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Vanilla Ice was nothing short of grins and glee as he prepared his friend for the evening. Even if he didn't show it much outside, his expression stoic as usual, it radiated from within him in a powerful, palpable light. Indeed, N'Dour was his friend, one of the few he'd say he had.

Vanilla was known well through the mansion for his crippling jealousy and hostile temper. Certain followers of his Lord Dio he merely tolerated, and not very well at that. Others he was annoyed by, but he would not question his lord's decisions. One in particular he hated, and though he would never be so brash as to say Lord Dio had made a mistake, he could not understand why Dio would tolerate such a disrespectful fool.

But N'Dour he loved. N'Dour earned his respect, because when he looked upon N'Dour, he saw someone very much like himself. Both were rejects from society, shamed and shunned for things they could not help, and unlike many of the servants he'd met in the manor, N'Dour's stand was natural, like his own, and not induced by the arrow. Most importantly, though, N'Dour loved Dio, and he loved him with the same level of passion as Vanilla did himself, devoted to Dio to the end.

"You know, many assume that I am selfish and that I get annoyed simply because I do not want to share Lord Dio," Vanilla said, the words punctuated with a dry chuckle. His hands squeezed and kneaded on N'Dour's shoulders, helping to relax the other man. N'Dour gave a laugh of his own back.

With a cluck of his tongue and a shake of his head, N'Dour replied. "Well, many people are fools, you know? They like to pick the easiest solution to something they don't understand, and go with it, rather than trying to figure out anything that may not be cut and dry."

Though they were in Dio's bedroom, Dio himself had not yet arrived; Vanilla waited patiently for his Lord to return, seated in his bed. It was his duty to serve to any of Dio's hungers or needs, be them physical, sexual, or emotional. As he'd waited, he'd heard the telltale tapping of N'dour's cane headed down the hall, and he'd made to him a bold proposal. To his delight, N'Dour had accepted.

Tonight, they would service Lord Dio together.

"Are you feeling better?" Vanilla asked. His hands rest on the smaller man's sides, and he used his thumbs to work his back, rubbing out any knots he could find. "You get so tense here."

N'Dour nodded ever so slightly. He didn't glance back at Vanilla when he answered him; blind from birth, motioning with his eyes towards things when he emoted was simply foreign to him. "Yes, thank you." He rubbed one hand down his skinny thigh, and huffed out one frustrated sigh. "I am blessed in many ways, but this body will always be troubling to me. Weak since I was a child."

Strong arms wrapped around him, and Vanilla pulled him into his lap. Vanilla nuzzled into the smaller man's shock of dark hair, and laid one tiny kiss to the top of his head. "No. Don't speak that way. You're a very, very strong man. Lord Dio would not love you so thoroughly otherwise, and it's not like Lord Dio would ever make a mistake in picking us. He came to you, just like he did to me. Besides, it's not like you're stick like and withering, N'Dour. You've got quite a bit of muscle on you."

N'Dour simply nodded and let out a laugh. He didn't fully agree, but he wouldn't argue. Instead, he changed the subject to the evening at hand. "Do you usually do anything to get ready for Lord Dio? Anything special?"

Vanilla paused, pondering it. "Usually, I just make sure I am clean and pleasing to see, that I've done my hair well and that I'm wearing something he'll like." After a moment, he added, "And that I leave anything I am attached to in my room, as he has a tendency to tear cloth when he's infused with passion. " At the moment, Vanilla's hair was put into sponge curlers, and he wore just loose sleeping pants, but he'd picked out something more sensual, rest nearby, to change into before their master arrived. He'd already done up his makeup, with his lips painted in a deep plum, and he'd dabbed cedar oil about his body to lend it a clean, earthy smell. His waxed legs were rubbed down in Shea lotion, keeping them smooth and soft to the touch. He considered himself ready.

N'Dour, he knew, was no virgin, and he knew that he had been intimate with their Lord before, but he knew their relationship, in that matter, was not the same as his own. It was softer, gentler; Lord Dio was hard on Vanilla simply because he knew he could handle it, and that he enjoyed it. He was sweet and doting to N'Dour's physical limitations and to the fact he was- Vanilla was sure- a kinder soul. He paused as he looked over him, there in his every day robes, and wondered what he could do.

"What are you wearing?" N'Dour asked.

Vanilla glanced to his things. "I have some boots, a collar that a lead can be hooked to, tights, and a corset."

