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Mitsuru X Mahiru

Disclaimer: I don't own Crescent Moon, which belongs to the talented Haruko Iida.

Chapter 1: The Unknown

In Unknown???

It was like any other sidewalk. Hard, cream-colored concrete with a crack here and there. What was different? The road. Yes, the road. Weren’t they supposed to be made of that black pavement-stuff instead of clear blue water? This puzzled the poor girl staring down at the liquid lapping at the sides of the walk.

Another strange thing was her surroundings. Everything was warm. Not in the sense that it was hot, no, it was that feeling you get when you go home. Or pie. What could she compare it too? Classical to conservative. Old school to modern. New to used. Happy to sad. Black to white. But that’s what it seemed, for when she looked at the other side of the ‘river’ it was completely different.


“It’s like night and day here.” Said Mahiru her voice echoing a little, but where on earth, if she was still on earth, was here?

“Hello?” She heard nothing but her own echo.

Huffing and blowing a small puff of her short yellow hair out of her eyes, Mahiru scanned her surrounding once again. ‘Lets see, theirs my Aunt’s house over by the Moonshine, the park is right next to that, along with the school’s pool and then there’s my grandmother’s graveyard…

“What the? Huh? This isn’t right! My Aunt’s house isn’t even near the Moonshine! What’s going on, I hav-“


All of a sudden Mahiru found herself flat on her back. Something had hit her square-on, right in her face. Now squirting a fine stream of blood from her bruised maybe broken nose, she sat up and looked across the expanse of blue to find the culprit. The young boy she saw didn’t appear to be frightened, especially since he was caught in the act. Instead, he seemed saddened at the loss of the small white ball that was now floating in the river. ‘Weird you think it would move with the current.’ Thought Mahiru, but the ball just sat on the water waiting patiently for the boy to come and get it.

“Hey you, young man? That wasn’t very nice! Are you listening to me! Huhghu!”

Stomping her feet she seriously doubt that the boy could hear her. Mahiru figured she’d have to go and give that boy a stern talking to about kicking balls at people. Looking down at the water she figured it would only be a couple inches deep. At the most, it might reach her mid-calf. So extending her right leg, she took her first step into the water.

As if her luck could be that good....


Swimming to the surface Mahiru took many gulps of air and when she was back to breathing normally she let out her frustration. “THAT’S COLD!!! OH. MY. GOD. Shouldn’t they have a sign or something? Honestly! This is frocking ridiculous! Gezz… really! It’s like over-five-feet deep!” Swimming to where the ball was, Mahiru reached out and grabbed it.

Noticing the small dots of blood, her anger flared slightly. Thought the cold water eased the pain in her nose, it also went up it. She looked up at the still sad looking boy.

“Hey, I’m going to bring this to you, ok?” She hollered at him.

He just nodded in reply.

Yeah, she was mad at the kid, but she’d rather not have him drown trying to get the object of her discomfort. Swimming to the other side she tossed the ball up on the walk, pulling herself up she notice how severely damaged it was. Past the sidewalk there was quite an ominous looking forest, which she didn't want to venture near.

‘Like night and day…’

Wringing out the water in here skirt she watched the young boy go pick up his ball, but he still looked sad. Strange she didn’t think she bled that much, the ball was practically dripping blood.

“Oh here don’t touch that…” Mahiru took the ball back. “…let me wash that off fir-wha?”

Looking down at the once clear blue water, Mahiru quickly pulled herself away from the now blood red sea. Eye wide, she crinkled her sore nose. No, it wasn’t blood red; it was blood. She covered her mouth to seal a scream when she noticed the bodies, the many bodies that floated along with the current. Slowly, she looked towards the boy. His chocolate brown eyes were downcast and she noticed his appearance for the first time since she arrived on his side of the river.

He wore a small pair of beige khaki shorts and a green t-shirt, which was cute because it matched with his green-black hair, and dark green shoes. The one thing that didn’t match, and the strangest thing on a child probably no older than seven, was the bright red markings & tattoos on his cheeks. The boy now looking at her in a weird way and Mahiru realized who she was staring at.

