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It had been a few weeks since Garou had turned himself in, and a whole week since he's been under house arrest. Bang had him do all the housework, like Charanko had to do when he was the only student there. 
Things were quiet, even when Bang was gone. Garou didn't talk, his head was usually down, and he would just do whatever chore Bang sent him to do, Charanko boredly watching him when he was supposed to train pretty much each time he could get away with it.
Today was one of those tired days. Bang was out with Demon Cyborg and Caped Baldy, most likely out for a monster attack. Charanko was lazily "reading" a manga about a martial artist who had gotten his crush to notice him, while Garou was doing the chores their sensei had sent him to do for that day.
Today it seemed to be laundry, dishes, floors and fixing the table that Caped Baldy broke somehow, which he was currently working on in silence. Charanko never really took Garou as the "fixing type", but there he was, fixing the damned table like he knew what he was doing. He looked back into his Manga Volume, listening to the sounds of wood and screws. He peaked up again, seeing Garou look the table over and huming. For an obvious first try, the table didn't look too fucked up. The legs were in the wrong places, but not something too noticable.
An hour later he watched as he cleaned the floors of the dojo, the manga volume resting on his thigh, other hand on his chin. For Garou not doing any vigourus work, he seemed to keep his physique up. How he did it, Charanko had no idea why. Maybe he worked out in the middle of the night? Would explain why he's so tired during the day.
"We should get drinks," Charanko commented, eyes wandering down to Garou's hips. "Bang's not supposed to be here until late night. So he wouldn't really know"
"I can't leave the dojo," Garou replied.
"I can get them and come back," Garou sighed. "I'm not hearing a no,"
"Better be good," Charanko grinned, getting up from where he sat.
"I'll be real quick," Garou nodded, focus still on his chores.
Charanko opened the door to the dojo, two 12 packs in hand with a bag with two bottles, and five cans hanging from his mouth. A hand quickly grabbed that one before it could fall, Charanko nodded his thanks, quickly heading to the sleeping quarters, hearing the door shut behind him. 
Garou joined him a few minutes later, using his mouth to pick a sliver of wood out of his hand. God damn his hands, Charanko hated them and liked them at the same time. They were nice hands, but being beaten by them plenty of times made him loathe them.
Charanko looked away and opened one of the boxes, quickly opening a can of not-so-cheap beer and taking a swig as he handed Garou one, hearing it open. 
Like things used to be, Charanko tried to turn it into a challenge of beer chugging. Garou seemed to be in the challenging mood as well, since he didn't let off either.
For a few minutes it went like that, them seeing how quickly and how many beers they could chug first. The empty cans being thrown into the now empty bag. 
Of course Garou was winning.
Like usual.
Charanko coughed on his 9th, taking the can from his mouth and just letting the coughing fit go on. He was surprised to feel a hand on his shoulder, which he tried to wave off, but it didn't budge.
"Wrong tube," He croaked.
"Maybe we should just drink," Garou suggested, moving his hand when the coughing fit was over and just casually started drinking. Charanko nodded in agreement and followed suit.
So that's what they did, was just drink normally in silence, Garou tapping lightly on his can, looking down, thinking.
"What'cha thinkin about?" Garou looked up at him. Charanko would've found his expression cute, his face was flushed from the alchohol, features relaxed as they could be, hell even that scar on his face made him look cute.
Charanko quickly looked away and chugged the rest of his beer, grabbing another, trying to keep his thoughts away. They sat in awkward silence for a few more minutes, before Garou stood up, placing his empty can in the bag.
"I gotta piss," he commented, heading out of the room, a little unsteadiness to his walk, making Charanko look at how many cans the blonde had drank.
"Holy shit, I should let him off a bit," he muttered, looking at the twenty empty cans. He quickly looked up when he heard a thud, hurrying to his feet to investigate the sound. Only to find Garou leaning against the wall. "You okay?" He was expecting an 'im fine' not a hand reaching out to him, which he took and grabbed a hold, soon sliding up to his arm.
Oh damn.
He knew Garou was well muscled, but damn, seeing and feeling are two completely different experiences.
Charanko helped Garou sit down, sitting a bit closer to him than last time, grabbing the last sake bottle, and taking a drink, handing it over to Garou. At least this way he could control how much he drank. That is if he drank more of it. Sure enough it worked, and Charanko ended up finishing the bottle with a big swig.
He tensed when he felt a weight on his shoulder, looking down to see a very wasted Garou resting his head, eyes tightly shut.
"You okay? Need a bucket?" He asked, not wanting to be puked on. Though as great as a blackmail it could be, he was more worried. Garou sluggishly waved his offer away, shoving his face more into Charanko's shoulder, tips of his ears burning red. "You sure? I can quickly get you one,"
"I'll be fine," Garou mumbled. Charanko hummed, grabbing his phone from his pocket to check the time, hoping it was a late enough to get Garou to his futon before falling asleep on him. "y'know" Charanko looked away from his phone, looking at the white fluff on his shoulder. "You're not that bad,"
"You're just drunk," Garou lifted his hand in a shushing motion.
"Le'me finish," Charanko rolled his eyes, but waited. "I hated you. Yeah. But now. Now your not bad," he grabbed Garou's hand from moving, hearing him mumble something incoherent.
"You done or you got more to say?"
"You're cute. Okay," Charanko shrugged Garou's head off, looking at him.
"Next time remind me not to let you drink as much," Garou's eyes narrowed.
"I'm serious," Charanko rolled his eyes. "I think I like you," Garou let of a quiet 'oh' as he almost fell. "A lot,"
"You are really fucking drunk,"
"Nope. Bed time," Garou pouted at him as he took up, hand out stretched. "c'mon" The blonde sighed and grabbed it, being helped up to his feet and walked over to his futon. He dropped ungraceful into it, arm over his closed eyes. Charanko didn't bother with the covers, quickly leaving to grab a bucket and placed it right beside Garou's head, quickly heading to his own futon fpr the night.

