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Saitama laments over being the strongest, speed of sonic contemplates becoming a monster.









Saitama waved farwell to his friend King from the hero association. Saitama’s small fmile faded back to his usual bored expression. Thinking about what his friend had said,


The plaza has dance classess.”


What is the pinnacle of heroism? Until you can answer this question, you can’t afford to worry about something trivial as tedium. If you have what is takes to truly live as a hero that is!”




Well if your that bored, you could get a girlfriend.


Saitama scratched his chin,


Dating? Maybe in preschool…

He couldn’t remember, anything other than matching yellow bucket hats and blue smocks.


Walking towards his flat he kept repeating that last statement from King in his mind, Once he decided to become the strongest he hadn’t done anything other than train. After meeting Genos and being a hero with the association the amount of monster attacks began to rise, and it would continue to rise with the monster associations apperiance.


“Do I really have time to get a girlfriend?”


Saitama took off his shoes and looked around the apartment.


“No Genos...”


It sounds like your excess of strength has made you lonely.”


Saitama, in one fluid motion, jumed into the air, opened a bag of chips , screwed open a can of cola and landed perfectly on his fouton and began eating chips with a sour expression.

Thinking back to the hero shows he’s enjoyed as a child, the hero was always saving a damsiel in distress.


“I wouldn’t have any trouble saving a normal girl, but...maybe another Hero would be better?”


The idea of the head strong Fubuki, and the tryannical Tsubaki the only female heroes and cringed.

“No way not in this playthrough...”


Thinking more than he had in a while Saitama concidered his close friends. Genos was created in a laboratory, Bang was an old man, King was an Otaku, Mumen riader was still in the hospital...Thinking even harder about familiar faces one more escaped him.


A spiky pony tail, and a skin tight body suit, he always cheerfully greet Saitama and then would run away shyly.


Saitama the next time we meet, it will be a blast. I @#$%$# Will Impress you! With my ultimate ninjutsu. Just you wait!”



Saitama laid back against his pillow, what was love like? Rolling over he clicked on his television and set it to the closest romance related program he could find.

It was a romance comedy drama, staring some flashy looking blue haired guy as the protaganist and a girl with dark brown hair and large eyes as his love interest.


Sweet Mask was a flower delivery man who every day would take flowers to the brown haired woman, and every day she would reject him.

At first the was violent and angry, she would become frustrated and push him away just as it seemed they were getting closer.

After many attempts finally at the climax of the movie, she accepted the flowers, not from the previous sender, but from Sweet Mask as they shared a tender kiss.


Saitama didn’t feel any closer to understanding romance.


“So if someone is persuing you frequently that means they like you?”


Trying to remember anything he could about people that frequently went out of their way to see him,

the same spiky ponytail came to mind.


“Singing splicer? Was it the Sleeping Spider Crawler?….”







Sonic was training in the wooded area outside the destroyed city Z. Angstly throwing kinfe after knife into Saitama’s image, he was approached by some aggressive ninja from his home village who’d become monsters with the monster association. The gave him a monster cell and left it his choice weather or not to become a monster.


Sitting in a hunting cabin Sonic had been using as his base he staired at the strange wriggling ball.


I can’t believe your still scrapping by with deadbeat assassinations like this...”


They taunted holding up his Saitama, target practice. It staired at him with a goofy grin from the torn paper.

You’ll get all the power without the drawbacks...”


Sonic lifted the ball upto his mouth,


“Saitama…. I will become a Monster!”


He shouted, but he couldn’t being himself to take a raw bite.


“Who eats a dirty wiggling meatball he got from a stranger? A true shinobi knows better.”


Sonic smiled pulling out his frying pan.


First he sliced the meatball ignoring the screams it omitted ant the strange green ooze that came with each slice.


“Should I season this...”


Looking at the still wiggling mystery sizzling away in the skillet he began seasoning ans plating for his meal. Uncorking a red wine and setting up his table he sat down to his meal.

A proper fine dining experience featuring monster cell tacos as the entree.


Was grilling this okay?...”


About an hour later he was struck with such horrible indigestion that he was up all through the night.




Saitama was dressed in his favorite oppai sweat shirt and jeans, browsing through magazines at his local convince store the following morning , or what was left of it, a tarp covered the entrance and what was once a roof. Picking up a magazine that offered advice on recognizing a crush Saitama began flipping through the pages.


How to recognize someones hidden affection!


A sudden change in appearance, such as, a haircut ,or change in clothes.


Stammering speech, and leaving suddenly in a conversation,


Threats could also be a misguided sign of affection.


Red cheeks indicate blushing, which is a sign their excited to see you.


Shaking legs could indicate someone is nervous to me near you!


The tarp behind Saitama crinkled and he paid it no mind as another customer walked in.