“Uh, little boy? Oh, gosh a kid shouldn’t have to see that… I-I’m sorry. Are you ok? Gezz, I could have sworn that water was crystal clear… and now look at it! Oh, I can’t believe I swam through that, ugh, it’s all over your ball and me. No wonder you didn’t go in to get it yourself.” She was rambling, she knew.

The boy just looked up at her.

What to do now? “Uhh, my names Mahiru Shiraishi, nice to meet… you? Um, could you tell me your name?”

In a small broken voice the boy spoke. “They took it.” He pointed to the blood-filled river.

“They? W-who’s they?” She asked shaken.

“My Mommy and Daddy, they took it when they left me. They fell in and became one of the dead-people. I almost did to, but I got pulled out.”

Horrified, Mahiru just sat listening to the boy explain how his parents died. Vaguely, she remembered having a similar conversation with someone dear to her, perhaps her boyfriend? It seemed her dream was bringing a horrifying vision to life. Dropping the ball, Mahiru wrapped the young boy in a tight hug. The child cried into her now disgusting uniform. It felt strange and reminded her of another moment in time when she let another boy cry on their shoulder. Only he was much older than this boy. What was his name? It meant something. The full moon, the entire sky, total emptiness, full tide, promises kept, stuck up.


The little boy’s breath caught, and suddenly Mahiru didn’t feel like she was holding a small boy anymore. Pulling away Mahiru found herself face to face with Mitsuru, but now he was around her age. His eyes widened and then his face seemed to contort into one of rage. He pushed her away from him then with enough force that they both went flying backwards on the hard, uneven pavement.

“GET AWAY FROM ME! HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?” He was breathing hard; pointing an accusing glare her way.

Mahiru just sat up, confused. Hadn’t she gone through all this before? She watched him go pale as she crawled toward him on all fours. She got close to him, enough that if she wanted to kiss him all she would only have to lift her head to his lips. Mahiru just stared at him. She wasn’t even touching him. Two years of dating had taught her how to handle Mitsuru’s strange outbursts.

“W-What do you want?” He really did try to sound angry.

“I want to know where or when I am.” Mitsuru was apparently expecting her to say something else (or do) by the shade of his blush. He gulped and as it took him time to answer her odd question.

Steeling his expression, he answered: “The dark side.”

Mahiru face-palmed. “What? What is this? Star Wars? Come on Mitsuru give me a straight answer!” At that moment, she grabbed his green shirt and pulled him up so that their faces touched, nose to nose & forehead to forehead.

Direct contact.

She should have known not to do that; it was obvious she was in some form of the past. Where they haven’t met. Before she had Nozomu, Akira, and Misoka to protect her. Now, as she looked at the all too familiar demon eyes of her beloved, she considered the thought that she might actually die.

He could kill her...

“It’s not pain and suffering that I wish for you… it’s death.”

“I swear! I’m going to kill her!”

“I’ve got nothing to discuss with you!!”

“Get out of here!! No way in hell I’d want you to move in!!”

“Don’t touch me!!”

“Don’t look at me!! Go away!! Don’t look at me like that!!”

“Meanwhile, you’re nothing but a tool.”

“A mere tool for me to obtain what I want.”

“Shut up. Just leave me alone, okay!”

“Shut the hell up!! Leave me the hell alone!!”

“There you go with that damn goody two-shoes act again.”

“God! What’s WRONG with you?”

Memories flooded her mind. They hurt, they stung, and they stabbed at her heart, but would he go through with it this time? Would her boyfriend of two years, the boy she was destined to be with, and the man she planned to marry, was he really going to kill her?

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Mahiru?” Mitsuru said in tone that she recognized.

Grabbing a hold of Mitsuru large elf-like ears, she turned his head, not missing the weird expression that crossed his features, and looked at his left ear. Yep, there it was. The small piercing seemed even smaller when in his Tengu form, but it was there. More importantly, it told her what time she was in. He just got that little gold ring in his ear about a month ago.

