The Secret Feeling

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Zebra POW:

It had all started in the Gourmet Pyramid, when Komatsu had been hit by the Nitro, and almost gotten himself killed. Zebra had felt as if his heart had been torn from his chest and ripped to shreds. Never in his life had he felt so torn between hate and sorrow. He wanted to kill the Nitro for trying to kill Komatsu, but he also wanted to fall onto his knees and cry for the loss of the Smaller male. But like always, his anger won over the sadness. He and Toriko had killed the Nitro in a combo attack, but Zebra had still felt so empty, so lost. When he had heard Komatsu’s weak heartbeat, he had almost leapt with joy. But he stopped himself, since Toriko was present. He had played tough, so that he didn’t show his emotions. But he got the feeling that Toriko knew more than he showed on the outside.

Zebra had fallen for the smaller male, at honey prison. The food he made was breath taking. But what he had really fallen in love with was Komatsu’s pure nature. He couldn’t get enough of that kind nature, strong spirit and the love he showed for food. He was honest and true to his feelings for all the ingredients in the world, even if he didn’t know them yet.

Komatsu POW:

Komatsu had had a strange feeling that Zebra had been staring at him lately, even more often than usual. It made his heart beat a tad faster, and he didn’t know the reason why. Did he have feeling for the taller male? He was straight, but something about Zebra made his heart go haywire, and makes his body grow hot and wanting. What was it about the other male that Komatsu wanted, lusted for? He didn’t really know, but he had to admit that Zebra was quite handsome. But the question still remained. Why was he staring at Komatsu? He wasn’t attractive, handsome or any of those things people told each other, to show their attraction towards others. He just couldn’t grasp it.

“Oh well” He thought to himself, and decided that he would drop the matter. For now, that is.

Zebra POW:                                                                        

Zebra had noticed that Komatsu’s heart was beginning to beat a bit faster every time he was around. “Could it be that he also has some feelings for me?” The taller male thought to himself. Could it be possible that Komatsu liked him, even if just was a little bit?

A tiny spark of hope was beginning to come alive inside Zebra’s cold selfish heart. Or at least that’s what he thought himself to have, and to have these feelings now was almost, what would a scientist call it, oh yes, almost Alien. Well, Zebra had never been shy as a child, and he certainly wouldn’t start now. He had to make a plan, one that would lure the smaller male to come somewhere with him, ALONE AND WUNEREBLE. That’s when he would strike at his pray.

Komatsu POW:

Komatsu felt a cold chill run up his spine. He stopped fiddling with some ingredients and lightly glanced around and saw that Zebra had a dangerous glint in his eye. “Now what is Zebra-san now planning? I don’t think it’s going to be very good for me tough”. He thought to himself. Wondering if he would or could read his mind. Because Zebra had caught his glance and it only made the glint seem more dangerous and now there was a smirk to boast. Komatsu couldn’t help stiffen and feel like hiding somewhere, not that it would help; Zebra would find him right away. But somewhere in that fear was a slight tingling feeling of anticipation. He couldn’t wait to see what the taller male had in store for him.

Zebra POW:

He just couldn’t stop himself from smirking, when he had caught Komatsu’s glance. He noticed that he had stiffened, and couldn’t help feeling like leaping at his pray, and shout to the world that he belonged to him, and only him. And then hide him away, somewhere safe from the prying eyes of the world, and those who wished him any harm. Zebra would not let them. He wouldn’t allow them to harm him. He would rather kill them or die trying.

Komatsu POW:

Komatsu snapped out of his trance when Toriko yelled satisfied “That was delicious Komatsu, but I’ve got to get going now. There’s a new ingredient that I’d like to get. It’s part of the Old man’s Full Course, but I can’t take you with me this time buddy. Sorry”. He said with an apologetic expression.

“Ah, it’s ok Toriko-san.  I haven’t been at the hotel for a long time, and the manager is getting a little bit agitated. I must also get back to work, and work on a new dish that I thought up a while ago. So even if I could go, I would have to refuse”. Komatsu said in a determined voice.

Toriko looked a bit surprised at first, but then smiled warmly at him, nodding to show that he understood. Zebra only made a rough ‘Hmph’ noise in response.

Zebra POW:

Zebra only responded by making a rough ‘Hmph’ noise.

There it was again. That damn look that Toriko had begun sending him since honey prison. What was he scheming?

Zebra was a bit startled when Toriko said “Komatsu, me and Zebra are going to have a little chat over there for a minute. Could you wait here?” He asked.

“Sure. I’m going to gather some spices that are growing over there”. Komatsu said in a cheerful tone, and then ran off.

“Now then, what the hell do you want, you bastard?” Zebra asked in a little irritated voice.

Toriko’s smile disappeared, and he turned serious. “Well the thing is…”

Komatsu POW:

Komatsu was gathering some rare spices when Zebra yelled, “WHAT?” Komatsu jumped from surprise. He quickly turned and couldn’t believe his own eyes, but that Zebra was BLUSHING. Not just the normal pink shade that shows a little embarrassment, but as storming red as Zebras hair. This was the first time that Komatsu had seen Zebra blush, and he didn’t even know that he could. What had Toriko said to him that made HIM blush like that?

Well that will remain a mystery until next chapter!!!

Mwahahahaha I know I’m evil, but I like it! XD Hope you liked it. Please review.

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