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BY : Darkdancer
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            Catching the pirate behind his leg Tyrian toppled him to the ground and bent over him
with his knife at his throat, one knee in his stomach to hold him in place. He smiled impishly at
the pretty blond man who glared up at him. Feeling mischievous he decided to bend down and
kiss him. The other man’s mouth yielded to his with surprising quickness and he soon found
himself lost in it’s sweetness, like fresh cream. An odd thing for a pirate to taste like, but then,
Benedict was an odd pirate. With his free hand he freed the luxurious golden locks from their
prison and tangled his fingers in soft golden curls, loving the sensual way they curled around his
fingers like desperate lovers. His other hand kept the knife at Benedict’s throat. He was horny,
not stupid. When someone has professed, and occasionally tried to act on, a desire to kill you it is
a good idea to have some way to protect yourself. No matter how good a kisser he is. And
Benedict was a very good kisser indeed. He not not yield to Tyrian’s kiss as all of Tyrian’s other
lovers had. He fought him. A battle of tongues and lips and teeth rather than ships and steel.
Tyrian loved it, he fought gamely back, kissing Benedict with a bruising force, which Benedict
returned, devouring his mouth with a savage fury. Finally Tyrian drew back to breathe and view
his former fallen foe, now flushed and panting, lips red from kissing. Benedict was completely at
his mercy. Strong, beautiful and sure, and powerless against him. It was all very-arousing. Tyrian
moved his legs to straddle Benedict, and incidently press his groin against the other man’s which
had the lovely side effect of letting Tyrian know that Benedict was every bit as aroused as he
was. Not that Benedict was willing to admit it, Tyrian wondered if he was getting off of being
under Tyrian’s control. Tyrian hoped so, but if not that meant he was reacting only to Tyrian’s
kiss. Which was fine too. Benedict glared at him. Stubbornly refusing to acknowledge his own
arousal. Tyrian smirked at him. Who knew pirates were so uptight? Still Tyrian had more
important things to worry about. Such as the fact that his lovely prize had far too much cloth
obscuring his view of it. And Tyrian wanted to admire all of his pirate. He let the knife trail idly
downwards, slicing off Benedict’s belt, there, biggest obstacle removed. But Tyrian didn’t want
to rush things. Much as he wanted to see Benedict naked, these things took time. And kisses. He
reluctantly untangled his fingers from Benedict’s hair and moved his shirt and vest from where
they obstructed his access to Benedi82178217;s chest. The knife of course, went back to Benedict’s
throat. Tyrian still didn’t trust the pirate. He was strong willed enough to overcome his own
arousal and kill Tyrian. Then Tyrian set himself to licking and biting his way down Benedict’s
neck, to his chest, where a moaned question made him pause.

            “Are you going to keep– that bloody thing there&#; th; the whole damn time?” Benedict

            Tyrian smiled at him. “What, the knife? Why?” he trailed the knife sensuously down
Benedict’s chest, “Don’t you like it?” He circled one of Benedict’s hard nipples lightly with the
cool steel blade. Benedict moan involuntarily, proving that he did indeed like it– very much.
Feeling very self satisfiyriayrian decided that he’d had enough of being patient and sliced away
the tan pants that hid the most important part of his prize from him. When it was revealed he
gasped involuntarily. Nestled in a bed of golden curls it jutted proudly up at Tyrian, a hint of
liquid oozing out of the tip. Tyrian smiled and brought the knife down to wipe away the pre-cum.
Benedict gasped as his cock twitched and his desire-darkened blue eyes closed, his fists
clenching as he fought to control the tremors that shook his body. Tyrian watched with extreme
interest and decided to see what would happen if he licked Benedicts cock. Liking the reaction he
got he continued to bathe the crimson beauty with his tongue, trailing the knife gently in his
wake. When the convulsions of Benedict’s body warned him the blond pirate was about to cum
he pulled away. “Ah, ah darling. Me first.” So saying he rose and freed his own cock, heavy and
hard with need from his trousers. Kneeling over Benedict’s face he carefully eased his cock into
Benedict’s mouth, who took it in eagerly, probably knowing that he would have to get Tyrian off
before the brunette would return the favor. He took Tyrian’s cock deep into his mouth, working
his throat as he tried to take in the entire length. Moaning wildly Tyrian began to thrust in and out
of Benedict’s hot, sweet mouth, hands going to grip the pirates head. Suddenly Benedict made a
noise, causing vibrations to course through Tyrian’s cock. Biting his lips to keep from screaming
and rousing his entire crew Tyrian came into Benedict’s mouth. Surprised, the pirate coughed
and choked a bit before he managed to swallow most of Tyrian’s semen. Sated, Tyrian moved
beside Benedict, where he noted, from the sticky pool of semen coating Benedict’s thighs, that
the pirate had cum from sucking him off. Tyrian decided to help the poor fellow, who seemed
oddly innocent for a pirate, by licking it off for him. He drew back to admire him, flushed,
sweaty and panting when there was a cry from above. Cursing he pulled up his trousers and
rushed out of his cabin. Why did they always spoil his fun?

            A pirate ship, which incidently happened to belong to Benedict, had been spotted off the
port bow. However, it never got within range of their cannons and quickly eluded their pursuit.
Tyrian was not surprised when he returned to his cabin and Benedict was gone. Disappointed yes,
surprised no. As he tidied up his bed Tyrian mused that he should carry a small bottle of lubricant
with him for the next time he met Benedict. He desperately wanted to fuck his pirate. What
heaven could he find buried in that soft ass? God only knew. But Tyrian would find out. Oh yes
he would. Until then— well, as he studied his cabin boy Tyrian reflected that it was a pity that
the boy didn’t look more like his Benedict. Bit then, one couldn’t have everything. And truly,
Tyrian was certain that there was no one quite like Benedict.

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