Leap of Faith

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Unsweet Netorare Ochita Onna-tachi

Unrecorded Chapter: Leap of Faith

     My name is Jun. I'm 18 years old. And today is my high-school graduation. It would've been a happy moment for me had what happened 3 years ago did not happen at all. See to be honest, I've been see someone; a Teacher. Katsuko-Sensei is a few years older than me. It started out as a normal teacher/student meeting. But somehow one thing lead to another and we ended up being a couple. In my 18th birthday, she came by with a cake. And she gave me her virginity for my birthday. Things were pretty good. But the days that came after that marked the end for both of us.

     It was the afternoon, we were in a closet fooling around. As we were leaving, someone caught Katsuko-sensei in the act. It was Kazuya. He was in my class, and he's a troublemaker. He's been making advances on Katsuko-sensei. Blackmailing her in the process. See, if the faculty (mainly the Principal) found out about our relationship, 1 of 2 things must happen. Either I get expelled, or Katsuko-sensei would be forced to resign. Katsuko-sensei doesn't want to lose her job but doesn't want me to get kicked out of school either. So she had no choice but to comply to Kazuya's advances.

     At first I thought she was mad at me. But it took me too long to finally realize that she was indeed cheating on me with Kazuya. I knew because months before the last marking period, I caught them in the act right in front of Katsuko-sensei's front door. The door was closed but I overheard every word of it. Katsuko-sensei was saying things like how she enjoys Kazuya's cock more than mine and how she was begging him to violate her and impregnate her. I was so heartbroken and angry that I just left. There was plenty of opportunities to fix this by taking out Kazuya. But the sex they were having was so loud and distracting that I just walked away and broke all contact with Katsuko-sensei.

     Which brings us to today. It's been 3 years since then. After all of the incidents, Katsuko-sensei resigned and changed jobs somewhere. Contact between me & Katsuko-sensei is still broken even to this moment. Her relationship with Kazuya has ended (or so it seemed) and then she married a male teacher from another school. Doesn't matter, it no longer has anything to do with me. As I'm walking away, I'm approached by a woman.

Katsuko: Jun...

     It's Katsuko. Her appearance has changed. She had long black hair and wore glasses. Now she has short light brown hair and she's not wearing glasses. She's holding a bokay of flowers. I was just passing by. But then she wants to talk to me.

Katsuko: Can I... speak with you for a moment?

Jun: *sigh* Fine. What do you want?

     It's then that she decides to get it all off her chest.

Katsuko: I... was raped by Kazuya...

Jun: !!!

Katsuko: He blackmailed me... he said he will tell everyone that we're dating if I don't have sex with him...

     I invited her to my apartment. She explains more about what happened.

Jun: I see... So that's what happened...

Katsuko: I was raped the whole time... Day and night... I had no choice... I had no idea what I should do back then... I... I...... *crying* I love you... I still love you Jun... Even after all these years...

Jun: Katsuko...

     Without thinking, I kissed Katsuko. Then we had sex. But things are different. It just doesn't feel the same as it was 3 years ago.

Katsuko: Jun... Let me handle it... *sucking Jun's cock* Your cock is delicious...

Jun: (She even know this sort of technique?)

Katsuko: Finally, it's erect... <3

Jun: (She has already shown this face to Kazuya before me...)

     She gets even further on top of me so that she can insert my dick in her pussy.

Katsuko: Look. You're getting even harder Jun! <3 Give it to me Jun...

Jun: What about condoms...?

Katsuko: No need for that. Let's just do it. *inserting cock in pussy* FUAAAA! <3 <3 <3

Jun: (I get it. She must've been having raw sex with Kazuya all the time...)

     I pushed her down and I'm thrusting my hips towards her.

Jun:  (Damn it!)

Katsuko (moaning): Yes! Jun's cock! Thrust it deeper inside! I love it deep inside!

Jun: (This isn't her! This isn't the Katsuko I once knew!)

     I'm picturing Katsuko's old appearance and personality. When we made love, she was never talking like some bitch in heat. She took pride in herself. That was one of the reasons why I loved her back then. Katsuko is back on top of me.

Katsuko (moaning): Hey... Does it feel good Jun? Let's do it like this please...? You can go deeper... inside...

Jun: (Everything... Kazuya taught her everything!)

Katsuko (moaning): AAUHN! Let's kiss while we cum! Cum lots in my womb!

     As we kissed, we climaxed.

Katsuko (climaxing): AAAH! HAAAAN! <3 <3 *heavy breathing* Jun... I love you... I love you so much...

Jun: .........

