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Sakiko-san's Man Issues
Follow Up: Issues Resolved

( It all started with a blog in a adult website. See I passed all of my entrance exams. So for one reason or another, I decided to take a load off and relax. But as I was browsing the internet, I came across my Mother Sakiko. Whether out of luck or misfortune, I came across this. What happened after that was uncomfortable for me to relate. The title reads "School Teacher S&M (27)". It showed her measurements, her occupation, the fact that she's a widow, and it states that she has limited knowledge of sex. I thought it was accidental resemblance. But it shows that even the profile matches.
It stated that he was using a condom. But he broke the condom on purpose making Sakiko angry. But he continued to rape her to calm her down. In the end, she was so out of it that she never noticed that pictures of her was taken. There was even hidden camera footage. Since that night, the mystery man forced Sakiko into more sexual acts in the school restroom, the hotel, even the beach. She kept resisting and giving an angry attitude. But in the end, he turned her into a bitch in heat. It was that last story that made me really uncomfortable.
It said that he finally got to fuck Sakiko inside our own home while I was out with the guys. She tried with all of her might to revive her revulsion towards the mystery man. But all she managed to do was tighten herself up more than ever causing her juices to flow. On the surface, she may be a stiff fastidious woman, and that's what causes her to be nervously to being immoral. But once she gets a taste of what it's like, she gets hooked. In closing, the mystery man states that he finally got Sakiko pregnant. Once it came to light and we figured out the exact day she was fertilized, it turns out it happened right here. It sure satisfies those male instincts. Obviously, I made her get an abortion though. The blog ends there.
I was so angry at myself for not noticing it sooner. Sakiko's been acting strange lately. Her facial expression has been more unnatural and gloomy. Plus she's been going out drinking by herself. I've even seen her crying in our Living room. And I did nothing. I was afraid. Judging by what I've seen and realize, her problems were because of a man. I was even more afraid of the thought that I was the source of the problem. Sure there are parents with unwanted kids who just pretend to show respect towards them. I was so afraid of Sakiko saying "If only you weren't around..." and instead of dealing with the problem, I continued to take the coward's way out. And this was the result!? I could not understand these emotions swirling inside me. I was more confused than I've ever been in my entire life.
None the less, I vowed that I would do whatever it takes... I was assaulted with the feeling that I wanted to save her. I wanted to protect her. I didn't want to let anyone else have her. Perhaps I wouldn't be able to sort this mess out immediately, but I knew one thing... I'll do whatever it takes to get that fucking bastard out of our lives. And then, I'll try to make Sakiko feel at ease. But I'm gonna need some help. It's then that I came across a revenge service website entitled "". Apparently, they specialize in revenge situations and they do not go against a client. So I signed up for a free consultation. I still have a few weeks before I start going to college. So I figured, it's now or never. While Sakiko was out, the doorbell rings. )

Midou: Who is it?
???: Getbackers!

( It looks like someone came by quickly. I opened the door. It's a consultant from He looks like a hybrid hero-psychopath with white hair and blue eyes. He starts introducing himself. )

Yusuke: My name is Yusuke. I'm a consultant for Are you Midou?
Midou: Yes. I'm Midou.

( Yusuke shows me my email address asking if it's correct for conformation. I told him that it is. So we sat down in the living room. I explain the reason why I'm in need of their services.)

Yusuke: So basicly, your step-mother Sakiko is forced into sexual activity?
Midou: Yes. And she never wanted to do it. And she's been either coming home late or not coming home until the next day. And every time she does come home, she's all gloomy and unnatural. It's probably a guess but, maybe she's blackmailed?
Yusuke: It's possible. Can you show me where you discovered what happened? According to your information, you discovered this in a website.
Midou: Yeah. I had the site bookmarked. This way.

