The Next War

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Okay, this chapter is mostly based in a place that doesn't really exist, so if you are confused at to where this is, that is why.

Dream sequences will be in Italics that are underlined.

~~~~~~~~~~~A New Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


All that could be seen was fire. Hans looked around and saw pieces of the Deux Ex Machina littering the hall. He turned his head slightly and saw her. His eyes widened slightly as he watched her slowly moving towards him dressed in a tight uniform that was stained red with blood. Her crimson eyes piercing into him with a dark anger. He had to clamp down hard on his mental will not to groan at the sight. She looked glorious.

'Does she know how short that skirt is?' he thought. 'Apparently not given that in all of the photographs she is in that we had while doing research on the Hellsing order, she has been in it...or something similar...'

He tried hard not to focus on her uniform as it moved with her body as she slammed her feet down, flipping up to rifles and aimed them at him. He took a quiet breath and readied his twin Mauser C96s. She shot first and he followed suit but there was one difference, she was aiming to kill him while he was knocking her bullets off trejectory so they would not hit him. She ran towards him as her clips started to run low and he quickly removed his coat, tossing it at her to blind her so he could move out of the way. While she was tangled up in his coat, Hans got two shots into her, one in the shoulder and the other in her side before she used her Shadows to rip through his coat and sent them at him.

'She's good,' he thought. 'Relying on instinc and intuition as well as strategy. She truely is of Alucard's blood.'

He called on his will as a Wolf as her shadows tried to catch him and smirked faintly as he slowly started to let the change over come him.

'Now, little vampire,' he thought. 'You are MINE!'

He let out a deafening roar before charging at her.

Hans opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. Out of the corner of his eye he saw two large windows, one of which was slightly open letting in a slight breeze of morning air. He sat up and took in his surroundings. The room seemed to be carved out of stone rather than made with it, and was smooth rather than jagged. Each bit of furniture was either made out of dark oak or mahogany and decorated with elaborate carvings. There was a large waredrobe and dresser along the wall opposite the windows just a few feet to the right of the bed he was on. The bed itself had a well made headboard and foot board with rounded posts atop them. He debated getting out of the bed as it was quite comfortable compared to the bunks he was used to sleeping on. His mental debate came to a close and he finally got out of the bed and went to the open window which was to the left of his bed. There was one further away towards the corner of the room but had a desk and chair under near it,blocking the path to the window. He opened the window some more and took in a deep breath of the fresh air. He felt a sense of serenity as he stood in the light breeze from the window.

His revery was broken when the door to the room opened. Hans turned to see a man with deep black hair that reached his knees walk in. The man was wearing a floor length cheongsam that was black with deep crimson trim. There was a red and gold embroidered Asain Dragon that seemed to wrap around his chest with the tail starting at his waist and the head reaching over his left shoulder to rest above his heart. Hans froze when he saw the mans eyes; the only color came from his irises, the rim was a bright lavander and close to the pupil was a pale ice blue that seemed to seep into his soul, all else was blacker than night. As his eyes moved to Hans, he felt a trill of fear rush up his spine.

'What is this fear from?'

He asked himself. 'The last time I felt this level of fear was when I was a pup.'

"It is good to see you are awake, young one," he said softly. "I was the one to mend you while you slept. I am Lin-Kai."

"How am I here and not dead?" Hans asked aloud and looked down confused.

He hadn't used spoken words since before joining the Wehrmacht, finding it useless as he was a soldier, someone meant to follow orders, not give suggestions.

Lin-Kai let out a small laugh at Hans's facial expression as he spoke.

"I can tell you haven't spoken in quite some time given your expression," Lin-Kai sighed. "To be honest with you youing one, I had to mend your vocal chords as they had deteriorated to the point that they were near nonexistant. And to answer your questions, you came here three decades ago badly hurt but due to your natural healing as well as a bit of my own knowledge on how to mend your kind, I managed to spare your life."

Hans looked at Lin-Kai in a state of shock. 'It has been thirty years since fighting Millennium's attack on London? What all has happened since then?'

"What has passed in that time?" he asked.

"The humans have started to mend and rebuild what was lost. The United States is having a harder time with their rebuilding, mostly due to the fact that almost every bit of their democracy was destroyed. London actually managed to recover fairly quickly due to Hellsing and the remainder of their Round Table members. But the ones having the hardest time would be the Vatican. Even with three decades, they are still lacking in noticeable recovery."

Hans let a smirk cross his face at that. 'They should have stayed out of the Major's War,' He thought sadistically. 'We would have left them alone but they had to get in the way.'

"That is not surprising, but what will happen now?" He asked.

