The Monster's Cum Slave

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Kimihito was waking from what felt like a night mare or a dream. He remembered before he fell asleep that Ms. Smith had dropped off another monster girl to add to his problems. This girl was a Sphinx and was named Echidna who had long black hair. Based off of this (

Kimihito remembered seeing Sphinx yesterday and her giving him a riddle. He got it wrong and felt her bosom surround his head. He was then sung a lullaby by Echidna as he fell asleep in her bosom. The last thing he saw was her face smiling wickedly.

Echidna smiled as she saw Kimihito wake from his sleep wearing a pair of tight black short that allowed the viewing of his junk. He had on a white tank top that was cut off just at the end of his pecs and tight allowing his nipples to poke out. He sat up on his futon as he said with a groan grabbing his head, "What happened?"

Echidna said to him answering his question, "You were challenged to a riddle. What goes in dry, comes out wet, and gives warm satisfaction from a spout? You got the answer wrong saying hot cocoa, when in actuality it was a teabag the girl! *Laughs*. And now that you got the answer wrong you are now the result of the wish of my plesures or your curse. The perfect cum slave, you may have not known this. But, the reason why all the extraspecies girls here desired your affection so much was for your cum. Extraspecies need the penis or pussy juices of humans, in the case of extraspecies women we need penis juices. And now that you are the perfect cum slave, I will wring you out everyday! Your body went through a magical transformation two nights ago. The ability to cum huge amounts and recover from orgasm quickly. No training required and the best part is, you can't resist us. If we say for example, erect."

Kimihito groaned in both pain and pleasure as he doubled over feeling his cock get hard in his shorts. Echidna smiled as she said to him, "That happens and when I say, cum."

Kimihito shook as he came inside his shorts and panted with a couple of drops of sweat dropping. He heard Echidna laugh as she said with excitement, "That happens. Point in being is that your body obeys me and the others. And while you are first will try to speak and resist. You will eventually break and call me mistress, being the perfect slave. Now, what should be the first thing I do with you today?"

Echidna got a wicked smile on her face after a moment of thought. Her ears twitched, and her cute fangs were showing.

"Lorelei!" she called, causing Kurusu to pale. "Lorelei, my dear! Come now, I have him!"

Almost as soon as the words left the sphinx's mouth, Kimihito heard a nearly silent rustle of feathers and fabric, followed by a soft thump and clack. From behind him.

Without even turning, he knew precisely who it was, and why she was here.

"You put the human in his place, Echidna?" he heard a cold, feminine voice tersely inquire. "I am surprised. You sphinxes and your games..." The speaker, Lorelei MacDromae, snorted quietly, derisively.

Lara, as Papi insisted on calling her, was a raptor, a race of Liminal divergent from harpies and phoenixes. Her wings were smaller and less pronounced than Papi's, being at best useful only for very limited periods of flight. Her hair and plumage were a dark brownish red, and she had more pronounced grasping fingers useful for manipulating tools. She had a long, feathered tail which flicked this way and that lazily in the air, and the second toe of either foot ended in a long, sharp, sickle-like claw.

Her body, clad in fishnet and subdued colors, was noticeably larger and more solid than Papi's, and Lorelei had a more mature-looking body, with breasts and hips not far shy of Miia's in size. Her skin was pale, cutely freckled in small clusters here and there, and her eyes were a sparkling verdant green. But her manner was severe, and she was cold and hard.

Raptors were not, strictly speaking, part of the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Accord, and in fact they had strongly opposed the treaty with the humans. Lara's people were haughty, cunning, and warlike, and she had inherited all the best and worst traits of her people. That she was even here at all was a rather complicated tale, and one best left for another time.

Needless to say, Kimihito was terrified to realize that Lorelei of all people was in on this, too.

She grinned at him in a vicious, predatory way, eyeing him like a piece of meat.

"He is our slave, then?" she asked Echidna.

"He is," replied the sphinx.

"Excellent," purred Lara.

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