The Strength To Go On

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Disclaimer: I own nothing but my cruel imagination *cries* *Imagination laughs* I don't own the title either, Rise Against do. I also don't own the Poem I will be using- Thank you, Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894).
Inspiration: I got tickets to see Miyavi on his What's My Name Tour in March.
Music: Miyavi – What's My Name (Album)

Izumi breathed out heavily as he rolled off of Takamiya and onto the dishevelled bed. “Hehe” Izumi gigged as Takamiya was placing butterfly kisses on his toned stomach.

Takamiya soon stopped, got comfortable in their sturdy bed, and pulled his young lover into his arms. “I have to go to Fukushima tomorrow. A young English couple were planning on raising their daughter in Fukushima, but their Japanese is still quite rusty, so they asked if I could go and translate for them. I'll be back in time for a late dinner.” He smiled and pulled Izumi as close as he could, “And my even later dessert.”

Being as quiet as he could; Takamiya turned Izumi's head, gently stirring him awake, “I'll see you later, Izumi.”

“Mmm...” 'Smells nice...' Izumi thought. “Love you, Ta...” Izumi whispered, his eyes barely open. Takamiya grinned, kissed the young man's ear and whispered his “Love you, too.” and left.

“Bye.” Takamiya said his farewells to the young English couple. Takamiya looked at his expensive watch. 4:37 the hands read.

'That's good. I'll be back in time for my late dinner, and my sexy dessert.' He thought, keeping his laughter to himself. Getting into his car, and starting the engine; the two and a half hour drive back to Tokyo didn't seem that long once Takamiya thought about what was awaiting him at home.


6:57 the hands read. Takamiya sighed, 'I should nearly be home by now...But, no. Just my luck to caught-up in a traffic jam as long as Mount. Fuji.'

An hour had passed until, “Finally.” Takamiya said, exasperated.

The sign Takamiya had just passed said he was in Ibaraki. 'Just another hour... Hehehe...' He thought to himself, trying to control the excitement welling up in his stomach. 'Maybe I should buy Izumi some Flowers... No, Chocolates... Definitely Chocolates, to make up for me being so late... I shall get them... First thing tomorrow morn-' Takamiya's eyes widened as a Pick-Up Truck collided into the side of Takamiya's Silver Concept ZT, sending the car and Takamiya tumbling.

Even though Takamiya's seatbelt was on, he was still sent on an unenjoyable ride.

The Orange Pick-Up Truck was still pushing Takaimya's over-turned car in an unknown direction- And at the end of this horrific journey: Was another car.

Nothing was heard. The people just looked on as the Silver car was crushed between the Pick-Up Truck and another car of similar size.

It wasn't much time after, that the Police, two Ambulances and a Fire Engine arrived.


The sound of the ringing phone sent a vibration throughout the apartment.


“Mr. Sakashita Izumi?”

Thinking about his last ordeal with Trains; Izumi decided against it and call a Cab instead- Cutting off forty minutes to an hour of his journey.

“Where is he? Where is Takamiya Katsura?” He was frantic. “Please!”

“Mr. Sakashita Izumi?” A man in a White over-coat spoke.

Izumi looked over at the mention of his name.

“Come with me.” and so he did, hastily.

The Doctor led Izumi down a long hallway and into the Intensive Care Unit, and into a separate- Takamiya Katsura's room.

The site made Izumi sick- Takamiya was unconscious?... Asleep? Izumi didn't know... But, there were scrapes and cuts on his lover's face, and a few bruises starting to form. Not to mention the clear wire that was taped from his nose, and travelled down to a connected pump. There were bandages wrapped tightly around Takaiya's chest and there were deep bruises on his stomach. Izumi could see, even through the blanket, that Takamiya's right leg was in a cast from his foot up to his knee. Takamiya's hands, though, were not covered by the blanket, they were covered by bandages that reached up to his elbows and the rest of both his arms were covered in scrapes and burn marks. The last thing Izumi marked, was the Oxygen Mask over Takamiya's mouth and nose.

“Ng...” Izumi couldn't get his words out. He was too stunned.

“He had some bleeding on the brain, though we managed to get it under our control. He was sent into surgery as soon as he got here. He was given a Sedative after the surgery. It should have worn off by now. Just, when you approach him, don't apply much pressure. He is very fragile.”

When the Doctor closed the door; Izumi rushed over to Takamiya, gently held his burnt hand and began to cry. He must have been crying for ten minutes straight, when he heard-

“Shush, my little Cannonball (1). There's not need for all of that crying.” Izumi lifted his head up to the oh-so-familer face, finding his love smiling gently at him, without the Oxygen Mask, and that only made him cry harder.

“Takamiya! I was so scared! I felt so sick! I thought I was going to lose you.” Izumi was gently, barely (as so not to hurt him), hugging him. “I love you, Takamiya. And, I'm so sorry for all the shit I've put you through all of these years! You know I love you, right?” Izumi sobbed.