     I can't do it. I just can't do it. She was a cool, kind, beautiful lady whom I trusted more than my own parents. But since the incidents, all my trust towards her died with our relationship.

Jun: I'm sorry, But I can't.

Katsuko: Huh? Jun...?

Jun: I can't trust you anymore! How can I be sure you're no longer with Kazuya?!

Katsuko: B-But... I...

Jun: You lied to me one too many times already! How can I know you're not lying to me again?!

Katsuko: But back then, I only did that to protect you...

Jun: I know but... Liars will always be liars! They never change! *sobbing* I love you Katsuko... But I can't trust you anymore! I just can't!

     Katsuko bursts into tears. Then she gets dressed.

Katsuko (sobbing): I understand... I'm sorry... for everything. I'm really sorry... Jun...

     With that being said, Katsuko left my apartment. It was heartbreaking for both of us. I couldn't stop crying after that. And Katsuko walked off with lifeless eyes believing that it's the end of the world for her. She goes to Kazuya and notices he's on the phone with another woman.

Kazuya (on the phone): Hey Miki. What is it this time......? Fine, I'll cum inside you later on to celebrate your graduation, okay? *notices Katsuko* Look, I'll call you back. Come over right after I hang up, okay? Bye. *hangs up phone* See, I was right wasn't I?

Katsuko (lifeless): .........

Kazuya: So I won the bet, right?

Katsuko (lifeless): .........

Kazuya: I want to say you belong to me for the rest of your life... But I'm not forcing you. I don't even have anything to threaten you anymore. Plus, I got plenty of other women.

Katsuko (lifeless): I... don't really care anymore...

Kazuya: Huh... Okay, I'll impregnate you again.

Katsuko (lifeless): Okay...

     Kazuya and Katsuko goes inside Kazuya's apartment. Katsuko begins to strip. But Kazuya stops her.

Kazuya: Not yet... We're waiting for someone.

Katsuko (lifeless): Okay...

     Within minutes, the other girl, Miki arives. She's the girl Kazuya's talking to on the phone.

Miki: Who's this?

Kazuya: Just another fuck buddy.

Miki: Oh, I see... (Another one! This has gone too far!)

Kazuya: Okay Katsuko, now you can strip.

Katsuko (lifeless): Okay...

Miki: (Oh my god. Her eyes...)

     While Katsuko is striping, Kazuya lays down opening his zipper taking out his cock. Since Miki is wearing a light skirt, she took off her panties exposing her wet pussy. She inserts Kazuya's dick in her pussy. But immediately after the insertion.........

Kazuya: What the... *DIRK!* AAAAHHHH!!

     With a crazy look, Miki pulls out a scalpel and stabs Kazuya in the eye. Then she's stabs him repeatedly all over his body. Katsuko just stands there looking at the carnage.

Miki (psychotic look): You promised to love me forever! You said I was the only one! YAAHHH!!

Katsuko (lifeless): .........

     After what seemed like 30 minutes, she stops stabbing Kazuya to death. Covered in blood, she drops the scalpel and approaches Katsuko.

Katsuko (lifeless): Aren't you going to kill me too?

Miki: Why would I do that? Look at your face. You're a victim too miss.

Katsuko (lifeless):  Am I...?

Miki: I know that look better than anyone. You look like you just lost someone important to you.

Katsuko (lifeless): *tearing up* That's because I did...

Miki: Is that the reason why you went back to Kazuya?

Katsuko (light sobbing): What else could I do...? The person I love so much doesn't trust me anymore... And I couldn't blame him......

Miki: Why...?

     Katsuko explains to Miki the whole situation. About how our relationship started, how Kazuya caught her in the act, pretty much everything that lead to this moment. Then Miki offers to help Katsuko resolve this problem. The next day, I come back home after picking up groceries. Then there's Katsuko with Miki at my front door. I didn't know who Miki was at the time, and I didn't know what Katsuko was up to. I guess I better prepare for the worst.

Miki: Are you Jun?

Jun: Yeah. Who are you? And what's she doing here?

Miki: Please calm down. We come in peace. Can we talk inside?

     I reluctantly let the girls in. I'm sitting face to face with this girl whom I'm meeting the first time. And Katsuko is here too. She turns away from me out of shame and grief. It's then that Miki explains herself.

Miki: My name is Miki. And I'm Kazuya's girlfriend. Or at least I was...

Jun: Was? Wait, I didn't even know he had a girlfriend. And what does all that has to do with Katsuko?

Miki: See I was with Kazuya 6 years Before he started blackmailing Katsuko.