“Oh Mitsuru!” She glomped him.

Muffling his word with her mouth, Mahiru passionately kissed him, but quickly pulled away. Sitting comfortably on a now sedated Tengu, Mahiru looked at her surroundings. Everything was different. Majorly different. What was a damaged sidewalk, ominous looking forest, and a lovely river of blood with dead bodies floating in it– was now a dark room complete with a bed. The entire room completely covered in reds, blacks, and purples. Romantic colors.

‘What a weird world…’

How strange that she didn’t even feel the change from concrete to cotton. Then again, she didn’t sense Mitsuru’s detransformation either. Speaking of her beloved. He seemed to have a very strange expression on his face…

“Mitsuru are you ok? You seem to look a lit-EEP!” Time fast-forwarded in Mahiru’s little world.

It was the only reason she could explain Mitsuru’s latest action; and it was an action. Somehow, Mitsuru’s hand ended slithering up her left thigh. His other went behind her back pulling her down atop him. With a quick switch of positions he was staring down at her with a look she up till now only caught in the corner of her eye. The temperature in the room went up ten-fold. His hand slid back and forth on her thigh. His legs positioned between hers. ‘God, is this the future?’ Thinking was the only thing she could do now because of Mitsuru’s mouth. ‘I hope it is…’

Sure, they made-out… Hell, they were doing that almost a month after their first kiss. There have even been moments where the thought of intercourse had crossed her mind. What would it be like? After all, she was a virgin. She knew Mitsuru knew of it, she’d heard the boy’s making jokes and poking fun at him. She remembered one joke Nozomu made about a virgin being sacrificed to the tough Tengu demon. The Vampire came out of that joke with a rather large black eye and missing fang.

But was she ready?

Mitsuru’s knee at that moment decided to slide up to that junction in her legs and press. The shock sent something through her, which made her involuntarily buck. It felt good. ‘Oh, yes. I think I am.’ There was something about having the man you’ve been in love with act so differently, that it became such a turn on. With Mitsuru, when it came to romance he would refrain, and take a new situation at a slow pace.

For instance, Mahiru warmed up to making out a lot earlier that Mitsuru did. He was still anxious and nervous about the whole idea. Slowly, he began to take a lead on things, the same with their first kiss. Mahiru was the one to take action, but Mitsuru planted the idea.

This time Mitsuru was in the driver’s seat and apparently very confident in his ability to perform. His touch felt like it created time and his mouth seemed to stop it. Were such feelings possible? His hands slid down her legs to her knees, he griped them and pushed his own knee, while making slow circle motions, further into her. She moaned his name into his mouth. Not stopping there, the clever demon decided to give the poor girl air and move down the expanse of her neck.

At this moment Mahiru only slightly realize that she was either completely nude or her uniform-top was missing. It didn’t even occur to her that not a drop of blood from her earlier swim was on her. Then again, if you told Mahiru that at this point in time she could sprout wings and fly, she’d probably believe you.

Currently, there was a hot half-transformed demon that she loved with his knee in an area she only dreamed he would touch, doing things that sent her arching, moaning, and just pleasuring her in ways that seemed unreal. And he was naked. N.A.K.E.D. Mitsuru was naked, sweaty, and panting on top of her.

How’s that for a visual turn-on...

She only seen Mitsuru naked twice in the past two years, both incidents were on accident and had been wearing towel around his waist. This though, this was just too much. After he explored her body and had Mahiru -she was convinced- out of her mind, did he finally remove his knee. The contact sorely missed, but Mahiru didn’t complain. Actually, all of her thought processes went on high alert.

Foreplay was fine, but this was it. He was right at the gate and ready to go. She watched him bring his face to hers. Just like before. His green hair was longer, and his eyes were the warmest they have ever been. Loving… ‘I hope this really is the future, if nothing more for the look in his eyes.’ He smiled down at her, and she could have cried in joy. They kissed then. Mahiru closed her eyes.




…And the amazing lyrics of M.C. Hammer’s “You Can’t Touch This” Coming at you from your local top Radio Station WXR 100.5…

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