Cheating Girlfriends H

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Cheating Girlfriends H

Locked tight into a 69, Urabe tightened her fingers on Oka's small, rounded ass, forcing more and more of her girlfriend’s meat down in an attempt to swallow it whole. They rubbed bodies against each other, grinding themselves closer and closer to another spectacular ejaculation. The main stream of Urabe’s thoughts was comprised of the word ‘dick,’ and the feel of the soft rug against her smooth back was bliss. The large amounts of semen already ingested was heavy in their tight, flat stomachs.

There was a forgotten cumstained sketchpad next to their writhing bodies with the details of a very short discussion. The handwriting was shaky because Urabe was having her puppies fondled through her fetching wool sweater by her nymphomaniac bosom buddy.

It read:

Urabe has recently had sex with her boyfriend, Tsubaki. Oka did the same with her boyfriend. Curious, Urabe tried Tsubaki's drool, and felt the kind of sensations he felt during the encounter - the sensations of a male organ.

After the two girlfriends had gossiped, they decided to share their drool. Urabe shared her drool with her. Oka did the same.

Urabe grew a dick and balls. Oka offered a titjob, and Urabe found she was unable to refuse when the petite whore of a girl hefted her magnificent bosom up with her tiny hands. “It’s just a titjob,” she said.

Oka then grew a dick and balls after drinking Urabe's cum.

The rest was incomplete. An analysis of the handwriting might reveal that Urabe was tackled to the ground before she could finish the sentence.

Oka’s delicate hands tugged and pulled tight around Urabe's dick, masturbating her girlfriend furiously to another orgasm, endlessly enraptured with the way it felt, sliding between her soft, well-kept hands.

“Hnnnnnnghhhh,” Oka groaned, mouth stuffed.

To both their delight, they found out fairly quickly that Urabe had zero gag reflex. Oka’s mysterious friend's full, pouty lips were wrapped tight around her cock, the whole shaft enveloped in a warm, wet, swallowing passage. Oka felt the twitches and thrills - the rising, almost maniacal feeling that told her she will *cum* again, and very soon, and very *much.*

She crammed more of Urabe's thick meat into her mouth, her small, cute lips stretched tight. "UNnGgGGG...MMMMmm...." Sweet feminine grunts were all she could manage around her friend’s thick cock.

Every drop Oka swallowed sent sharp, almost electric thrills that hardened her cock, numbed her mind, and prolonged her orgasms. She was 'hooked' on it, to use Urabe's words, hungry for it, and had been since her very first lick. She recalled it - the moment when she bent her pretty neck to take Urabe's swollen, dripping cockhead into her slutty mouth as it peeked out from her naughty cleavage.

Urabe was in the same hot predicament. The two of them were leaking copious amounts, the hot liquid leaping into their respective mouths. Oka was gulping whatever she got excitedly, her practiced tongue working with alacrity. Where Urabe had talent, Oka had experience. Urabe’s meat was being treated like a long, stiff piece of lollipop candy, or soft serve ice cream - a delicious cock-treat she could never get enough of.

Urabe gave up trying to comprehend what that tiny tongue of hers was doing, her mind having long lost all parts logical and reasonable to pleasure.

Oka wished she could lick Urabe's balls from this angle. She loved licking at ballsacks, loved washing the skin with her small, talented tongue. She stroked them from time to time, treating them with a familiar, gentle caress and they pull up and down in pleasure.

"Unnggg...unggg...unggg..." Urabe gurgled as Oka jabbed her thick prick down into her throat with her rounded hips. Oka's balls were hot against her nose, as her horny, well-endowed girlfriend shoved her thick meat into her gifted throat, again and again.

They were trying to make the other cum first but instead they erupt at the same time.

Twitching and grunting, Urabe shut her eyes tight, her throat working with visible effort to swallow Oka's suddenly convulsing shaft, allowing the warm, thick semen to slide down her hungry throat. She's making low gurgling noises. There isn't a trace of cum anywhere on her face upper body. She gulped down every drop of Oka's thick sperm, but drool drips from the corners of her mouth as she sucked the entire stiff length. Her plush lips are kissing the base of Oka’s thickness.

Oka, despite being an experienced cockloving slut, used to the act of oral sex and swallowing loads, was still unused to the sheer quantity of Urabe's ejaculation. Her lipstick pink lips were pale, wrapped snug and fast to Urabe's shaft, the head of Urabe's large, spongy cockhead bumping back of her throat.

Happy tears were in her eyes as she worked her throat, trying to get as much of Urabe's cum in her as possible, but it eventually seeped out of her mouth as she gagged on the sheer volume of Urabe's ejaculate, increasing exponentially as Oka's own arousal was carried to her via her cum. In turn, her own orgasm was lengthened as Urabe's arousal was carried to her. It was a sweet, sinful, mind-blowing cycle of pleasure, and they hadn’t gotten bored of it for the past hour and a half - even pain became drunken pleasure.

The thick, jerking cock slipped the confines of her small hot mouth. Despite her efforts, she could no longer focus.