Jun: 6 years?! How did you know about the blackmailing? And if you did, why didn't you take action?

Miki: Katsuko told me a lot of things last night. About how he was threatening the 2 of you so that he can keep having his way with Katsuko, and that her visit last night was actually Kazuya's idea.

Jun (shocked): What?!! I knew it! *deep breath*

Miki: But this time, Katsuko really IS not with Kazuya anymore and neither am I. And this is why.

     Miki hands me today's newspaper. There's an article stating the murder of an 18 year old boy who happens to be Kazuya. It says that he was repeatedly stabbed up to 20 times. Once in his left eye, and 19 times all over his upper body.

Miki: The cause of all of our problems is dead. I killed him.

Jun: You killed him?

Miki: Yes. Katsuko witnessed the whole thing. She thought I was gonna kill her next. But I didn't. She was a victim just like I was.

Jun: He treated you like a tool?

Miki: More times than I could count. But when I found out that he cheated on me with a teacher, that was going over the limit. I couldn't take it anymore. I waited years for that right moment when I could put him out of his own misery.

Jun: *deep breath* So, the asshole responsible for ruining my life is gone. But that's not saying much. I still can't trust Katsuko anymore.

     It's then that Katsuko turns towards me. She takes my hand and speaks up.

Katsuko (sobbing): Yes, I've lost your trust. And it felt like I've lost everything that I treasured the most in the world. But my feelings for you are the same as always!

Jun: !!!

Katsuko (sobbing): I've regretted not taking action myself. If only I'd turn myself in and took responsibility for our relationship. Then none of this would've happened. I would've been fired sure, but at least then Kazuya would be arrested with no evidence backing him up. I should've done that when I had the chance!

     As she said that last thing, she lowers her head on my hand in grief.

Miki: As you can see, despite losing your trust, she still considers you the main reason why she's still alive today. She would've killed herself had I not consoled her.

Katsuko (sobbing): Oh Jun...! I'm sorry... I'm so sorry! You don't have to keep loving me. You don't even have to trust me again... Just don't leave me... I have no one else in the world... Please, don't leave me...!

     My heart still feels heavy even after everything that's already happened. She's willing to give herself up to me. But I can't help but feel unconvinced. I need time to think.

Jun: Could you... give me time to think about this? At least a few hours...

Katsuko (sobbing): ......Okay.

Jun: Your free to stay here until I come back.

     I allowed the 2 girls to stay in the apartment while I step out to think about this. As I'm walking down the street, I find myself in front of a church. It's good because I needed to sit down for a while. The priest walks up to me as I'm sitting there looking troubled.

Priest: You seemed troubled young man. What's on your mind?

Jun: *sigh* I don't know where to start.

Priest: Wherever you want.

Jun: ......My girlfriend Katsuko... she cheated on me with a delinquent. And lied about it until last night.

Priest: Did she tell you... why she did what she did?

Jun: She was blackmailed. She's at my apartment begging me to take her back...... Even if she is to promise me that she'll never do it again, there's know way for me to know if she'll keep her word but... If there's a chance that... there would be a more positive difference between us... would I take it?

Priest: What does your gut tell you?

Jun: That Katsuko can no longer be trusted... But the problem is... I'm not sure if I can trust any woman at all either.

     It actually felt good getting that off my chest. As I was about to leave, the priest has an answer for me.

Priest: Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later.

Jun: (A leap of faith......) Okay. Thank you.

     As I was walking back home, I gave the Priest's advice a lot of thought. Maybe I was too hard on Katsuko. Maybe I did what I did out of fear. Or maybe because I was angry and paranoid that she would just betray me again. Of course I apologized to Katsuko before I said all that stuff. And she's willing to make up her failures even if it'll take her the rest of her life. So I decided to bite the bullet on this one and give Katsuko my answer. I'm back at the apartment. The girls are having Tea and watching TV.

Miki: Oh, you're back.

Katsuko: .........

Jun: *deep breath* I thought a lot about what you girls said. I even got some help from a Priest. So I decided...

Katsuko: .........

     I turn my face to Katsuko and sit in front of her.

Jun: I still can't trust you... I don't know if I ever will. *takes Katsuko's hand* But, after a lot of consideration, I've decided to give this relationship another shot.

Miki: *sigh of relief* Thank goodness.

     Katsuko bursts into tears and hugs me tightly, burying her face in my shoulder.

Katsuko (Crying): WWAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!~

Miki: I glad for you two. I can finally go on.

Jun: Go on? Where are you going?

Miki: I told you earlier, I killed Kazuya. I think you know where I'm going with this.

