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Garou followed Saitama back to his apartment in Z city, all beaten up and saved by the bald hero. He failed at a Hero Hunt, a monster beating him to his target. Garou tried beating the Monster himself, but ended up with more wounds than he gave, Saitama saving him before he was killed by the thing.
Now he felt the need to repay the hero, but he had no clue how, the bald man declined everything he had offered; money, food. He even offered to stop attacking heroes for a year! But the bald hero declined them, saying that a hero should protect everyone, including villains.
Which is how Garou found himself at Saitama`s apartment, being dragged to the bathroom like a lost, dirty pup.
“here you go,” Saitama told, filling the tub, soon helping Garou pull his black shirt over his head. “Oh…That doesn't look good,” Garou glanced down, seeing how bad all the bruises looked on his pale body, along with the cuts among them. He always bruised easily, no matter how weak the other was, and no matter how little it hurt.
Garou sighed as he sat in the tub, his clothes resting in a pile near the door. He watched as Saitama picked the pile up, along with a few of his own clothes strewn around in the bathroom.
“I'll be right back,” He told as he opened the door. “I'm gonna put these in the washer,” Saitama waited for Garou to nod before leaving with the pile of clothes, Garou slumping in the tub when he no longer heard the bald heroes footsteps. He had to repay him somehow, but Garou had a feeling Saitama would continue to decline whatever he offered.

Saitama watched as Garou sighed when he entered the restroom again, thinking the villain (would he even be considered a villain anymore?) finally gave up with asking how to pay him back. The bald hero headed over to his bathroom closet, grabbing a pink washcloth, and soon headed over to the young blond, wiping blood from his tense jaw, down to his tense shoulder, Garou's eyes looking downwards.
The kid reminded Saitama of one of those stray cats, their matted fur bloodied from past fights, but adorable once healed and cleaned.
“How can I repay you?” Garou asked, making Saitama sigh. He wasn't gonna let up was he? He thought.
“Limitations?” He finally replied, expecting Garou`s next words.
“None,” Saitama hummed, slumping with thought.
“Alright,” Saitama grabbed Garou`s arm, washing away blood from the blond's knuckles, whistling a tune as he did so. He was washing Garou`s fingertips when the apartment door opened and closed, signalling that Genos was finally home.

“Sensei, that is a terrible idea,” Genos stated plainly, trying hard not to show the disgust on his face.
“Really?” Saitama replied, digging through his closet for old clothes, soon finding a pair of old sweatpants. “Yeah, I get he used to be a villain, but he’s just a kid. I think it'd be good for him here,” Genos frowned, noticing that Saitama’s heart rate was higher than normal.
“Sensei, I-”
“I know you mean well Genos, but really I think it'd be good for Garou,” Saitama interrupted, an annoyed look on his face. Genos sighed in defeat.
“Where would he sleep?” Saitama hummed, thinking for a moment before beaming with an idea.
“We can make blankets as the bed. Like we did when you first moved in,” Genos nodded, remembering his first night, he could barely sleep while having a god like man lying beside him. “Genos,” Genos snapped out of his thoughts, his sensei looking at him, eyes serious. “You’ll try to get along with him, right?” Genos nodded quickly. “Thanks, Genos,”
“Of course, Sensei,” The two were quiet as Saitama continued digging through old clothes, looking for ones that might possibly fit Garou.
“What do you plan for him?” Genos finally asked, breaking the silence. Saitama hummed, placing a hoodie in the small pile of clothes.
“Figured he could help you out with chores,” Saitama replied. “I know you do fine on your own, but I think it'd help him out if he does something,”
“I guess it could help us not get caught harbouring a criminal,” Genos hummed, thinking. “Plus it'd be easier for me to catch sales on time,” Saitama nodded. “Does he know how?”
“Know how, what?” Saitama asked, looking up at Genos.
“Do chores,” Saitama waved him off.
“He was under Bang as his best disciple. I'm sure he knows how to do chores,” Genos went to open his mouth again, but Saitama interrupted him with a sigh. “If you think he'd need a refresher on how to do chores, then go ahead. I'm sure all you have to do is a quick tutorial and then you’re good,” Genos was deep in thought. Saitama was right. Garou doing chores might help, it'd keep him busy enough so he wouldn't get bored, plus it'd keep him off the streets until the Hero Association had forgot about him. “Hey, Genos,” Genos looked at his sensei, being handed a set of clothes. “Mind giving these to Garou. I'm sure he'd like to have clothes to wear,”
“What happened to his old ones?” Saitama sighed, a done with look on his face.
“There are so many tears in his clothes I'm not gonna let him wear them until they’re fixed,” Genos hummed.
“Perhaps I could stitch them up in my free time,” Saitama hummed with his, gesturing Genos to leave.

Genos knocked on the bathroom door, watching as it cracked open slowly, gold eyes looking slightly startled.
“Sensei found you some clothes,” Genos told, handing the set to Garou, who nodded his thanks as he took them, the door closing soon after. Garou reminded him of a stray pup.
Genos quickly pulled himself away from his thoughts, heading back into the room where his sensei was, planning to help him with whatever he may need.

Saitama sighed, placing the blankets on the floor next to his futon, thinking it best if he slept between Garou and Genos for the first few nights, afraid of the possibility of Genos deciding to attack Garou in his sleep. Saitama glanced up, seeing Genos washing dishes, showing Garou where each dish went and the such. He was glad that Genos actually agreed to let Garou stay, Saitama didn't know how he'd feel about leaving Garou outside without a roof above his head, especially with winter coming, the poor kid would probably freeze to death!
He sighed, going back to setting up the futons, hearing Genos talk in the background, making sure Garou remembered all he told him. Everything was going smoothly so far. Neither of them tried harming each other, unlike with Genos and Sonic, the two seemed to get along fairly well.
After Genos finished showing Garou a quick tour, they headed to bed. Saitama situated between the two blonds, Genos’ body giving a soft, calming glow in the dark room, a quiet whirring sound accompanying it. Garou’s back was towards Saitama, curled in a ball, seeming to have already fallen asleep.
Saitama had a good feeling about this.

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