Lin-Kai smiled as he spoke. "Many things will be happening. Normally those like myself aren't allowed to walk among Mortals but, with everything that Millennium caused, many of the older kin are waking."

"Older Kin? What do you mean?"

"Those that existed here before humans. There are many of my kin that are now here, along with those of your own and many True Blood have started waking again," Lin-Kai explained.

Hans raised an eyebrow causing Lin-Kai to laugh.

"I am what is called a Keldari," he stated calmly. "The best Mortal comparison would be that of a Demon from Hell. Though that is actually not much of a truth, or a compaison to be honest, as the Keldari were there before the human's depict the Fall of Lucifer in their Bible. You already know your own kind but I doubt you know their full story as I do, and then there are the True Blood. Vampyre that made themselves by pure will."

"You know the story of my kind?" Hans asked shocked.

Lin-Kia nodded. "Yes, I know it. I helped write it for generations such as yours taht have little to no knowledge of your races truth. You see young one, the wolves were originally just that, wolves. They had no form of a man. It was due to their strong will and determination to survive that they got it. You see, their introduction to man caused them to need it. While some wolves allowed man to tame them, becoming nothing more than regular dogs; others kept their pride as wolves but there was a cost, to both sides. Those that become tame lost most of their ferocity and independence, becoming reliant on man to care for them and their young; while those that remained wild were killed because man feared them and what they coul do. With the need to survive, the remaining wild wolves went looking for a way to be near man without them losing their pride. They eventually came upon myself and three others, the Daughter of Water Osera, the Son of Fire Furan, and the Father of Nature Nar' Zhul.

"Osera was timid and wary of the wolves and kept her distance as her knowledge was of the creatures of the seas; Furan wanted nothing to do with the wolves and openly showed he cared nothing for their plight but Nar'Zhul was intruged by the wolves. He asked them what they sought and was surprised at the answer. The wolves wanted to exist near man without fear of being singled out as monsters, to live among man in peace. As you can imagine, he was curious as to why. Again, the answer was a surprise. The wolves wanted to retain what they were without causing fear to man without becoming demosticated. Osera, having been close enough to listen to their words, smiled at the wolves and walked over to a clear spring. She began a soft chant that caused the water to go from clear water toa soft white like the moon. Once she stepped away, Nar'Zhul added his own enchantment to the water, changing the color to a vibrant green, but both were surprised to see Furan add an enchantment of his own, which changed the water back to its clear color. The wolves asked what had happened and were shocked at the given answers from all three. Nar'Zhul's blessing would allow the wolves to take the form of man but they could still return to the form of a wolf if they desired, Osera's blessing made it so the transition to each form would be painless, and Furan's blessing allowed the wolves to retain their power and strength regardless of form they were in."

Han's looked at Lin-Kai in shock. He hadn't known any of this. None of his pack had known this, so it wasn't passed to each wolf as they were born. Hans found himself sitting on the edge of the bed to listen while Lin-Kai moved to the chair by the desk.

"Merdez was the first to enter the water," Lin-Kai continued. "He was one of the younger wolves at the time. Not many thought one so young would survive the ordeal or come out with it successful. You see, there was a condition to the changing. You had to have the strength and will to become a man to gain their form but also the keep the form of a wolf. If you lacked either, you would be locked in the form you chose. Many learned that the hard way. Once they gained what they wanted, many had lost what they needed. It was those who lost what they needed that became the first Lycanthropes, or ones that could only gain partial form of the wolf. After several failures and successes, many began to form packs and head off to the reaches of the world where they could live and thrive as both man and wolf."

Hans nodded. He had a good idea as to the rest of the story. After the packs formed and scattered to the different reaches of the world, there was a fair bit of peace. Things went well until mankind started to pop up more frequently and began removing the forests for homes and farms, which eventually became villages and after time, cities. The more people in ta given area, the less forest there was to live in. Soon, the shrinking forests caused the wolves to start adopting their human form more regularly. After some time, the wolves that couldn't shift were hunted to the point of near extinction and those that could form began losing their connection to nature and waht they originally were.

"Do not think to harsh on the rest young one," Lin-Kai stated, pulling Hans out of his darkening thoughts. "The packs were small and dying out. Eventually many had no choice but to protect themselves thus bringing about the Lycanthropes that are common today."

Hans nodded saddly. He really couldn't hate what had happened since he wasn't around for any of it. He hadn't been born yet and getting mad over the events of the past would do nothing. You can't change what is already done, but you can learn from it.

Lin-Kai stood and walked over to the wardrobe. "There are some clothes in here that you can have. They may not be what you wore before or used to, but they are better than nothing."