Her eyes rolled back into her head and her hands went on auto, her body twitching with mind-blowing orgasm after orgasm. She milked Urabe's shaft tightly from head to base, even as she ground her groin into Urabe's face, relishing the sweet swallowing ripples of her throat. The world disappeared. All she wanted was the hot pleasure of fucking her girlfriend’s beautiful face.

Jets of Urabe's hot, thick fluid splattered her in the face, over her glasses, into her open mouth and past her wagging tongue. Quite a few landed wetly across her face, hair, and bangs. Urabe's groin was a mess, covered in the past three ejaculations, sticky and sopping as Oka's hands connect with it on the downstroke.

Their climax felt endless, but eventually their loads became manageable.

They lapped at each other’s cocks eagerly. Urabe tapped her girlfriend on her perfectly rounded heart-shaped bottom, and Oka lifted herself up allowing her cock out of her mouth.

"I'm a mess." Urabe says, peering past her round tits at her groin. She can't see past them, especially with her fringe, but she can't feel how wet she is.

"Clean me."

Oka had no objections as she crawled forward washing her groin of the delicious, mind-altering substance with her tongue. As Urabe enjoyed the heady feeling of her Oka's loving, experienced tonguebath, she reached a hand out to pet her head.

“I was rough.” She said in her quiet, feminine, understated way.

Oka almost didn’t notice, so engrossed in her duty. “Hm?” she asked, and Urabe twisted from the vibrations.

“I was rough towards the end, didn’t I?”

Oka peered up at her, a winning smile on face and her lips around her girlfriend’s spout. “It’s fine. I was more vexed than you that I couldn’t take it all down.” She dragged her tongue down the whole length to demonstrate how hard a feat it would be. “Besides I was just as rough.”

“I know, but still,” Oka rubbed her face all over her girlfriend’s dick. “…I don’t think anyone could resist you…you really love dick huh….”

Oka let out another slutty giggle, before kissing her way up to Urabe’s mouth. “As much as I love you.”

They tongued each other fiercely, and Urabe acknowledged her as superior, but not before reaching down to stroke her pulsing cock.

Oka reacted vocally, with a loud, plaintive "HmmmHHHH..." as her girlfriend used her soft hands and long fingers to massage her cock. "Urabe," Oka panted, peering through the curtain of her bangs and into her lover’s eyes. "I...I want to put it inside you...."

Urabe blushed, lowering her head, hiding her eyes behind her bangs.

A beat later, and without a word, she got up and crawled onto the bed.

Oka bit back a moan as she gained an eyeful of her heart-shaped rear. She took great pride in her own body, and always considered Urabe a bombshell of equal sexiness. She wished they could fuck while looking at a mirror. The sight of them together would be mind-blowing.

"...Ii wa yo," Urabe said in her sweet, husky voice as she turned around, spread her delicious, toned legs, leaning back on her hands, thrusting her chest out. She tilted her head so that she was gazing at her through her parting. There was a dark red blush on her face.

Oka, struck dumb with arousal, cannot tell if she is being coy on purpose.

But no, it was just Urabe being Urabe.

Oh, she wanted her so bad.

She took a step forward, approaching her slowly, playing it out. She enjoyed looking down at her, having power over her. Her predatory smile widened as her gaze roamed her curves, and savored her subtle, bashful expression. She placed her hands on Urabe's shoulders and pushed her down, nuzzling her large breasts, firm from swimming like the rest of her body, licking, teasing, sucking at her stiff nipples. She felt Urabe's cock against her stomach.

“I’m going to go in raw you know.”

Urabe’s blush intensified.

“You used a condom with Tsubaki right?”


“You’re going to really feel me…inside…skin-to-skin....” Reaching down, she gripped her cock and lined herself up, nudging aside the wet, soft entrance, feeding it in, stroking it slowly. She knew she would enjoy this. "Nghhh...oh…you're still so *tight*….”

She pulled back and felt the suction of her willing cunt. “So, so tight...!" Inflamed with desire, Oka pressed onwards, burying herself deeper and deeper in her girlfriend's sopping, clinging pussy. It was like Tsubaki had never been in there. She relished every microsecond. “So wet for me…”

Urabe bit at the fullness of her bottom lip as she felt Oka's thick dick nudging deeper into her tender, barely-opened box. A particularly hard thrust caused the thick, spongy helmet of Oka's cockhead to drag against the roof of her tender cunt. Her eyelashes fluttered and her pretty pink lips gasped with the new and intense feelings of pleasure she wants to articulate but can't. She finally settled on letting out a long feminine gasp as Oka speared her. "Annnhhhhhhhhhhhh...!"

Hearing the helpless pleasure in her voice, Oka reached up to push her lover's hair away from her eyes, unveiling her flushed face. There's a meek, lustful, but happy look in her eyes, and Oka smiled back lustfully as she bottomed out, balls deep in Urabe's tight wet cunt. She leaned in to kiss her, humming with pleased surprise as Urabe locked her ankles around her.