Jun: Oh, your turning yourself in...

Miki: I figured the least I could do was fix the bull-shit Kazuya caused on both of you. And it looks like I did. Now, I won't be able to help you again. But I'll pray for both of you.

Jun: Okay. Thank you.

     Miki left to turn herself to the Police. After a while, Katsuko stopped crying.

Jun: You really look like hell, I'm sorry for that...

Katsuko: It wasn't your fault... I couldn't think after I left last night...

Jun: Well, the bathroom is right there. Feel free to take a soak. It looks like you could use one. Besides, I have to get dinner ready.

Katsuko: *takes Jun's hand* Will you... join me...?

Jun: Okay.

     We're in the shower room in my bathroom. We're both naked cleaning each other. Then suddenly, Katsuko kisses me on the lips before sucking my dick.

Katsuko (sucking): (I wanted to do this with him again... He probably felt that I wasn't the same person he loved... At least now, I can fix that...)

Jun: (It's just like last time. But...) *looks at Katsuko's face* (She's about to cry again.) Look Katsuko, you don't really have to force it. Just take you time...

Katsuko (sucking): Okay......

     Katsuko takes it easy like I told her. After a while, she let's go of my cock. She asks me to lay down and sit up against the tub. She slowly inserts my dick inside her pussy. Before we move on, she speaks.

Katsuko: *hugging Jun* Jun my love, I will make this up to you. Even if it takes me forever, Even if it's impossible, I'll get everything back to the way they were. I guarantee it.

Jun: Okay, I'll take your word for it.

Katsuko: Thank you...

     With that being said, Katsuko is moving and grinding her hips while kissing me at the same time. Yet she's tearing up again. I guess I'll have to get used to that. I'm caressing her tits as were grinding each other.

Katsuko (moaning): Oh yes... More... Fuck me more... Oh Jun... You're so deep inside me... Ah... Yes... Jun... You're getting bigger...! Ah... Yes... This is even better than that boy's cock... Ah...

     I'm holding her tighter and grinding and thrusting her harder. We could barely keep up.

Katsuko (moaning): How is it...? Am I... doing it okay...?

Jun: Yeah... Your tight cunt feels incredible... But I can't... hold out... much longer...

Katsuko (moaning): Me neither... I'm cumming too... Jun... Cum inside me... I want it... Ah... Ah... AAHHH!~ I'm cumming!

     We both unleashed a big ejaculation. She sprayed her love juice all over me as I erupted inside her pussy.

Katsuko: Ah...! I can feel your jizz inside me...! It's so hot...!

     Then, we're both soaking in the tub. We're still hugging each other. Once again, Katsuko buries her face in my shoulder.

Jun: Hey... Katsuko...

Katsuko (sobbing): I'm not... sad... I just...

Jun: I didn't hurt you did I?

Katsuko (sobbing): No... I'm just happy that... I'm all yours again... Thank you Jun... Thank you... *kissing Jun*

     After our bath ended, we had dinner. Then we went to bed, but not before another fling. Telling me that the sex she has with me is even better than the sex she got from Kazuya (Who is burning in hell at this moment) got me wanting her more than I did years ago.

     The next morning while we're having breakfast, Miki is on the news. They said that she turned herself in for Kazuya's murder and answered for it. Since a murder trail was avoided because she confessed to everything, she only got a 5 year sentence. If I could thank her somehow and repay her with something, I would. Oh well. While breakfast is ending, I asked Katsuko if she wants to do something today. Her foot was rubbing my crotch during the whole meal. She wants it again. Okay, so be it. It's been like that a lot ever since our relationship rekindled.

A year has passed...

     We got a new apartment in a high-rise downtown. I'm working at an office building close by. It's so close that transportation is unnecessary. My trust towards Katsuko has slowly recovered. I told her that she's free to get work herself. But she chose to be a stay at home wife. Stating that she's living off her alimony from her short marriage. She even got her old look back and she slowly regained her old personality. Oh that's right, there's another reason why she chose not to work...

Jun: I'm home!

Katsuko: Welcome home dear. <3

Kana: Papa!

     That smiling little girl running toward me, that's our daughter Kana. She just got back from Kindergarden. And there's another kid coming up. Before you say anything, YES, they are My kids. We had paternity tests done to be sure. Well anyway, now that everything is finally resolved, the only thing left to do is to live our lives to the fullest.

Katsuko: Dear, I want you tonight. Again. <3

Jun: Okay. But keep it down this time. You almost woke Kana up last time.

Katsuko: Tee hee! Okay darling. <3

The End

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