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Boros really had no idea how he survived. But at the moment he really didn't care. His body was filled with power and he needed someone to release it all on to.
When he found them, he didn't give them much time to react.
Not that he needed more time, the blonde able to quickly block his attack and give his own, pushing Boros back a few feet.
He'd win, one way or another.
So he went at it, him, destroyer of worlds, survivor of Saitama's punches, against whoever this stranger was.
Boros felt as his arm was ripped off, using his other hand to attack, sending them into a tree. He pinned him there, his golden eyes glaring.
He decided to tease his enemy, licking along his neck, and to bite his ear, gaining a strangled groan as he tried to stop it.
Boros grabbed his chin, and connected their lips, Boros obviously the one with more experience in this area.

Boros bit the others lip, no care on how rough or soft he was at it, and quickly entered his tongue into his mouth when he gasped, feeling along his teeth and tongue, fighting for dominance.
With his enemy distracted he positioned a knee between his legs, and started to rub at the growing erection there, swallowing up a moan.
Boros backed away, wanting to see the mess the human was in before he continued. Eye dilating as he saw his face flushed, his lip bleeding, panting and gold eyes dilated.
Boros wasted no time in turning him around and pinning him against the tree, ripping what was left of the humans pants off, using his freshly grown hand he squeezed the exposed ass, the other still fighting to hold in his sounds.
Boros would make sure to make the human scream his name out.
Grabbing the chin of the human and finding his mouth, Boros pulled his own pants down and positioned himself.
He swallowed up the yell the blonde gave as he shoved himself in, his appendage expanding in girth slowly. 
As much as he enjoyed his partners in pain, this one he'd rather savour.

Boros stopped the make-out session, hand still on the others chin.
"I, Boros, destroyer of worlds, am going to make you scream out my name," Boros told.
"I fucking doubt that," the human replied, disbelief and slight pain showing. Boros merely chuckled, pulled himself out, and slammed right back in, surprised that the human was able to hold anything in then, but that didn't deter him.
Boros went like that for a few minutes, biting along the humans neck, feeling his neck tense when he slammed in. He grabbed his hair and pulled as he slammed in, biting his neck hard enough to draw blood, and all he gained was a groan.
Boros growled, picking up his pace, trying to find- the human let out a yelp as he slammed into a spot, his golden eyes wide. 
Boros grinned, his hand reaching the front and grabbing his leaking erection, moving his hand a few times, continuing to go back to biting along the panting humans neck.
Boros hummed as he found the human meeting him halfway, whispering "good boy" into the blondes ear, feeling his dick twitch in his hand, which he gripped tightly, continuing to slam right into that sensitive spot.
"Fuck!" The blonde yelled, a hand soon going down to try and move Boros' for friction, making Boros chuckle.
"Say my name and I'll help you finish, human," Boros teased, grabbing the humans hands and pinning them against the tree.
"Fuck off," Boros ignored him, biting at his neck again, feeling his legs start to quake the more pleasure built up.
He started to drag his teeth along his ear, sucked on his neck, anything to make the human start begging. Boros growled, used the hand that was pinning the humans hands up to lift his leg, making it press against his chest, slamming as hard as he could right into the sensitive spot, gaining a scream of pleasure. But it wasn't his name, so Boros continued the slow, hard pace, his grip harsh on the humans dick.
"F-fuck..... F-fine!" The human finally gave up, making Boros smirk. 
He was winning.
"Wh-ah-t. What was y-your name again?" Boros couldn't believe he'd forgotten. Or maybe he was teasing him. Boros decided to punish him anyways, slamming against him and holding him down.
"It's Boros. Do all you humans have memory problems?" He gritted out. Boros took a deep breathe, soon licking along the others neck, using a finger to rub along the humans slit, feeling a shaking breathe leave him. "So~?" Boros started moving again, back to his old pace. "I've told you it, human," he used his free hand to find a nipple, pinching it, gaining a moan. "Be a good boy and say it. And I'll give what you want,"
"P-Please..." Boros hummed, grabbing his chin and turning him to face him. "Bor-!" Boros didn't let him finish, pulling out and turning the human around, lifting him completely off the ground, slamming into him hard. "Oh fuck!" his eyes rolling in the back of his head, mouth slack as he finally reached release, covering Boros' and his own chest.
Boros continued on a few more, the human holding on to him as he continued, until finally the cyclops reached his own orgasm, his seed spilling out and sliding down the humans legs as he pulled out.