Saitama looked up from his magazine,






Hobbling to the nearest convenience store, Sonic’s legs wobbled under him his digestive battle had left him without toiletries. He also desperately wanted to pick up some sort of digestive aid. Dressed in a pair of loose sweat pants and a black hoodie, he walked slowly towards his destination on the rampage riddled street


That strange ball had definitely been poisonous.


He didn’t feel any different, definitely not like someone full of new powers. His stomach churned angrily as he lifted up the tarp that served as a door and roof over the convenience store. Not any new power that any one would ever want. Out of the corner of his eye something gleamed, a shiny bald head and a flat expression.




Sonic shouted, Saitama turned




Sonics legs were shaking uncontrolably. He gritted his teeth.


Theres no way that I can even attempt to fight him here, I’m still suffering from food poisoning.


Saitama’s expression was blank and unreadable as always.


“Do I know you?”

Saitama mused with a thoughtful expression that angered Sonic more than his irratable bowels.

The bald man snapped his fingers and smiled.


“It’s Scooby right?”


Sonic lunged forward with a kick and Saitama blocked it with the hand that wasn’t holding a magazene.






Saitama blocked the on coming kick maintaining eye contact with the familiar looking person,




Saitama blocked a flurry of attacks from the other man.

“Hey did you get a hair cut?”


Saitama asked motioning with his hand to his own head while blacking a punch from the other man.

Sonic jumped backwards skidding to a complete stop.


“Why you!”


The black haired man had a sudden change in stance, his face reddened and his legs began to shake.


“This-This isn’t over!”


He shouted before running with lightning speed through the convenience store, into the bathroom.


Saitama stared down at the magazine article he’d been reading. Thinking back at the peculiar actions of the black haired man. His brain slowly connected the pieces.


“Speed of Sonic IS Scooby!”


Saitama gripped both sides of the magazene and re read the article over and over memorizing the lines.


“A hair cut, Suddenly leaving during a converation, blushing face, shakey legs.”


Saitama scratched at his chin,


“He’s never threatened me though...”


Saitama suddenly realized that the other man before him, was romantically interested in him. Infact the signs seemed to point that Speed of Scooby was madly in love with him. Saitamas mind was wracked with a million thoughts and he could feel his brain working overtime.


That’s definitely a dude, I think I even remember ball tapping him once, can I date a dude? I mean I guess I’ve never dated any one so why not? I don’t know him that well though. He’s obviously in love with me, I guess if I wanted to try dating it’s be good to start with someone who already likes me.


Saitama put the magazine back smiling with an extra rugged look.


I’ll ask him out.


Saitama heard the window of the bathroom open, and Sonic jump out and begin running down the ally.

Saitama thumped his fist into his hand,


“Just like the girl in the movie did to get away from that flashy flower guy at the beginning, and if that’s the case.”

Saitama went into a crouching position, “He obviously wants me to chase him!”


He said as he burst out of the store..






Sonic jumped out of the bathroom window and began running away form the store thoroughly embarrassed. There was no way he could go back in and resume his fight, best to return another day when his stomach was more cooperative. Stopping suddenly he realized he hadn’t gotten a single thing he needed. As a shinobi he would make do and perhaps his gut would settle on its own.


“Hey.” Said a voice next to him.


Looking over wide eyed Saitama was running along side of him. Sonic threw a kunai knife and jumped onto a near by building. Saitama dodged the knife, and jumped up with Sonic. The two stood on the roof top facing each other.


He went into his defensive posture, Saitama had never perused him before, perhaps his luck had run out and the much stronger man was going to kill him. Saitama had a strange expression, it looked like he was about to barf, lips puckering eyes bulging, cheeks red


“I want to take you out.”


The words echoed in Sonic’s mind, his time had come, his opponent had gotten tired of his pursuits and decided to kill him. But he couldn’t be killed today, not while he was already weakened.


“Please wait Saitama!”


Sonic said with a hard swallow, a swallow of his pride, and his fear of the demon man before him. He could practically see the strength emitting from the other man. Crude expression and all,


“Please meet me at the convenience store in three days time. I’ll be ready then!”


Saitama scratched his chin, another strange expression , smug and way to happy, the sun was shining off his chrome dome.


“Sure Scooby!”


The black haired man bristled, angry and irratated


“My name is Sonic!”


Saitama’s expression was shocked,


“I’ve been saying it wrong this whole time? Wow am I a jerk, I won’t forget anymore, okay, Sonic?”


Saitama said with an incredible smile, for a moment he looked like a handsome man in his mid thirties. Sonic turned away,


“I’ll kill you in three days!”


He umped off the rooftop an ally and began running towards the woods.


Saitama was left smiling,


“So he asked me out, huh? I wonder what I should wear...Maybe I’ll ask Genos...”


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