" is it?" Oka panted, leaning back, grasping Urabe's lovely hips in her hands and humping her hard. She could hear the echoes of Urabe's helpless cries of pleasure in her head. The ridges of her cockhead's helmet feel incredibly stiff and are dragging and rubbing all along Urabe's tight, silky hole. "Tell me…you like it don't you? You love it...!"

“Unh, yeah, yeah…I love it…I love having sex with youuu….”

“Which feels better, me or Tsubaki?”

“W…what? AHN…!”

“I asked which dick you like better you lovely tart….” Oka demanded, smiling a winning smile as she hammered her cock into her.

"Hnnnn...ah...ahhhh...b...better...! Better than Tsubaki...!" Urabe moaned as the sensation of being repeatedly hammered and stuffed with Oka's thick solid meat melted her mind. "Having sex with you is SO much better than Tsubakiiii...!" She forced her legs to tighten their grip on Oka's waist, almost afraid of losing the sensations she's currently experiencing. “I can’t compare it at all, Oka, chan!”

A thrill ran through Oka as Urabe voiced what she can already feel. She bent down, and Urabe arched her face up, reading her intentions from their bond. They met in a sloppy kiss, working their tongues and hips against each other. Oka wanted to fuck her unconscious, and Urabe wanted it bad.

"There is no way," Oka panted against Urabe's kissing lips. "There is no way that I can go back to normal sex...!"

"My cock," Urabe whimpered her face a combination of erotic and silly, her tongue out and eyes rolled back into her head. " cock...!"

"Yeah...yeah..." Oka grunted as she fucked Urabe closer and closer to a mutual orgasm. "That's a good face, Urabe-chan...a pretty, beautiful, slutty face...! You’re mine and I’m yours now, Urabe-chan….”


She didn’t want to cum yet. She wanted to cum harder than she’d ever cum before. She leaned back, her cock bouncing as it was freed from her tightness.

“I wanna mount you, Urabe…I wanna fuck you from behind.”

Urabe twisted, wiggled her bum at her. “Like this Oka-chan?”

Her pussy was dripping wet with precum and juice. Her thick penis hung, stiff and waiting between her legs.

“Yeah…just like that,” she said, mouth dry. She mounted Urabe, slipping the head of her penis into her sloppy hole.

“Did you two do it like this?”

Urabe shook her head no, biting her lip.

“You’re in for a ride then.” Oka smiled, never tiring of girlfriend's firm tits. Fondling her flesh, she squealed in excitement, sinking. “I’m going to go *deep*. Would you like that?”

“Yeah…I’d like that….”

Both lovers squealed in pleasure, Urabe in surprise and Oka with dominating glee at the satisfyingly deep penetration their position achieved. Oka began to pump her hips, driving deep inside Urabe’s body. She grunted and squealed with enjoyment, bucking her hips back at her. “That's soooo good…unh, uhnnnhh…”

The pleasure was reducing Urabe to a drooling mess. Her head lay on the bed, and Oka held one of her wrists as she plowed on.

“I love you Urabe-chan!” grunted Oka, furiously burying herself to the balls in her hot girlfriend again and again. “Unhh I love your tits, your tight rear! I love how your butt feels against my skin!”

“Unnnnh, unhhhhh,” Urabe cried unintelligibly as they fucked like animals, the bed creaking with their movements, their beautiful bodies sleek with sweat.

“I’m going to do it inside you Urabe-chan. I’m going to cum harder than I’ve ever cum before, and I’m going to do it inside you…do you mind? Without a condom?”

“Y…yeah…” Urabe panted, her voice soft. “Let it all out inside me…give it all to me…I…” She stared deep into Oka’s eyes. Oka's vision went to her lovely lips as the words formed. “I want you to cum inside me. I want it all inside me.”

“Oh Urabe-chan…Urabe-chan…! Take it, take my cum, take it all…going to c-cum...going to...I’m going to cum in Urabe-chan’s pussy!!!”

"Unnnn," crooned Urabe, her cunt pulling on Oka’s dick, fluttering, pulsing. "Do, it, Oka-chan. Cum in me, I want your cum, I want it! Give it to me...!"

"UNH! Unnhhhh, unh..." She hugged Urabe as she came, her cock blasting the largest, thickest load of hot semen she’d ever felt inside her willing, bare pussy.

“UUUUUUNNNNHHHH…oh, that's so good Urabe-chan…oh…Oh, oh, Urabe-chan, Urabe-chan, oh...." She cried out, chanting her lover’s name in place of God, feeling like she was dying. She slumped against her body, suddenly able to breathe again, load after load of hot sperm into her lover's hole. Urabe smiled a tiny, naughty smile as she felt the volume of hot seed continue to spurt inside her, spurt after spurt filling her pussy, both fulfilling her and causing her to jerk and cum helplessly.

"Yes! Yes!" Oka groaned. "Oh Urabe-chan...I looove youuuu...."

“My turn,” Urabe whispered, voice husky with lust, her own dick throbbing.

Oka rolled over. "...Fuck me," she said, and Urabe smiled, eager to give her little lover exactly what she wanted - sex until they both passed out....

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