Ghost Of Your Past

BY : Negaman
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The sounds in a bedroom was silence but sounds of wet noises.

"Mm, JoJo…"

"JUST CALL ME JOSEPH! Your dick is so big!"

"Oh. Okay Joseph."

Wamuu had notice Joseph's changes, he Joseph saying about he gets better with age similar to a fine wine, Wamuu had wondered if his other skills had improved. Now Joseph had some trouble with sucking Wamuu's penis due to the fact it's big, so Joseph had to suck the head of Wamuu's dick with his right hand stroking the base of the pillar man's cock, Wamuu seem to enjoy it, cheeks dusted red as he watch Joseph lick and suck on his cock.

"Enough." Wamuu had spoke, grabbing the nape of Joseph's neck and pulled him away from his dick, a trail of saliva was still connected to his dick, "Geez." Joseph had begun, "You could- KYAH!" Joseph nearly scream when Wamuu stick a slick finger inside of Joseph's hole, the scream turned into a low moan when Wamuu's fingers hit his prostate.

One turned into two, Joseph had begun to drool like a slut, eyes rolling back with his tongue sticking out like a snake every time Wamuu's fingers hit his prostate again and again.

Joseph had to swallowed his spit until Wamuu pulled his fingers out of Joseph's asshole, the bearded man whined for the loss of contact but it was replaced with a loud moan when Wamuu ram his cock into Joseph's stretched hole, coated in Joseph's saliva and Wamuu's blood from cutting himself with a wrist.

"Ahh...Mm.....Oh.....F-fuck!" Joseph moaned, salvia dripping from his mouth and staining the bed covers while Wamuu wrapped his hand around Joseph's stomach, feeling the bulge.

For Joseph, he was unaware that he was ejaculating until he heard Wamuu's voice speaking, "How cute..." Joseph look down at the mess, his own mess.

The room was full of flesh slapping and the ragged gasps and loud moans, especially from Joseph whose face is red and wet with sweat and tears from the fact that Wamuu's dick is shoved up in his ass and his own orgasm, then Joseph gripping Wamuu's short blonde hair with both of the hands which resulted in Wamuu gripping Joseph's already dripping yet erected dick.

Joseph gasped and moan, letting his hands loosing as his cock dripped a clear fluid, signs of an orgasm is coming.

"W-w-wamuu.... I-I-NGHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Joseph wailed out as he felt the sticky wetness on his stomach from his own orgasm causing Joseph to moan weakly due to the fact that his vocal cords were strained from the moaning, now letting out ragged pants while Wamuu gritted his teeth as he came inside Joseph's hole, staining the bed and filling Joseph to the brim.

"O-oh ahh.. god... ahh... W-wamuu, y-your d-dick i-is ahh big..." Joseph hiccupped a bit, which cause Wamuu pulled his dick out of Joseph's asshole as Joseph gasp in pain, "Ow...ow!" 

"OH MY GOD!" Joseph yelled in the car while trying not to sit on his sore ass from his encounter with Wamuu. Will Wamuu find him again?

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