Jojo's Bizarre Genderswapped Adventure

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Jojo's Bizarre Genderswapped Adventure presents:

The Night Before

Stardust Crusaders / Jotaro & Kiyoka


Having arrived safely in Cairo, although at the cost of Iggy losing a claw or two, Jotaro Kujo and his allies had shacked themselves in a small yet comfortable hotel room. Three separate bedrooms were allright, as long as no one would awaken to anything loud, like the sound of people partying in the middle of the night.

One such ally, the pure-hearted Kiyoka Nanamura, having gained most of her vision back, sighed as she laid back on one of the two beds provided for her and Jotaro; the other two rooms were for Joseph Joestar and Muhammad Abdul, and Jean Pierre Polnareff and Iggy, although Iggy would rather sleep on the floor. Something was clearly on her mind, and it wasn't the incident where she almost went blind permanently.

Kiyoka had seemed to trust Jotaro as an ally, especially after he saved her from Dio Brando's mind control by destroying the flesh bud that the vampire presented her with. However, as time passed, she began to question her relationship with the boy, gaining a new sense of affection and love towards him, but was afraid he wouldn't reciprocate her feelings.

"You seem tense, Kiyoka." a voice called out, causing Kiyoka to nearly flinch but sighed happily, knowing it wasn't Polnareff, who had teased her about her friendship with Jotaro.

As Jotaro stepped into the room, fresh from talking to Joseph and Abdul concerning how to get into Dio's mansion, he noticed Kiyoka with a look of worry. Was she scared that she was going to give up her own life to destroy the vampire once and for all?

"'s you. Um...did you want to talk to me?" Kiyoka asked almost hesitantly.

"I thought you never asked." Jotaro replied with a small smirk before sitting on the bed near hers.

"As much as I want to admit it...I feel grateful that you rescued me, and I began confiding in you to stop Dio at all costs, especially for Holly's sake. But as time went by, especially after you began to grow concerned about my vision when I nearly lost it by Geb, I felt as though you were starting to like me as more than a friend. Is this what you're thinking about, too?" Kiyoka asked.

This caused Jotaro to raise an eyebrow, but he chuckled before replying, "Oh, Kiyoka...I've been an ally of yours since day 1, and you were wondering if I'd like you as a love interest?"

"Yes..." Kiyoka responded, nodding.

"Well...let's just say I've been secretly harboring feelings for you, too." Jotaro replied before standing up and approaching her.

Kiyoka could hardly reply with, "I'm glad." before Jotaro kissed her forehead. The girl with the stand Hierophant Green was clearly right; maybe he did like her more than a friend!

Sitting next to Kiyoka, Jotaro wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her in as he told her, "Unfortunately, this will be the only time we'll ever do this. If we're lucky we survived, I guarantee you that we'll do it again."

Kiyoka smiled and could only blush as Jotaro leaned in to kiss her sweetly, softly pressing his lips against hers. She immediately wrapped her arms around him almost tightly before removing his jacket as well as his hat.

The boy with the stand Star Platinum smiled before laying Kiyoka back on the bed. Jotaro then locked lips with hers once again, only this time, it was much deeper as he used a little tongue to the mix.

His hands made their way to Kiyoka's school blouse and gently pulled it over her head, causing her to flinch in embarrassment. However, Jotaro reassured her with a small kiss on the cheek, and she smiled once again.

As they kissed once more, he removed her socks and shoes as well as his, before taking his shirt off. Kiyoka was clearly in awe of Jotaro's physique; sure Rubber Soul, the man that manipulated her appearance, was always shirtless and looked good, but he had nothing on the schoolboy that saved her.

Jotaro then held Kiyoka close as he slowly lowered her school skirt, until it was positioned at her knees. She immediately set the skirt aside, now clad in nothing more than a silk pink bra and matching panties.

Jotaro was in awe of her fair-skinned yet slender body before unbuckling his pants as well. He then put them aside also, now clad in a pair of blue boxers.

