The Week

BY : Wateruonsensei
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Garou would admit he regretted some things, such as letting Badd have his way. Yeah it was hot to see his boyfriend fuck himself on his dick, but Garou just wasn't used to Badd being the dominate one, the one in control.
He felt useless.
Like he was some handicapped guy who was stuck watching his partner get off while he could do nothing to contribute.
Garou just assumed it was because he liked being in control.
But Garou couldn't say no when Badd started using his mouth and hands.
So he found himself on his hands and knees, on the bed, Badd right behind him, feeling up his thighs and ass, while Garou hid his face in a pillow, his body tense like a scared cat.
"What are you doing?" Garou asked, voice muffled.
"Something you always enjoy doing to me," Badd answered. That answer didn't narrow it down much for Garou, he enjoyed doing lots of things to Badd. "Now relax, a'ight?" Garou sighed, forcing his body to relax. His eyes went wide, jerking himself to the side.
"What the fuck?! Was that your tongue?!" Garou asked, eyes wide. Badd gently forced him back to the position he was in, a hand placed in the middle of his back to keep him there.
"Yeah. Just give it a few, a'ight?" Garou sighed, taking a deep breath and nodding silently, tensing when he felt Badd's tongue again, licking a line from his ass to his tail bone.
It felt weird, but he remembered it felt weird to Badd the first time as well.
"Whoa! Okay!" Garou yelped when Badd prodded at his entrance, Garou quickly covering his mouth with his hand, hiding his blushing face into the pillow.
"ya a'ight?" Badd asked, his voice full of concern. "Ya want me to stop?" Garou felt guilty, Badd had allowed him to do anything he pretty much wanted for sexual fantasies, while Garou never even bothered to ask what he had wanted.
He'd never forgive himself if he made Badd stop.
"I'm good," Garou sighed. "Its just...."
"Weird?" Garou nodded. "Just tell me when to give ya a break. A'ight, Garou?" Garou nodded, hiding his face again when he felt Badd's tongue back on his ass.

Garou bit the pillow when he felt Badd's tongue prodding again, going deeper than last time, Garou trying so hard to keep himself under control. Garou made a quiet noise when Badd added two fingers to the mix, Garou shuddering slightly.
"Yer wet as fuck," Badd commented breathlessly as he continued to finger him, Garou hearing the squelching sound come from it, making him shiver slightly, gaining a light chuckle from Badd, then his tongue was back, Garou still biting the wet pillow.

Garou sighed when Badd backed away, slumping slightly.
"What are you doing?" Garou asked, resting his body against his legs, feeling rather weak. "Bad-D!" Garou yelled when Badd pushed a vibrator up his ass, quickly hiding his face in the pillow, legs shaking slightly.
"Guess ya were holdin' it all," Badd hummed, gaining a glare from Garou, the blonde holding back a moan when Badd moved the toy around. "Ya know Zenko ain't home, Garou. Why are ya holdin them noises all in?" Garou slowly sighed, keeping himself under control, eyes going wide when Badd flipped him on his back, Badd pushing the vibrator in more while Garou was still in shock, the blonde unable to stop the loud moan that left his mouth. "Holy shit," Garou avoided from looking at Badd, wishing he could hide his face into the pillow again.

Garou looked up at Badd when the ravennette climbed over him.
"What're you doing?" Garou asked, swallowing nervously. Badd only gave him a smile, leaning in and grabbing Garou into a deep kiss, the blonde feeling the other pull the toy out, soon adding some lube to his hole, Badd backing away.
"I told ya I wanted to try somethin' new," Badd told, giving Garou a feather light kiss to his forehead, the blonde arching slightly when Badd entered slowly, sighing when he was fully sheathed, laughing lightly as Garou held onto his arms, his nails digging into them. "Ya ready?"
"No," Badd nodded, waiting a few, Garou hating himself some. He was honestly hoping Badd would just up and go, not actually wait.
"Ya a'ight, Garou? Do I need to add more lube?" Garou shook his head, Badd nodding.

"You can move now," Garou told quietly. Badd nodded, Garou relieved for the slow start, resting his head back and closing his eyes, calming his heartbeat as best he could.
"Ya know..." Badd started. "I like this view," Garou glared at him, gaining a happy smile in return.
When did they become so sappy?
"Don't get used to it,"
"Too late," Garou glared at him, but glad the sappiness was gone. "Sides. Can't keep lettin' ya have all the fun with bein' on top all the time,"
"Like this is gonna happen aga-" Garou yelped, Badd smirking down at him, enjoying the sight of Garou panting quietly with wide eyes, his back arched up against Badd. "What the fuck?!" Garou glared at Badd. "Why did you do that for?!"
"Ya do it all the time ta me," Badd replied simply, an amused look in his eyes. "An' like I said. I'm doin' what ya enjoy doin' ta me. That means all o' it,"
"How long do you plan on doing this for?"
"Zenko's gone for the week," Garou was quiet. "An' if yer up for it. At the end ya can have yer way with me for all I'm gonna put ya through," As tempted that sounded, Garou knew something was up, but he couldn't focus with how Badd kissed along his jaw.
"Fuck...." Garou muttered. "Fine. But you better not complain when its my turn," Badd smirked, giving him a kiss.
"Then you better not stop any sounds," Garou arched when Badd thrusted into him harshly again, Badd sitting back, holding Garou's legs around his waist. "Ya ready?" Garou sighed, nodding.

Garou's instinct was to hold in any sounds whenever Badd thrusted into him, the ravennette catching on and soon tying Garou's hands to the bed, Garou unable to stop the loud noises that left his mouth, Badd giving him kisses all over, his compliments unheard when Garou would yell.
"Damn. Never thought ya were so vocal, Garou," Badd commented breathlessly. "S'hot," Garou tugged at the rope, wanting to muffle himself so badly at that moment. He was sure Badd's neighbors could hear him, Badd's house being in the middle of a small populated town in city S.
Garou slumped when Badd stopped, the heroes hands resting on his hips, both of them covered in sweat. "Hah. Look at yer hair," Badd raked his left hand through Garou's hair, which was resting at his shoulders, pieces sticking up. "Ya need a break?" Garou nodded, sighing quietly when Badd left him.
Badd hurried into the bathroom to grab a washcloth, heading back into the room to untie Garou's wrists, helping clean Garou clean up with the washcloth. "Ya a'ight?" Badd sat on the bed, soon making Garou rest his head on his chest. "Ya want something ta drink?"
"I'm fine," Garou replied, huddling closer to Badd. "Just worn out," Badd chuckled lightly, raking a hand through Garou's hair, feeling the other slowly fall asleep.

Garou woke up the next day with Badd gone, a letter on the nightstand saying the HA called for a meeting. Garou didn't complain, glad he could take a few hours to himself, maybe take a hot bath to soothe his sore muscles.
Garou sighed, hiding his face in Badd's pillow, his face red. He's known for a while now that he's fairly vocal in bed, never liking the fact at how loud he could get and how sensitive his body would be, so he just always tried to make sure he was never put into a situation he couldn't control.
Garou sighed, opening his eyes and slowly climbing out of bed, quickly heading to the bathroom and taking a piss, soon filling up the tub and climbing inside, sighing as the warmth helped his sore body.
Garou had no idea how he was going to go through an entire week if he barely made it through one night.

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