( I showed him the website. He recognizes the URL. They dealt with this in numerous cases. )

Yusuke: Okay. I'm gonna go to this website at the office. We'll track the source of the media. Hopefully, it'll lead to the one responsible. And if we find him, how do you want him dealt with?
Midou: I did vowed to get that asshole out of our lives. Sakiko has suffered enough.
Yusuke: So it's no preference as long as he never bothers Sakiko again? I understand. Leave it to us.
Midou: Okay. How much do I owe you?
Yusuke: We'll mail you a bill. And since it's your first time with us, you'll be charged less.
Midou: Good. Thanks.

( As Yusuke left, I decided to step out since it looks like Sakiko will be back late again. Things can't stay like this, but hopefully this will be resolved soon. I'm at a diner having my dinner. Then I come across Satou-sensei who was also eating here. She approaches me. )

Satou: Can I talk to you for a moment?
Midou: Okay. ( She looks uneasy. )
Satou: *deep breath* That day, when I seduced you at school. It was all a setup.
Midou: What!? What do you mean by that!?
Satou: It was all because of Nagahima-sensei! The night before that day, he got me drunk and he... he... deflowered me! *sobbing*
Midou: !!! That fucking bastard...!
Satou: Then, he coerced me into seducing you. Then, he took pictures of that moment on the sly using his computer!
Midou: But why would he do that to us!?
Satou: Well I was dropping some forms at his office and I took a look at his computer. He was using those pictures to blackmail your step-mother into having sex with him. I didn't know that he was gonna do anything so vile, I swear!

( It all checks out. We all knew that Nagahima-sensei was really perverted. But we never knew that he would stoop so low. And to pull this shit on Sakiko!? That's over the fucking limit. )

Satou: Please forgive me Midou-kun! I didn't know he was--!
Midou: Stop. You did nothing to apologize for. You were treated as a tool. I called in some help already. So hopefully, this will be taken care of.
Satou: When you get a chance, can you call me so that I can explain things with Sakiko-san?
Midou: As soon as the purp is caught and dealt with.

( I went home after eating my food. That night and the next evening, there was that same scenery again. Sakiko coming home late. Now she's crying in her sleep. I decided that as soon as that asshole teacher gets his due, I'll see about helping Sakiko calm herself to normal. 3 days later, I got a call from Yusuke. )

Yusuke: Is this Midou?
Midou: Yeah. What's up Yusuke?
Yusuke: Good news. We found the one responsible. You might want to come to 602 South 11th street as soon as you can please.
Midou: Okay. I'm on my way.

( I hung up as soon as I got my shoes back on. I rushed to the address Yusuke told me. It looks like a run-down warehouse. As I got in, I noticed a used up kerosene tank with a skeleton in it. And the place smells like urine (but just barely). Maybe something happened. Then Yusuke spots me. )

Yusuke: Midou, over here!
Midou: Hey Yusuke, what's with this place?
Yusuke: It's from a case 2 months ago. Kind of similar to this one. Anyway, he's the one.

( Yusuke turns on the lights. And there's Nagahima-sensei chained to the ceiling. He's on his knees and his mouth is taped shut. Yusuke rips the tape off his mouth. )

Nagahima: OWW!
Midou: You! You did this to my step-mother!
Nagahima: I don't know what you're talking about!
Midou: Don't give me that bull-shit! Satou-sensei told me everything. And Yusuke here traced the source of the pictures.

( Yusuke pulled out a yellow envelope with pictures and a DVD of his time raping Sakiko. He bursts saying "That could've come from any camera!", but the camera and computer he used was registered on his name. Yusuke showed him all the documents proving that he's the cause. Then he speaks up feeling proud of himself. )

Nagahima: Okay. I confess. I blackmailed Sakiko. I raped her and Ms. Satou. What of it?
Midou: "What of it?!" You used an innocent virgin to get to my step-mother despite the fact that you have a wife already!
Yusuke: Relax Midou. When were done with him, no woman in the world will want him around. Not even his wife will want him.
Midou: What do we do with him?
Yusuke: Not me Midou. You.