“I know.” Takamiya kissed the boy's cheek. “Why don't you get in the bed with me. You must be tired.”

Sniffling, Izumi silently climbed very carefully into the small Hospital bed and laid down next to the man, who he had been with for ten strong years.

“I love you, Katsura.” Izumi whispered, kissing Takamiya's lips.

“I love you too, Izumi. I really do.” He said with a sad smile, and rested his head next to Izumi's.


Izumi's eyes widened. The sound of the Life Support Machine going off sent chills down his Spine. He was in such a daze because of the consent beeping, that he didn't realise that the room was now filled with Doctors. He also didn't realise that a Nurse had coaxed him out- Until he was already out.

“Takamiya!” He was trying to push his way back into the room. But, as he was doing so, the Doctors had placed Takamiya on a Stretcher and rushed him out of the room, and down the hall. There was no way Izumi would have been able to chase after him, not with one of the tallest men he had ever seen holding him by his shoulders.

“Come on. I'll take you to the waiting room.” The giant Doctor said.

Three hours.

Three long, lonely, terrifying hours that went by so slowly that it felt more like twelve hours, and Izumi had yet to move. Two Nurses and the giant Doctor had come to check on him, but he didn't even aknowledge that they were there.

What did catch his attention though, was the first Doctor he had seen when he entered the Hospital- And he look drained. Izumi ran over to him, the worry and hope in his Brown eyes was obvious.

“I'm sorry.” The Doctor stated, it killed him him having to tell the young man that his lover had just died.


“The bleeding on his brain had started again. We tried to stop it, but it was just too much.”

“No...” Izumi was shaking his head. “No! He's not... He's not dead! Takamiya... He's not dead!” Izumi crashed to the floor and onto his knees, sobbing.

Takamiya Katsura, thirty-eight-years-old, died at approximately 4:27AM (2) June 18th 2006 (3).

The Coffin was made out of a dark wood and lined with Red Silk- Only the best would do for Takamiya in Reiji's mind.

The funeral was being held four days after Takamiya's passing. Izumi hadn't said a word to anyone since that heart breaking day at the Hospital; not even a word to mother. This is why Reiji decided that he should be the one to plan his best friend's funeral, informing Izumi on every detail.

There was only a small group of people at Takamiya's funeral: Izumi, of course, and his parents- His mother, because she loved Takamiya and his father, in support of his son. Reiji and Kiichi were there, as well as Haruomi and Kashima was the last of them. They were all standing around the Coffin, with the priest positioned at the front.

“I have been asked if I would read out a poem for our fallen friend.” Priest. Ito Shunji spoke softly, and began reading.

“He had achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much;
Who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children.;
Who has filled his niche and accomplished his task;
Who has left the world better than he found it;
Who has looked for the best in others and given the best he had;
Whose life was an inspiration
Whose memory is a benediction.”

It was silence that met the moving poem. Every word described exactly how Takamiya was: He laughed often and loved much. He always looked for the best in people, people like Izumi, and he gave his best to everything. Takamiya was an inspiration. He was blessing and he will be missed.

After the poem, the coffin was lowered. Izumi felt his heart shatter as he watched his lover being taken from him. Six Lilies were thrown onto of the coffin- One for every person. Izumi was the last to thrown a Flower down. A Red Rose. Takamiya's favourite.

Pulling up in one of the dirtiest streets in Tokyo; Reiji, Kiichi and Haruomi all stepped out of Reiji slick Black car and casually walked into one of the Tower Flats.

Flat number 5 was their target.

Kicking the door through, the three of them walked into the dirty small flat. “Tanaka Yuu.” Reiji raised his voice, but did not shout.

A man, Tanaka Yuu, walked through the door at the end of the room sporting no shoes, torn Jeans and a filthy White Vest-Top. “Who the fuck are you?”

“You don't need to worry about who I am. But you, Tanaka, are the fool who caused the accident in Ibaraki five days ago. And, by the looks of you, you got off with just wrecking your Truck.” By the way Reiji was speaking, you would say he was a Robot with no emotion.

“Yeah.. I remember.. Man, I was luck. I mean, I miss my Truck but I still got my life.. I guess I have a few too many that morning.” Tanaka laughed.

“You shouldn't be laughing. I won't go into detail about the man who you crashed into- You don't deserve to know.” Reiji took out his phone and processed to call someone. “Now” was all he said.

“Good bye, Tanaka. Say hello to Aoe Shougo when you get to Hell, for me.” As the Aoe brothers and Haruomi turned to leave, five men walked into the small little flat. They were all wearing Black Suits and had darkened-lense Sun-Glaases on, and one of them nodded to Reiji.

(1) Stupid, I know. But, Izumi is kind-of like a Cannon- When his temper goes off, it's like BANG! Like a Cannon.

(2) Now, even I was getting confused. Izumi arrived at the Hospital at about nine, and sleep till about one, and Takamiya dies at about four.

(3) TakaIzu have been going out for ten years, so because Volume.1 was published in 1996, I've just gone by that date.

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