N'Dour thought, pausing only for an instant, and then said, "Can you fetch the same for me?"

"I don't think you'd fit into my corsets, friend. We're not quite the same size." Vanilla laughed, and N'Dour did as well; it gave Vanilla a bit of a chill to hear, as it was so rare. "But I may be able to work something out, if you don't mind borrowing from Tiddler."

"I suppose not," N'Dour said, adding, "Though I do not know her so well. It's a bit strange to place yourself inside a woman's knickers, isn't it?"

Vanilla Ice hummed as he pulled out the curlers; his angel soft lilac hair bounced out in thick ringlets as they came out, soft and supple but strong and well-shaped. "It's all for the same man, so I'm sure it's alright. But we'll forgo the knickers- it's not like you'd wear them too long, anyway."


Vanilla couldn't believe how beautiful N'Dour looked. Though he only truly had eyes for Lord Dio, he would, without a moment's wait, admit that N'Dour was simply gorgeous tonight, more so than usual. The man was thin, but not frail, like many would assume. Diddler’s underbust corset fit him like a dream. N'Dour gave a gasp as Vanilla's skilled fingers pulled the strings of it taut, seasoning it up to him. Though he could not see, he looked into the mirror they stood before.

Vanilla was confident in his heeled boots, tights, and corset; he'd strung his own quite tight, used to it by now, and it clung to his thick, muscled body. His belly trail and a tuft of his deep pubic hair were crushed down ever so slightly by the matching garter he wore to keep up the lace tights. His thick, flaccid prick hung down, loose and unclothed; only the very tip of it peeked out from beneath its heavy rumple of foreskin. He'd pulled his fresh curls over his shoulders and they brushed over his dusky nipples like curtains, not fully concealing them, but making them not so bare, either, inciting and teasing.

N'Dour, however, looked out of place. He held his cane in one hand; he didn't need it to walk, physically, but it helped him feel more confident as he stood there. Vanilla Ice had slicked his hair down with hot oil, and it laid down more than usual; he'd then worked it into smooth twists. N'Dour couldn't see them himself, and wasn't sure if all the fuss of it was worth it, but Vanilla Ice insisted he looked breathtaking and that Dio would be pleased, so he tolerated the grooming. He let Vanilla brush his lips with a bit of gloss, but had turned down the thought of further makeup, and the only jewelry he wished for was the earrings he usually adorned. N'Dour wore only the corset, and nothing else. His free hand traced over it, feeling the stitching, the cloth, the steel bones inside as it embraced his body, looking at it the only way he knew how.

"It's strange," he said, and he sighed out in relief. "I thought it would be so taut I couldn't breathe."

"Oh, no," Vanilla tutted his tongue. "That's incorrect. It should support and beautify, but not constrict."

"Do I look fine?" N'Dour asked. Those things were unimportant to him, but it wasn't he that he needed to please tonight- it was their Lord Dio.

They headed back towards the bed, and Vanilla Ice nodded a confirmation. "Yes," he said. His heels clacked alongside N'Dour's cane, and he huffed as he sat down. The waiting was torturous. "The white of it stands out against the darkness of your skin."

N'Dour was quiet for a moment after that. "White like my eyes, right?"

"No, your eyes are brighter. This is a bit of a cream."

"There's so many things I can't understand from sighted people," N'Dour said with a shake of his head. "Colour, I don't get that at all. The sky is blue, but so it water, right? That's what they say. So how can people see Geb against the horizon?"

Vanilla laughed, not in mockery, but in understanding. "Ah- yes, I see, I see how it'd be confusing. I can tell you it's not quite the same, but I don't know how to explain why it's not."

N'Dour continued to finger about the corset. "The stitching makes a pattern," he said.

Vanilla replied, "Yes, there's flowers embroidered in."

With a nod, N'Dour said, "Yes- they do feel the same shape. That's how I see- with my ears, and with my touch. I don't miss seeing, since I never had it. I don't know what it's like to see anything. But..." There was a sigh that escaped his lips, a tragic, fretful sound. "I do wish I could see Lord Dio and behold the beauty that everyone professes."

Vanilla Ice watched N'Dour's fingers trace the silk embroidery. He bit onto his lip, and then said, "Or, perhaps... you could show me to see him as you do."

He knew exactly how they would treat Lord Dio that night.