( First he explains how he got Nagahima here. Through voice masking that's used by the military, he called Nagahima's cell phone pretending to be Sakiko. It sounded like her but it was actually Yusuke. Then when he came by, Yusuke knocked him out and chained him to this room. I asked Yusuke for a baseball bat. I'm gonna go Bear-Jew on his monkey ass! )

Nagahima: Woah wait! I said I did it! You don't have to do this! Just call the cops or something!
Midou: The law is too good for this. And if they locked you up, they'll just teach you how to be a better rapist. *crazy look* After this, your gonna wish you were in prison.

( After saying that, I swung the bat hard at his head and ribs. There's blood all over the place. Some teeth was knocked out, both his eyes are black & bloody, some of his ribs are broken, and his nose is all bashed. Finally, we made him confess his crimes on video. )

Yusuke: Here, you take a copy. I'm gonna ship one to his wife. I have to take him home anyway.
Midou: I suppose his wife will finish him off?
Yusuke: First I'll deliver the DVD. After an hour or so if she did watch the DVD, then I'll drop off Nagahima. He'll expect a caring wife but he'll be in for quite a surprise.
Midou: Okay good. I'll get back home.

( As I'm heading home, I gave a text to Satou-sensei. I asked her to come over as soon as she could. When I got back, there's Satou-sensei waiting for me. Now there's only Sakiko. We got inside and Sakiko is home. Sakiko still believe's that Satou and I are dating. But we asked her to have a seat. Satou-sensei broke the ice. )

Satou: Those pictures of me and Midou-kun, it was all a setup. Nagahima-sensei caused it all.
Sakiko: What? So then......
Satou: He got me drunk. Then he carried me to a hotel room. Then he deflowered me and coerced me into making a move on your son. It was all part of his scheme.
Sakiko: You knew this whole time!?
Satou: No! I never knew that we were being watched!
Midou: There's more Sakiko. You might want to watch this.

( I popped in the DVD. There's Nagahima bloody and bashed. He confesses everything. )

Nagahima: Okay okay! Just don't hurt me!
Midou: Then look right at that camera and confess everything!
Nagahima: I deflowered Satou. Then I blackmailed and raped Sakiko. Then I blogged it all on that website. There was no reason, I just went and did it. *shrieks* NO! NO MORE! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN! NOOOO!!~

( Then I show up and bashed him with the baseball bat some more. The video stops after 15 minutes of torture. Sakiko, in tears, drops to her knees in relief. )

Sakiko: *sobbing* hic..... hic..... hic...... WWHHAAAAHHHH!!~
Satou: Midou-kun, maybe you should leave her alone for a bit. I'll take care of her.
Midou: Okay.

( Satou-sensei sayed downstairs with Sakiko. As she's sitting there wailing, Satou-sensei express her real feeling towards me and that that love is no longer possible because of what Nagahima-sensei did to them. She also explained to Sakiko that I did it all for her. Sakiko grabs a small pillow and tightly wraps her arms around it in grief. Satou-sensei tells Sakiko to take some time to let it out, then Satou-sensei comes to me. )

Satou: Well Midou-kun, it's all up to you from here. You'll have to take good care of her.
Midou: Don't worry. I plan to. Thanks Satou-sensei.
Satou: I have to go now. See you.

( With this, Satou-sensei has left and went home. It's now 23:00. I'm in bed but I hardly got any sleep because despite the cause being wiped away, I'm still worried about Sakiko. Then there's a knock on my door. )

Sakiko: Midou, can I come in?
Midou: Sure. It's open.

( I let Sakiko in. She's wearing only a black nightgown. But she has tear marks on her face. It seems like she's still feeling the effects of what happened earlier. And when she asked me to come in, she was really timid. )

Midou: Before you say anything, Yes. I came across that website by chance. When I found out that you were victimized and exposed by that perverted faggot who's probably getting killed by his wife by now, I went and took action. I missed the days when you were really caring and loving toward me. But ever since you had those "meetings", you were not yourself anymore. I ended up thinking that you no longer want me around anymore. That I'd be the source of your problems. Whether it was fear or whatever, I just couldn't leave you like that. So I... *gasp*
Sakiko: *hugging Midou/sobbing* All of the men I've known have been really miserable to me. The worst was that bastard Nagahima! *hic* But you were the only one who cared! I made you think that nothing is happening, but that was a big mistake. I'm so sorry Midou...