Hans nodded again and Lin-Kai bowed his head slightly before walking out allowing thus allowing Hans to get dressed in peace. He walked over to the wardrobe and opened it to see several different shirts and coats hanging. He knelt and opened one of the two drawers at the base, coming across some boxers and sock as well as some folded pants of different textures and colors. He pulled out the first sets of each and placed them on the bed. Looking down at what he was currently wearing, he decidied that taking it off carefully would be best as the texture of the fabric seemed like it came at great expense. Ones everything was off, he folded it gently and began to pull on what he grabbed.

The boxers and pants fit comfortable over his waist and the undershirt he grabbed formed to his chest easily. Pulling over the light over shirt, he found it to be comfortable and sat on the bed to pull the socks over his feet. He looked around the room but didn't see any shoes and decided to look in the bottom drawer of the wardrobe. Inside he found a couple pairs of dress shoes and a pair of boots similar to the ones he wore while as a soldier. Pulling out the boots, he smiled as he saw that they were indeed his own boots. He quickly laced them up, making sure to tuck the extra fabric of the cargo pants he was wearing into the boots before standing and tucking in his shirt.

Once dressed, Hans stepped out of the room and began to follow the scent he had picked up from Merdez before he had fallen asleep. Merdez reminded him of walking through a forest covered in snow right after a blizzard. As he followed the scent, he paid attention to the things he passed so that he would know how to get back to the room he was in. Lining the walls were several paintings in different styles throughout the years as well as pieces of pottery and tapestries taht he knew were from years long passed. One tapastry caused him to pause.

On the tapastry was what appeared to be a map of some sort detailing and island covered mostly in forest with the areas nearest to the water depicting towns. Close to the northern most edge was what looked to be a castle and just south of that in the middle of a ring of mountains was another.

"It is this very Isle," a soft voice said causing Hans to turn.

He felt his eyes widen at the crimson haired woman dressed in Victorian buckuneer's clothing with a cutlass strapped to her hip. His nose twitched slightly as he took in her scent and he stepped back quickly.

"I'm not going to do anything to you," she said with a chuckle. "Yes I am Vampyre but I have no hostility towards your kind. After all, I am mated to one and a mother of many hybrid children."

Hans looked at her in shock. "How?"

"How and I mated to a Wolf," she asked. "Or how is it that I am the mother of Hybrid?"

"The latter."

"Simple really. They grew in me as a human child or wolf pup would. True most hybrid are made by mixing Vampyre and Wolf blood in one body and hoping that they blend without killing the person but they can be born naturally as well."

Hans looked at the woman confused but curious.

"I should introduce myself first," she smiled. "I am Sorcia, although most call me Scarlet."

"Hans," he replied. "I am trying to find Alpha."

"Medez is in the garden with Lin-Kai. I'll take you there since I'm heading that way myself."

With a grateful nod, Hans followed the woman through the corridors. As they walked, Sorcia would explain some of the things on the walls as well as a bit of the history of the Isle and its formation. She explained everything she told him in blunt detail and showed no hesitation in how she viewed certain things. Soon he found himself in a large courtyard surrounded by several different kinds of plants.

"You are awake young one," he heard Lin-Kai say. "Thank you for guiding him here Sorcia."

"Wasn't my intent," she replied. "But I needed to talk with you and he wanted to talk with Merdez about something. You both just so happened to be in the same spot."

Lin-Kai nodded and Merdez let out a small laugh. The elder wolf moved over towards Hans and motioned for him to follow to allow the other two some privacy.

"What's on your mind pup?" he asked once they were far enough away.

"I saw her," Hans said. "I saw her just before out fight thirty years ago."

Merdez nodded. "That's good. Observe and remember. From what your wolf told me, you two haven't had much communication for the last two hundred years. Even less after you joined the German military. Remember one very important thing Hans. Follow your instincts, even if they tell you to run. They are there to keep you alive."

The younger wolf nodded. He had not listened to his wolf in a great deal of time, mostly so he could get passed his grief. The slaughter of his family at the hadns of humans two hundred years ago was still clear in his mind, more so than the years before he was in the Wehrmacht and during his years of service it was only bits and pieces. Hans closed his eyes and took a few breaths before trying to speak to the wolf that was inside of him.

Once he was calm, he sat down on the grass of the courtyard and leaned against on of the near by trees. As he relaxed, he heard the world around him dull slightly before the sound of soft steps came closer to him. Opening his eyes, Hans saw a pale blue wolf standing in front of him but around him was not the courtyard of Lin-Kai's homebut a lush clearing that he knew from his childhood.

"You have finally come," the wolf spoke calmly. "I feared taht you would never return."

