The Battle Royale...That Never Was

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The Battle Royale...That Never Was

Chapter 1: The Bus Ride

The night sky was full of stars, and everything seemed quiet...except in the bus chock full of students: 21 boys, 21 girls, and they were all ready for a typical camping trip for two weeks.

Shuya Nanahara and Yoshitoki Kuninobu were too busy rambling about the pretty schoolgirls that were going on this trip with them after the latter boy chowed down on Noriko Nakagawa's homemade cookies, Kazuo Kiriyama's fellow friends were there for him in case he wanted or needed something, Hiroki Sugimura was reading a book of Chinese poetry, and Mitsuko Souma was simply looking out the window while her friends chatted it up.

It seemed that this would eventually lead to them kidnapped and brought to the Program, but what if it didn't happened?

Let us see...

"Want me to get out my guitar?" Shuya asked with a grin and a wink.

"Don't go there!" Yoshitoki said with a small blush, almost choking on a cookie that Noriko actually provided for Shuya to have.

Meanwhile, as Chisato Matsui exclaimed, "Here, I have some fruit bars!" and gave them to her friends, Noriko sighed in content as she got one herself and ate a few pieces of it. She then glanced at Shuya briefly and smiled.

"Hey, Shuya," Noriko asked, "What do you look forward to when we get there?"

"I hope we can have a lot of fun. Not to mention...I heard that some of the guys are...well, a bit crazy over some of the girls, especially Niida when it comes to Takako." Shuya replied.

Noriko giggled. "That's interesting gossip." she said. "I look forward to it as well." she added also.

Then she glanced at the mysterious transfer student Shogo Kawada, who wasn't allowed to smoke on the bus and was instead looking out the window. Who was he? It was clear that he must have been brought here for some strange reason.

Then again...

As Noriko began chatting with her friends, Takako Chigusa was applying some light red lip gloss when she caught Kazushi Niida staring at her.

"What are you looking at, perv?" Takako asked, but Kazushi didn't respond, but instead looked away and acted like he didn't do anything.

Takako sighed. "I really hope the two weeks come and go...being in a cabin is a far cry from living at home." she said to herself.

Shinji Mimura, on the other hand, had almost noticed Kazushi but then had the courage to talk to him.

"Hey, Niida. Why might you be staring at her?" he asked him.

"It's a secret. Nobody knows why I've got a crush on her." Kazushi replied.

"Well...I think you should lay off of her. She doesn't like guys who're nothing but perverts." Shinji said.

"What?" Kazushi asked, a bit outraged at his words.

"No need to get angry, Niida. No need to get angry." Shinji said, chuckling a bit.

Kazushi scowled and sat back into his seat.

Meanwhile, Mitsuko looked around the bus for someone other than just Hirono Shimizu and Yoshimi Yahagi, whom have been her close friends (sort of) and part of her gang to hang out with. The first person that caught her eye was Mizuho Inada.

"Yes! I'm so ready for a great adventure in the name of Ahura Mazda! Right, girls?" Mizuho told her friends, Kaori Minami and Megumi Eto, causing the two girls to sigh almost dejectedly, as they were clearly concerned about her eccentric ways.


Next, she saw Sakura Ogawa and Kazuhiko Yamamoto canoodling with one another, the boy sometimes kissing the girl's nose and making her giggle.


Then someone truly caught her eye. That someone was none other than Kazuo himself, sitting quietly in his seat when he told Sho Tsukioka, one of his friends, that he shouldn't get too close to Toshinori Oda, as the not-so-tall boy couldn't stand being around someone as openly gay as the Kiriyama Family member. His gorgeous, jet black hair, those piercing eyes that contained almost no emotion...Mitsuko knew that he was the perfect boy that any girl could dream of...

Suddenly, she blinked a couple of times.

"Dammit...I must be having another fantasy involving Kiriyama." she said to herself, then sighed and sat back.

The bus would then arrive at their destination and everyone would head to their assigned cabins.


And that'll do it for Chapter 1! Like it? Love it? Want me to continue? Just review me anytime!

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