"Are you sure about this?" Kiyoka asked nervously, a bright blush appearing on her cheeks.

"Don't worry, I'll take it slow for you." Jotaro replied with an earnest smile.

Kiyoka sighed happily before wrapping her arms around Jotaro almost tightly, allowing him to hold her close as he ran his fingers across her skin. He could only watch as the red-haired girl removed her bra slowly, then covered her breasts briefly before lowering her arms.

Giving Kiyoka's medium-sized breasts a few squeezes, he pinched and teased her nipples, causing her to gasp at his actions. Jotaro smiled before attempting to lower her panties, but she stopped him halfway so that she could remove them herself.

Now devoid of any clothing or underwear, Kiyoka laid there naked on the bed, as if she was reborn once again, although she still had on her cherry earrings. However, she smiled deep down inside since the only person that would see her this way was laying next to her.

Kiyoka could only watch as Jotaro followed suit, removing his boxers and placing them with the discarded clothes and underwear they had removed. He then mounted her almost carefully, but decided to not make love to her immediately.

Instead, Jotaro sunk a finger into Kiyoka's entrance, earning a gasp from her before she muttered, "It''s my first time. I hope you understand..."

Jotaro actually remembered having sex with a couple of girls he dated, so he knew he was confident in taking it slow for the red-haired girl underneath him. "Don't worry...I'll go easy on you, Kiyoka." he said.

Kiyoka smiled sweetly before Jotaro inserted another finger into her, causing her to close her eyes and bite her lower lip in sheer bliss. A moan or two escaped her lips as she felt his digits within her virgin entrance.

Jotaro then took both fingers out and noticed that they were coated with a honey-like fluid. He gave them a few licks before knowing it was Kiyoka's sweet nectar before he gently spread her legs and positioned himself near her entrance.

Kiyoka laid back and just kept her gaze up at Jotaro as he slowly slid into her, but stopped halfway when he noticed her wince in pain. He was completely still for a moment as he leaned in to kiss her sweetly, allowing her to wrap her arms around him and return the kiss just as passionately.

Once she had began getting used to him within her, Kiyoka allowed Jotaro move within her, although he was careful not to hurt her again. He grunted lightly as he lowered his lips down to her neck.

As he provided a rain of kisses down to her collarbone, Jotaro smiled with confidence as he witnessed Kiyoka's angelic face contorted in pleasure. He knew he wanted to enjoy and savor the moment with her, unaware it could be their last if they didn't make the most of it.

After some time passed, Kiyoka's discomfort has now vanished completely and allowed Jotaro to move a little faster within her. Her moans were loud enough to wake anyone up, but fortunately, no one was sleeping.

However, Jotaro was worried someone would hear them, so he claimed Kiyoka's lips in another passionate kiss as he held onto her waist. She also wrapped one leg around his waist, causing his penetration to become a little deeper with every move he made.

Soon, his movements began to grow erratic as Jotaro held Kiyoka in a secure embrace, sometimes kissing her passionately or giving her a few kisses on her neck. Her moans began to grow more labored and more louder, although she was careful not to let anyone notice.

Due to his movements, Jotaro knew his climax was gradually rising along with Kiyoka's. He eventually let her name escape his lips as he exploded within her, and she also followed suit by crying out to the heavens as her first climax ensued.

The two simply laid there together, content and happy with their surroundings, and as they put the sheets over them, Kiyoka asked, "Are you sure Holly won't mind you dating a pretty girl like myself, if we ever see her again?"

"Don't worry, she won't. Yet she'll be surprised about how our relationship flourished." Jotaro replied with a smile before turning the lamp off.

He then held Kiyoka close as they both fell asleep, unaware of their future fate in the battle against Dio Brando.


With that being said, expect more genderswapped Jojo stories for your reading pleasure. See ya!

With love for my fans,


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