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Disclaimer: I don't own Punch UP or the characters. Kano Shiuko owns this. I write for entertainment purposes only.

Author's note:

This is a oneshot that I wrote a while back for a contest on a yaoi manga website.

Characters are from "Punch UP" by Kano Shiuko.

A sentence in Italics denotes the private thoughts of a character.


Disclaimer: I don't own Punch Up! Or the characters, Motoharu Maki and Kouta Ohki.

I write this for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy.



Work in Progress


Kouta stared at Motoharu standing in the entrance with that smug look on his face, his blue print tube on one shoulder and that expectant gleam in his eyes.

He knew what that look meant.

It meant trouble...trouble for him.

The man was immature, prone to petty jealousy, cried at the drop of a hat and yet, Kouta loved him.

Would he ever admit that to Motoharu? Hell no.

He was scared to admit that he needed the man, even to himself.

Yeah, that was a joke.

He was not scared of anything but admitting that he needed this man, yes – that terrified him.

The man was brilliant but very much an overgrown child.

And yet, seeing that needy look in Motoharu's, he couldn't deny this man anything.

“I need you. Right here...”

Kouta resisted the urge to swallow.

Damn, it was tempting to tell Motoharu to go to hell but shit, he felt his body responding to the man's words.


By the broad grin on the man's face, his body's response was all the answer Motoharu required.

“I missed you.”

Kouta closed his eyes, feeling the tears stinging his lids.

He missed Motoharu too.

He missed their closeness...he missed the way the man would smile at him in that special way as he waited for him to take lunch...hell, when had he gotten to the point where he missed the man like he missed his last breath?

“I doubt it. I can be replaced.” returned Kouta with a bite to his tone, opening his eyes to look at Motoharu, his face now inches from his own.

“No. I would die inside if you left me.” countered Motoharu, leaning down, his lips an inch away from Kouta's own.

“You exaggerate.” murmured Kouta, turning his head, avoiding looking at Motoharu.

Kouta felt Motoharu's hand on his chin before he felt his head lifting to stare up into his eyes.

“Does this feel like I'm exaggerating?” asked Motoharu, stepping closer and grinding his clothed erect cock against Kouta's groin.

Kouta could feel his face getting warm and knew he was blushing, just as his body responded like it always did to Motoharu's brashness by getting harder.

Even now, he could feel his cock weep, wetting the front of his underwear.

“Stop it.” rasped Kouta, pressing a trembling hand against Motoharu's shirt.

“No, I'm not. My dick is aching from waiting all day to have you. I need to mark my territory and make you mine.” returned Motoharu, reaching up to move Kouta's hand to drape over his shoulder.

So damn childish.

It was useless to argue with the man when he was in this mood.

As it was, Kouta didn't feel up to arguing with him.

He knew he wasn't Motoharu's usual type but he didn't care.

It was enough that Motoharu wanted him.

“Take me then...”

Motoharu paused, his fingers tucked inside Kouta's waist band, his fingers teasing the top of Kouta's slick cock.

“I take you now...can I keep taking you? What if I don't wish to give you up? Are you okay with that as well?” asked Motoharu, all humor gone from his eyes.

Kouta swallowed now, more than a little un-nerved by Motoharu's abrupt change.

“Well?” prompted Motoharu, picking up Kouta's other hand and bringing it to his lips, giving the knuckles a gentle kiss.

“I'm not pretty.” stated Kouta bluntly.

“And I'm an asshole with an inflated ego. You still put up with me.” countered Motoharu, his tongue darting out to lick between Kouta's fingers.

Kouta turned his head, turning a shade brighter.

“'re not a complete asshole. You have moments where you can be sweet.” choked out Kouta, finding it hard to breathe as Motoharu continued to tease him.

Maki dragged his tongue along two of Kouta's fingers before sucking them into his mouth.

Kouta gasped as Motoharu sucked on his fingers.

Damn it. The man did not play fair.

“I like to think that I am a work in progress, Kouta.” murmured Motoharu, rasping the tips of Kouta's fingers with his teeth.

Kouta closed his eyes.

It was hard to concentrate on the conversation when Motoharu did that.

“I can improve and be the man you need me to be.” continued Motoharu, flicking his tongue over his fingers before drawing them deeper into his mouth.

Kouta groaned as he felt his control slip.

“Baka.'re a work in progress but you don't need to improve. I like you the way you are.” admitted Kouta reluctantly, turning his head to find Motoharu's eyes upon him, all serious and intent.

Motoharu pulled Kouta's fingers out of his mouth and asked, “Are you sure you are happy with this old man?”

Kouta felt his face burn now.

“Yes. I am more than happy. Any more happier and I won't be able to walk.” confessed Kouta.

“You say things like that and I can't hold back...” rushed out Motoharu, a gleam in his eye, caressing Kouta's shaft once before pulling his hand out.

“Choose. Here, stairs or bedroom?” growled Motoharu as he picked up Kouta and hauled him up over his shoulder.

Kouta buried his face into Motoharu's shoulder, his ears burning from a combination of shame and lusty excitement.

“Stairs...I like it on the stairs.” admitted Kouta quietly.

A delighted chuckle drifted out from Motoharu and the vibration rippled through Ohki's body before Kouta felt the man shift and move decisively through the apartment.

Yeah, this man was a work in progress but did he really need much improvement?

No but Kouta wasn't going to admit that to Motoharu.


The End.

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