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“Please Sophia. I don’t know what’s wrong but please let me be there for you!” the prince said while starting to kick at the door. Being pampered royalty, all he succeeded in doing is making a lot of noise but that attracted the guards.

“What’s wrong prince?” asked the biggest one carrying a warhammer.

The prince didn’t seem to notice them, continuing to bang on the door and starting to cry. “Please Sophia, at least tell me what’s wrong.”

The guards murmured with each other a bit before the one carrying the warhammer pushed the prince out of the way. A single well-placed hit from his Warhammer busted the door open. The guard then backed away so that the prince could run in, unsure of whether to follow him or get himself and the rest of the guards to disperse.

The prince found Sophia hiding underneath her covers with her back turned to him. “Don’t look at me!” she sobbed.

“It’s alright Sophia. I don’t care what happened to you. I’ll always be there for you” he said while approaching her. He grabbed the covers and tried to pull them away, being resisted by Sophia. A sudden fit of dizziness caused her grip to weaken allowing the prince to pull away the sheets, revealing her pregnant belly. The prince stepped back in shock.

Sophia started crying. “Leave me! I don’t know how this happened but even if I did I’ve been defiled. I’m not fit to be your wife anymore.” Her cries were stopped by the prince hugging her from behind.

“In my mind, I was always your first. I trust you. I don’t think that you would betray me. Whatever scandal we go through, I promise I will endure it with you.” he said. Sophia started crying again to the princes dismay since he thought that she didn’t believe him, his dismay dissipated when she turned around and showed that her eyes were full of joy as she embraced him.


It took some time for the prince to convince the king to visit Sophia. He insisted on bringing along the court jester for some reason and for all of them to enter in separations of an hour. The prince and Sophia were able to catch up on two months lost time until the King and his court jester arrived. The court jester snapped his fingers. “This place is silenced. No one who is attempting to listen in can hear us.”

“How would you know how to do that?” asked Sophia. “You’re just a fool.”

“Better to look the fool than to be one” he said. “My alleged name is Lothar, the King’s whisperer, it’s a secret that I expect both of you to keep out of loyalty to king and father.” He approached Sophia, “I have already been informed that you allegedly weren’t unfaithful, yet at the same time you somehow aren’t aware of how you were impregnated. I’m going to examine you. Lie down with your legs hanging off the bed.” The king turned around to give her privacy. He lifted her skirt up and gave her vagina a few sniffs, noticing that if smelled like decaying fish. He then looked down, it, noting the looseness and noticed that there was still semen residue in her vagina.

“Despite her pregnancy, she is still having sex very frequently. You’re one of the first I’ve ever met who is able to continue her promiscuity while in late pregnancy.”

“Be polite,” the king said to him. “I’m sorry about his words Sophia, he has always assumed the worst of everyone.”

“So they keep coming to rape her in the night? We can lay in wait for them, Sophia could keep a knife under her pillow while we hide in a different room.”


A few hours later, it was dinner time again and Sophia’s instructor had arrived to bring him her food as he had been doing repeatedly for the past few months. When he opened the door, Sophia watched, hiding her pregnant belly underneath a blanket as usual. This was so routine that he just left the food on her bed and left without a word. The whisperer appeared from behind the door (how he was unharmed by the door being pushed open is unknown to Sophia) and grabbed the food. “What are you doing? That’s mine.”

“Trust no one,” he responded and after a quick check to make sure no one was there he dumped the food out the window and moved back to his hiding place behind the door.


It was night again and the group of rapists came in to molest Sophia again. The Hypnotist approached to make use of his usual tricks. Out of nowhere, Sophia stabbed him in the leg, quickly pulling out the knife, letting blood spill out of the wound. Lothar stepped out from behind the door and stabbed one of them in the shoulder, quickly knocking him out through the poison the blade was coated with. The ruckus and screams of two people being stabbed alerted the guards who rushed to Sophia’s room, the prince emerging from an empty dorm in order to follow them. When the guards arrived, they found Lothar standing over the four men, one having fallen unconscious from Sophia’s stab, the other three the same due to tiny knicks from a poisoned knife.


Sophia was a bit distraught to find that her trusted instructor had betrayed her in such a horrible way but a bit relieved knowing that justice would be meted out on them. The execution of the criminals was done quietly and in private to prevent a scandal. Lothar dropped off the child at an orphanage and the fact that the prince married someone whose purity was lost was hidden by him cutting his hand at the wedding to put blood on the sheets.


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