours’ doorstep! After saying those words, the king hanged up and put the snail phone down. He then returned his attention to the girl who was in front of him. It seemed she had lost consciousness. He removed his right hand from her head, and she fell to the ground.

Poor girl - said a bored voice behind Doflamingo. Brandish - Doflamingo murmured without paying any attention to the unconscious girl in front of him. You were standing there for quite sometimes now. Did you need something? - he asked absentmindedly. Nah - Brandish said with the same bored voice. I was just enjoying the show. Nothing more. I see - Doflamingo said. Well the show has ended I am afraid - he concluded with an apologetic tone. As he said that a beautiful young woman appeared in front of him. Her eyes and hair were green like the fresh grass.

Her body was slender and curvy in all the right places. Her breasts were beautiful and puffy. She had two small purple crosses coming out of her hair like small horns, and she was completely naked. Doflamingo raised his head to meet her eyes and noticed that she had a devilish smirk on her face. What? -asked the young king. Sire - Brandish said with a mocking tone. I see that your sword is polished but not sheathed yet. She chuckled after saying it. May I help you with that? - she said as she sits right next to his right without waiting for an answer.

You may be wondering now, in what horrible way will be Brandish punished for her funny jokes? Well let me tell you…She will not. She is one of the few in this world that can talk to Doflamingo this way. She is one of his trusted followers. One of his kin. She is Brandish The Destroyer of Nations. A demon just like him.

She put her right hand on his chest and then moved closer to his neck. She bites him hard but he didn't flinch. She knew he would not. The king in the meantime had his right hand on her breasts and was fondling them. They had done this so many times. Brandish like her master had a vicious nature. Every time they would do this, she would be watching him abuse some innocent soul before getting in the mood. She was someone who got turned on by the pain of others.        

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