"Ah! Captain Boros!" A familiar voice called, causing the cyclops to look over. "I see you are your usual self again!" Geryuganshoop commented, Melzalgald beisde him. Boros hummed, a smile forming.
"I have an order for you two," he started, gripping the blondes arms and leading him over to his subordinates. "Put a show on for me,"

Geryuganshoop was first to follow Boros' orders, he had to be! Besides, it was rare for Boros to leave seconds for them. Actually, he's never done it before.
"Geryuganshoop," Boros ordered, causing the psychic to move over with a slight bow.
"Yes Captain Boros!" Boros merely dropped the human in front of him, sitting down on the ground, a hand on his chin, waiting.
Geryuganshoop decided to attempt to slide a tentacle into the humans mouth, until he went to bite it. 
What strange beings humans where!
No matter, Geryu thought. Using another to grab the human as he used his abilities to lift him up off the ground.
"That's more like it," he heard the human mumble.
Did he not think Boros was adequate?
That couldn't be. Boros was well known not only for being destroyer of worlds but also as destroyer of virginities!
Geryuganshoop calmed himself, shoving a tentacle inside the humans hole, gaining a surprised yelp, taking advantage to shove another down his throat.
Geryuganshoop could feel the human tighten around him, could feel him try and swallow as he moved around.
He glanced over at his captain, hoping he took as much enjoyment from this as the human did.
Oh no!
Geryuganshoop snook another tentacle inside the humans hole, watching as his eyes went wide and his body shiver. And he continued on moving his pace faster, glancing every so often at his captain, hoping to find him pleasuring himself for once. Or look at least interested.
He removed the one from the humans mouth and slammed it in with the other two, gaining an "Oh fuck!" From him. That seemed to gain a reaction from Boros as well, the Captain palming himself.
Making the human more vocal seemed to do the trick.
Geryuganshoop pinned the human down on the ground, using his abilities to make sure he didn't move, not that he struggled anyways. He seemed to be interested at where this was going. Enjoying himself as he was used as nothing but a toy.
Geryuganshoop pulled out all three, slamming them back in, feeling himself tingle as the human yelled out, eyes rolling back.
It didn't take long for that pace to make the human come with a cry.
It sounded oddly close to Boros' name Geryuganshoop thought as he left the humans hole, looking up at Boros to see if he was done.
"Melzagald," Boros ordered, causing the other alien to come over, a sinister smile forming on all of his heads.

Melzagald didn't waste no time in slamming into the human, the human just taking it all. 
"It enjoys this," one mentioned, taking in the fact that the humans flushed and panting as they continued on. After a harsh slam and a cry it mentioned "keep hitting there"
"Good idea" another complimented.
"Shut up!" The human yelled. 
"It's mouthy," one of the heads commented, Melzagald pulling out, and soon pushing into the humans mouth, forcing it's way inside.
"Warm," using one of it's hands it used a finger to enter the humans hole, feeling the human moan around it.
Soon they picked up the pace, practically fucking the humans mouth and flamming its finger inside, surprised the human was still in one piece, especially after being used by both Boros and Geryuganshoop.
"A strong one," the head commented.
It didn't take long before Melzagald came into the humans mouth, pulling out and covering him as he coughed. When Melzagald was done, the leader head looked over at Boros, who looked less than pleased.
"Not as good, but it's fine," Boros merely sighed, standing up and covering a clean area of the humans face with his seed. "Let's get going,"

Garou was sore. 
And tired. 
His legs felt weak, his ass was terrible and his jaw hurt worse than when Saitama punched him. And worse part was the god damn mess.
He had fun with Boros and that tentacle alien, but multihead was shit. It had no idea what the fuck it was doing. Even the cyclops seemed upset about it.
Garou groaned, looking down at his erection, slowly sitting up to grab it and finish himself off.
When he did, he stood up, leaned against the closest tree with a hand on his lower back, thinking on how and where he could get clean.

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