Desire: Birthday Surprises

BY : ibshafer
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Disclaimer: I don’t own “Desire” and I make no money from writing these stories.

Title: Desire: Birthday Surprises

Source: Manga and Yaoi novel - Desire: Dangerous Feelings by Maki Kazumi (art by Yukine

Author: ibshafer

Rating: NC-17 (very)

Character: Toru and Ryoji

Disclaimer: I don’t own “Desire” and I make no money from writing these stories.

Summary: Birthdays are for surprises and Toru has more than one in store for Ryoji...

Desire: Birthday Surprises



Toru had been awake for an hour now, enjoying how the light coming through the blinds made
patterns on Ryoji's golden skin. This same beautiful image had inspired Toru just a week ago to
take out his sketch pad and draw the sleeping Ryoji.- the bars of light had illuminated Ryoji’s
perfect form, even his manhood had fallen into the pattern, laying quiescent, perpendicular to the
glowing bars. Toru had wanted to touch Ryoji then, but had been afraid he’d wake him. His
relationship with Ryoji was still very new and Toru didn’t always know how to express it or how
to make Ryoji happy, not the way Ryoji seemed to know how to make Toru happy. He hadn’t
really wanted to spoil that scene anyway. Ryoji’s body was so beautiful and the dawn light only
made it more so. Nothing seemed to inspire him more than Ryoji did. The result of that
inspiration lay wrapped neatly in brown paper and tied with string beneath the bed, awaiting the
perfect moment.


Today was Ryoji’s birthday.


That moment would be soon.

Ryoji’s parents had gone away the night before, but they would be back that evening for a family
birthday dinner. They had been happy their son’s friend was coming over to help him celebrate
while they were away. Toru was a little embarrassed when he thought about just how they had
celebrated and when he thought about what he still had planned, if he had the nerve to carry that
plan out, his heart began to pound and his face grew very warm.


He was nervous and excited and ...and hard.


Ryoji had once complained that Toru never kissed him, never initiated sex with him, but they
both realized that this was because Ryoji wanted Toru so often, he always started things first,
before Toru had even thought of it or before Toru could even make a move.


That morning last week when he’d first awoken to find Ryoji’s body painted by the dawn, he’d
had two impulses - draw him or touch him? In the end, he had chosen to sketch Ryoji’s perfect
form. If it turned out well, he could give it to Ryoji as a birthday present, but the beautiful scene
had also given him an idea for another present.


Since he never got the chance to start things when Ryoji was awake - Ryoji always liked to say
that every time he saw Toru’s face, he wanted to make love to him - Toru knew this could be his


It was his chance to make love to Ryoji.


Toru felt a spike of nervous energy poke his belly. Could he do it? Could he really make love to
Ryoji? Would Ryoji even let him? Or would he just throw Toru over onto his back and take him
quickly like he always did?


Still asleep, Ryoji sighed softly and smiled. Toru watched as Ryoji’s member began to respond
to what Ryoji was dreaming. When Ryoji whispered his name aloud, Toru smiled, but he knew
he had to hurry or he would lose his chance.


Ryoji was normally a very heavy sleeper and to carry out his plan, he hoped this was the case
today. If he did everything just right, Ryoji would wake from his good dream to find it come


Getting back into bed, Toru stretched out carefully next to Ryoji’s long body. Touching his lips
to Ryogi’s sweet sleeping smile, he kissed him softly, with just the slightest amount of pressure,
not wanting to wake Ryoji just yet. Feeling Ryoji’s lips begin to part against his, he fought the
impulse to settle into the deepening kiss and pulled himself away, instead planting gentle, open-mouthed kisses down the smooth column of Ryoji’s neck. He felt the breath stirring in Ryoji’s
throat and his lips were over Ryoji’s adam’s apple when Ryoji moaned his name again.


Now Toru’s excitement was overpowering his nervousness. (And his hard member rubbing
against Ryoji’s strong leg only added to that feeling.)


Oh, how he wanted this.


Emboldened, Toru’s tongue traced the line down the center of Ryoji’s well-defined chest, then
circled one taut nipple, smiling as the nub hardened beneath his lips. The thrill of excitement
began to wind its way throughout Toru’s body, powering his normally shy fingers to touch Ryoji
in ways he had never thought he could. Lips still encircling, still drawing on, Ryoji’s swollen
right nipple, Toru’s hand drew a light line down the plain of Ryoji’s abdomen, crossing his belly
until it encountered Ryoji’s excitement, his now fully hardened manhood, swollen and pulsing
against the dense thatch that grew above it. He let the length settle into his palm, cupping it
softly while he followed the path his hand had taken with more gentle kisses. Having reached his
goal, Toru snuck a look upward, reassured himself Ryoji was still asleep (the bliss on Ryoji’s
face was quite gratifying) then turned back to his task. Drawing his tongue against the silky
head, Toru spread the moisture gathered there around, tracing the outer flared edge before
running down the length. Toru would like to have taken his time, his mouth watered to settle into
the task, but as Ryoji’s breath quickened and his hips began to shift, he sensed that Ryoji would
not be asleep for much longer. He cast about, searching for the tube of lubricant he had set in the
sheets a moment ago and, finding it, he squeezed a generous amount of it into his palm.
Warming it between his hands for a moment, Toru slicked Ryoji’s manhood gently, enjoying the
shape and heat of it, testing to be sure the tension was right. Nodding once, schooling himself for
what was to come next, Toru lifted himself up and over Ryoji’s member, snuck another glance to
Ryoji’s beautiful sleeping face, then lined himself up, barely suppressing a moan of his own
when the head settled into place. Slowly, eyes never leaving Ryoji’s, Toru lowered himself until
Ryoji’s member was fully entrenched. Allowing himself a moment, Toru closed his eyes at the
fullness and the pleasure, head back, a hand at his own hardness pressed tightly against his belly.
He lost himself in the sensation just then and so was caught off guard when Ryoji’s big, smooth
hands grasped his hips and pressed him downward. With a cry of pleasure and surprise, he
opened his eyes to find Ryoji smiling up at him, lust now fully awakened, as well.


