Thirteen Years Later...

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Thirteen Years Later...

The Prologue

The day before the class trip, Shuya Nanahara sang that 'Love was in the air' for him and his classmates, including his friend Yoshitoki Kuninobu.

Indeed, it had happened, and as the class trip progressed, most of the classmates fell in love at first sight, while others that were dating at the time, strengthened their relationship with one another.

But a sign of happiness and hope was also in the air: the government, which the sadistic, cruel Yonemi Kamon / Kinpatsu Sakamochi was a part of, was completely overthrown by a new one.

The leader was a kind, diligent, and hardworking person who believed in a positive future for everyone and wanted to put an end to the violence that the old government had approved: The Program.

His name was Shouichi Miyazaki, and it was also stated that he was a close friend of Yukie Utsumi's father, whose daughter believed there would be a end to the cruel happenings of the past.

Miyazaki has also managed to allow rock music to be legal in Japan, and a boom of up and coming musicians, including Shuya, was on the rise.

The otaku community was also greatly appreciated, and showcased brand new and popular pop idols, such as Bubblegum, an all-girl idol group with Kaori Minami as its main leader, and it was said on their first concert, Flip Side was their opening act.

It also showcased the latest in video games, as well as cosplay and video game / anime conventions, which Mizuho Inada and Yoshio Akamatsu were very happy about.

Miyazaki also thought that bisexual and homosexual people, like Sho Tsukioka, would be given a strong amount of respect, believing that they are also equal like heterosexual people.

Replacing the Program was a daily news channel called Channel 5 J-News, which had Yuka Nakagawa working as a reporter and maintaining a bright a cheerful atmosphere.

New and upcoming athletes were also given their big break, like Tadakatsu Hatagami and Yuichiro Takiguchi in baseball, Kazushi Niida in soccer, Haruka Tanizawa and Yumiko Kosaka in volleyball, Chisato Matsui in gymnastics, Yuji Kuramoto in boxing, and Shinji Mimura in basketball.

The latest movies would also feature top stars like Takako Chigusa, who was voted as the 'Hottest New Star of 2004', and popular supermodels and gravure idols like Mitsuko Souma were frequently seen on ads for fragrances, magazines, and even fashion catalogues.

There were also people fighting for a good cause, such as rallying against domestic violence, which Yuko Sakaki was doing to ensure that no family could be broken apart.

Other fellow residents took up a job on doing what they liked doing best: for example, Noriko Nakagawa, who had a love for cooking, became a bakery chef, while Yoshimi Yahagi tended to the small children that attended a day care center that was nearby the orphanage where Ryoko Anno worked at.

But there were some criminal organizations that may have managed to either stand their ground, like the Kiriyama Family, led by none other than Kazuo Kiriyama, or falter thanks to the police finding out about their shady doings.

The year is now 2011; thirteen years have passed since the fateful school trip that brought the students more closer than before, and Shuya and Noriko Nanahara, were happily living with their first child, a daughter whom they named after Shuya and Yoshitoki's caretaker Ryoko.

Today was the day the school play would start.

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