Hans looked down and let out a quiet sigh. "For that I apologize. The death of our family left me scared, and confused. With the Wehrmacht, I had little time to find peace."

"I was always there, waiting. You could have come when you rested, even during the long time you could not wake."

At the small whimper from the wolf at the last statement, Hans lifted a hand to the wolf. It glanced at him couriously before coming closer. Ones closed enough, he gently placed his hand on the wolf's head before pulling it closer. Once the large animal was half laying in his lap, Hans began to pet it softly.

"I was in pain," he explained. "More pain than I could have ever imagined. Although I truely desired to be in that pain and dead as penance for the things I had done under the banner of the Nazi."

"Those are not your sins," the wolf replied. "I was there. I watched and I showed Alpha what was done. Did you ever wonder why you did only most of the orders those humans gave you to the letter and the rest in such a way that would not cause questions but never completely done the way they instructed despite the pieces of metal they put in your body?"

Hans leaned back and started to go through his memories of each assignment he was given when he joined, especially the ones he had after the chips were palced in his body. Just as he was getting frustrated at not being able to see them clearly, he heard the wolf rumble softly and the haze in his memories lightened. With wide eyes, he watched his entire life play through the clearing around him as if he was watching a movie. He watched his life as a pup playing with his siblings despite being half their size, the human hunters that came and slaughtered his family without remorse despite the fact their pack had never been near a human settlement, the fact the only reason he survived was because his father had placed him in some thick bushes, his wanering around the wilds until a few humans found him near starved and thought he was just a dog and took him in.

Hans saw how he slowly rebuilt his strength until the day he ran away form the humans that took care of him so he could shift into his human form for the first time. Him returning to them under the guise of a boy looking for a place to work with lodging. The quiet life he lived with them until the parents passed due to illness and the children nearly grown enough to handle things on their own. Then the start of the wars came. He watched his drafting into the military, the successes he helped bring the nation he served, the loses he survived by using pure instinct and skill. Every detail was placed before him and nothing was left untouched.

"We went through so much," the wolf stated. "All for a race that didn't even know what you were and what you could do if given the chance. But ultimately, you didn't know. When you first entered the ranks of those humans, you lost most of your connection to me. With the family that cared for you, you still had a strong link with me and I helped you through the harder times by showing you what others missed.

"But with their warriors and machines, you lost that connection. Almost completely when that mad human placed the small pieces of metal inside us."

Hans looked back towards the clearing and saw the proceedure that would place the Doctor's mad amalgimation of science inside his body. He let out a low growl as he watched the horros that he brought onto many people for no reason other than that he was ordered to. He killed without remorse, gave no thought to the slaughters he commited but through all of the battles, only one stood out clearly. The one battle he used every piece of himself for the first time in several decades, his battle with Seras Victoria.

"That was the first time since the death of our pack taht you asked for my stregth," the wolf spoke as it rose from his lap. "I gave it gladly and completely and yet she still was able to wound us to the point we nearly died. However, our battle ended as a draw. She barely had much strength left inside her after our duel. She had just enough to protect her mistress and deal with that mad human called Major."

"Why her?" Hans asked. "She is a vampire and part of Hellsing. I was part of the organization taht nearly took her home from her, along with all taht she held dear."

"She fought bravely, with pride and skill. She is a perfect match to our own strength. As a vampire, her skills are on par with your own. She thought quickly and clearly in orr battle and acted decisively. Had we been completely connected and fully bonded as wolf and man, she would have lost but still survived."

Hans nodded in understanding. He remembered the duel between his eldest brother and their father to prove he was ready and able to be the beta of the pack. The fight was messy but he brother proved her was a capable wolf as well as a capable man.

"What can be done to reform our bond?" Hans asked.

With what he could guess was akin to a smile, the wolf spoke. "We live as a wolf again, along side Alpha a prove that we are as strong a wolf, as we are a man."

Hans nodded and closed his eyes again. When they reopened, he saw Lin-Kia and Merdez in front of him with the sky dark behind them.

"You have been gone quite some time young one," Lin-Kia stated as he offered a hand to help Hans up. "I trust your thoughts were enlightening?"

Hans nodded with a soft nod and looked at Merdez. "I wish to reform my connection."

Merdez smiled. "That's easy enough to do but know that I am not an easy person to follow. I will test every aspect of yourself, probably some you never knew you had in you. When you are done with everything, you will know what to do next."

Hans nodded once more before watching the elder wolf shift. With another nod to Lin-Kia, which the quiet man returned, Hans shifted into a plae blue wolf and followed the larger white wolf into the forest. Both wolves caught the soft wish of luck from the Keldari before the sounds of the woods was all that was noticeable.


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