The next day Charanko was waken up by Bang, who wasn't even trying to wake him up. Garou was still passed out, his futon a complete mess, Bang proding him with a damn cane.
"How much did you two drink," he muttered, looking at Charanko. "Try to drag him off the futon at least," Charanko nodded, getting up and quickly needing to lean against the wall, when he felt stable enough he did as he was told.
Bang returned with a bucket of cold water, dumping it over Garou, who quickly woke up, groaning as he placed his head in his hands.
"Change and meet me outside," Bang ordered, leaving the two alone.
"He didn't seem happy," Charanko commented, gaining a sharp look from Garou. "And you look like shit," He grinned when Garou flipped him off.
Bang simply scolded them, surprisingly only for the mess they've made last night. Demon Cyborg and Caped Baldy where there, the later helping occasionally to keep Garou standing, who looked like he was about to pass out. Like a sleepy kitten. Bang ended up having him off, going to talk to Garou alone.
"How much did he drink?" Caped Baldy asked, helping Charanko set up the table. "We could hear Bang all the way out there,"
"From my scans it showed he shouldn't have more than 6," Demon Cyborg stated. "Though my scans also say the same for you sensei," Caped Baldy shrugged, but looked back at Charanko.
"So?" He sighed.
"He had twenty and lil bit of one of the bottles. Tried to drink most of that though," He told. "I didn't realize how much he had until he left real quick,"
"Damn," They went quiet when the door opened, Bang walking in, a hand under Garou's arm, who's hand was covering his forehead.
"Sit," Bang ordered, Garou doing as he was told. The elder left briefly, returning with a cup of tea, handing it to the blonde.

During breakfast, Charanko couldn't really focus on what Bang and his friend talked about. His mind kept going to the drunken confession from last night. He was sure with how Garou acted he didn't remember a thing, but whenever he saw Charanko staring he'd quickly look away, pale face taking a pink tint.
"Hey," Charanko said, hoping that theyd ignore him like usual. Garou looked up at him, and luckily the rest didn't notice. "Where you serious? Or was that the beer talking?"
"Does it matter?" Garou replied.
"Kind of," Charanko crossed his arms, waiting. He never did get an answer. Not until night time at least. 
He found his futon fairly close to Garou's, the blonde already alseep and huddled into his comforter. Charanko smiled, crawling underneath his own, grabbing an uncovered hand. He opened his eyes when he felt them twitch, gold eyes perring from under the comforter.
"Too much?" He asked. Garou shook his head, closing his eyes again. Humming when Charanko gave a peck to his forehead. "Love ya too,"

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