“Is this my birthday present,” Ryoji asked wryly, arching upward to make Toru gasp.


“Y-yes,” Toru said tremulously. “Are--” another gasp, “Are you s-surprised?”


“Yes, I am.” Ryoji removed one hand to run a finger down Toru’s length, then cup him below. “I
s-see you, ah!, found a way to intiate sex.” He thrust again, this time harder. “I-I like it.”


Toru was so happy to hear Ryoji say that, so happy he’d been able to make Ryoji this happy, that
he threw himself against Ryoji’s chest and kissed him full on the mouth. Ryoji circled his arms
around Toru’s back, pressing him close as he deepened the kiss, then rolled Toru over onto his
back, never stopping his movements below as his did so. Toru moaned into the kiss but felt
disappointment start to well in him; he had clearly lost control of their love making. This had not
been the plan, though he should have know it would go this way.


“R-Ryoji!” Toru gasped, pulling himself away from Ryoji’s warm lips and tongue. “I-I wanted
to make love to you! It’s my g-gift to you!”


Now Ryoji did stop moving. “You are making love to me, silly.” He kissed Toru’s neck, tongue
lingering behind Toru’s ear, making Toru shiver.


“What? I t-thought...” Toru gasped as Ryoji applied teeth to his earlobe, then resumed the
movement of his hips.


“God, Toru, you are so cute, but you can be so dense sometimes...”


Toru would have been angry if his body weren’t currently on fire with pleasure.


“W-what do you mean?”


Ryoji drew back to smile down into Toru’s face, pausing to brush the hair from Toru’s forehead
and kiss him softly there. “Whether you initiate the sex or I do, when we make love, we make
love to each other.” He thrust again, this time very deeply, eyes lighting up when Toru’s jaw
dropped. “I love that you wanted to surprise me. I love the way-” another thrust “you surprised
me. I love my birthday present.” He bent to kiss Toru, gently at first, then with growing heat. “I
love everything about you.”


Toru felt the tears start to flow and, frustrated with himself for his weakness, he dragged the
back of his hand angrily against the wetness.


Ryoji grabbed his hand. “Don’t!” he cried. “Cry all you want, Toru! It’s one of the things that
makes you so adorable.” He kissed the back of Toru’s wet hand, then made Toru squirm when
he licked the moisture off. “I love your tears, too,” he murmured, eyes closed, lips still pressed
against his skin. “I love everything about you, Toru, but mostly, I love that you want to make me




Hands framing Toru’s face, thumbs gently stroking Toru’s cheek, Ryoji bent to kiss him, so
sweetly, so gently, that Toru’s tears started in afresh.


“Say it,” Ryoji murmured as he drew his tongue over the wetness on Toru’s face. “Say it.”


Toru was a little dazed - with pleasure, with emotion - and so he was confused by Ryoji’s


“S-say what, Ryoji?”


“Say that you–” Ryoji cut himself off, shaking his head. “Tell me what you’re feeling right


Toru felt the blood rush to his face. Embarrassed, he avoided Ryoji searching eyes, but Ryoji
was patient for once and he waited.


What was he feeling?


Ryoji’s hot skin? His hard body? His length buried deep within Toru?


Toru’s breath was coming out in pants and he fought to control his thoughts, feeling quite sure
“your cock” was not the answer Ryoji was looking for. (Though under other circumstances, that
answer could be quite fun to deliver...)


There was a warmth everywhere their bodies touched, pulsing through their skin, and an electric
current where Ryoji’s fingertips traced Toru’s jawline, circled an ear. And there - their
heartbeats synchronized - a warmth spreading, radiating from the center of his chest.




So that’s what he wanted to hear.


Surprising them both, Toru leaned up and kissed Ryoji on the lips, quickly pulling back to smile
up at him.


“I’m feeling that I l-love you, Ryoji,” Toru breathed. “ That I love you very much.” Ryoji’s
smile was like the sun, so bright, and Toru beamed, proud that he’d found the right answer.


“I love you, too, Toru. I love you so much, I can’t imagine going a minute without wanting to do
this--” and he paused to kiss Toru again, and to renew the movement of his hips, smiling when
Toru gasped into his mouth. “Thank you for my present, Toru. It’s exactly what I wanted.”


Eyes squeezed shut, Toru cried out in pleasure, canting his hips upward and wrapping his legs
around Ryoji’s waist.


He wanted to tell Ryoji there was more to his present, that he had something else to give him,
but right now, right now he could no longer speak. Right now he could only feel. (And he was
very close!)


The package could wait until later.


Toru was quite certain that Ryoji would love it just as much...







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