( As Sakiko is sobbing again, I embraced her with her face on my shoulder. She took her time but she calmed herself. )

Sakiko: Midou, there's something I really want you to do for me.
Midou: What is it?

( Suddenly, Sakiko stands up in front of me. She takes off her nightgown letting it fall to her feet. There's no bra or panties on and she's not covering herself. )

Sakiko: I was able to cleanse myself even on the inside. But I'm still emotionally soiled. Can you make me clean again?
Midou: !!! *smooch*

( Without waiting for an answer, Sakiko kisses me on my lips wrapping her arms around me. Then she pulls down my shorts exposing my cock. )

Sakiko: This is all I could do to thank you for your actions. I love you Midou. *gulp*
Midou: !!! *grunt*

( Sakiko is sucking my dick. First she's bobbing on the head. Then she swallows me whole. I'm hugging Sakiko's head as she's sucking me. )

Midou: Sakiko, I'm not gonna let some asshole ruin your life again. That's a promise.
Sakiko: Promise me... that you'll never let me go. That you'll always be with me.
Midou: Okay. I promise you that too.
Sakiko: Midou... I'm so happy...

( Sakiko lays me down, get's on top of me, and inserts my dick in her pussy. )

Sakiko: *sighs in pleasure* I want your arms wrapped around me.
Midou: Okay.

( I'm hugging & kissing Sakiko as I'm fucking her. Sakiko is moaning wildly while she has her lips connected to mine. Now, I'm laying back down rubbing her tits hard while Sakiko is riding me. )

Sakiko: *moaning & gasping* Oh Midou! Your cock feels so good! It's a lot better than that old geezer's pea shooter!

( "Pea shooter" that's a new one. (LOL). Anyway, that took a good hour. Now Sakiko and I are sitting up with her back facing me. She's sitting on my lap, riding me from behind. Now I'm playing with her hard nipples. She's feeling it more. )

Sakiko: *moaning & gasping* Midou, I can feel you deep inside me! Keep grinding me, just like that! Ahh! No, my nipples are sensitive! Please be gentle...

( That took another good hour. Finally, we're on the missionary position. My dick went all the way inside Sakiko's pussy. Sakiko is moaning louder. )

Sakiko: *loud moaning* It's all the way inside! It's all the way inside!
Midou: Hey relax! You'll wake the neighbors.
Sakiko: *moaning & gasping* Sorry. It just feels so good. Please don't stay still, pound me!

( Like she wants, I'm pounding her pussy hard and deep. Sakiko wraps her arms and legs around me as we are kissing each other with our lips and our tongues. After another hour and a half, we couldn't take much more. )

Midou: Sakiko, I can't hold it any longer!
Sakiko: *moaning* Me neither! But don't pull it out! I want you to cum inside me!
Midou: Here goes! *grunt*
Sakiko: I'm cumming! *splash*

( We let ourselves go. As we are laying there on my bed, I'm curious to know what Sakiko ment by cleansing herself. )

Midou: So Sakiko, what do you mean by cleansing yourself?
Sakiko: I took a hot shower to deep clean myself of Nagahima's touch. Then I took a small hose, insert it inside my vagina, and turned on the facet. It worked (Somewhat).
Midou: So as long as he's completely out, you did whatever is necessary? Good.
Sakiko: Besides, I'm all yours now. *smooch*

( We spent the night together. The next morning, I find out from Yusuke that the website used to expose Sakiko has been shut down. You go to it now, you'll just get a 404 error. As I was paying my bill to, there was a news report showing Nagahima-sensei being carried away in a body bag. That the culprit was his own wife and that she went missing. Oh well, it's his own fault. Some time has passed. I'm now going to college, and both Sakiko and Satou-sensei changed teaching jobs. Now they're at a Girls-only school where it's Strictly girls only (Even the faculty). There's only one big difference. Now when Sakiko is tired and stressful, she comes to me for sex. If this is part of the promise I made to her, then that's that. But even so, I won't let anyone else take her. Never. )

The End.

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