To say Dio was delighted to come home and see the both of them waiting was an understatement. Hips sashaying as he moved towards them, the door creaked to a close as he approached the bed. Plump lips turned up to a broad grin, Dio came to the edge of the bed, where Vanilla and N'Dour sat waiting. One clawed hand stroked through Vanilla's hair, scratching his scalp; the other held N'Dour's chin, and turned it up so he could look down and examine him. "Well, well, it seems that you can still manage to surprise me after all this time, Vanilla."

"To be fair, Lord, it's N'Dour who wished to join us this evening. I merely asked," Vanilla said; while he loved Dio's praise, he only wanted what he deemed he earned.

"What a rare treat for me," Dio leaned in and placed a kiss to N'Dour's forehead. "I don't get to see so much of you as I do my Vanilla."

"I will make a point to come and visit more with you, m'lord," N'Dour replied. "It's you who gives me meaning to live, and so it is is ridiculous that I don't exert an effort to give that meaning praise."

"Now, now." Dio stepped away, just long enough to slip off his coat and shirt, placing them aside. "You do more than plenty. I, Dio, could not ask for better devotees than you two."

Vanilla Ice rose from the bed, and then was down on one knee to help him remove his boots. Unshaking hands that belied his excitement opened Lord Dio's pants, and he pulled them down slowly, teasing himself as much as he did Dio, reveling in the slow burn. Once he'd stripped him, one hand pet up one thick, hairy thigh, and scratched down the pale skin. Dio's lips parted and he huffed out a hard breath. "You seem to have a plan, Vanilla."

Vanilla nodded. "Yes, my Lord. I wish to treat you tonight, if I may, as the god you are. I want N'Dour to aid me in worshiping every inch of your body."

Dio's cock was still soft, but even in its state, at those words, it gave a visible stir. He tousled Vanilla's curled hair, and then walked towards the bed; he climbed onto it, and laid reclined against the headboard, with his legs partially spread. He beckoned for the two to approach, and Vanilla ice held N'dour's hand.

Vanilla's heart raced, the excitement building in him. He could hardly breathe, and it wasn't from the tightness of his corsetry. As N'Dour's hand found its way to Dio's foot, Vanilla shivered in anticipation as the plan they'd discussed began.

N'Dour felt the flesh. Both his hands ran over Dio's skin, feeling every minor detail. His fingers traced each of Dio's toes; the pads glided over the smooth, emerald painted toenails. They squeezed against the balls of Dio's feet, and his palms worked over the arch and toward the ankle. Vanilla Ice mimicked the motions, doing as N'Dour did, following his lead. Dio watched them, curious, waiting to see where this was heading.

"Tell me what you see," Vanilla said, focusing the movements of his fingers on massaging his master's feet, surely tired from the day.

N'Dour's voice had gone up a tone. It was delighted; it was happy, and he was excited. His hips rocked into the bed, giving his half-hardened prick a spot of attention without giving up on lavishing praise on Dio with his hands. "It's soft- very soft. Strength radiates from our lord. Lord Dio- there's not a single rough spot or callous on your feet, unlike mine." He felt over the nails again, and then added, "There are no breaks here; no brittleness."

When he was done, Vanilla began. "He is pale, N'Dour. Our lord is light and beautiful; I am dark, and you are darker still, and our tones are all handsome, but very different. You make a stark contract against Lord Dio's skin."

Dio laughed once, soft but wry. "What are you two doing?"

"He is helping me to see, Lord Dio," Vanilla Ice said, giving a nuzzle to Dio's leg. "And I, him."

"I can perceive some light," N'Dour said as his hands began to work up Dio's calve. "Say it in terms of that."

Vanilla's hands followed. As they each took care of massing one of Dio's legs, Dio let out a rumbling moan; he busied his hands by working them into his servants' hair.

"Dio, then, would be bright- like the radiant sun, like daytime; his paleness is compared to the light. We, then, are like the night, the milky, brilliant darkness." Vanilla gave Dio's calve a squeeze, saying, "I hope Lord Dio does not find it too bold of me to say that we are counterparts."

Dio purred. "Of course I don't. Go on- I'm enjoying this."

That was all the motivation they needed.

N'Dour's nails scraped the skin. "His hair here, it's a touch downy. Soft, though masculine. It's not so bristly as my own. And through the skin, you see how strong he is. One squeeze-" He gave one to demonstrate. "-shows that he is woven together of muscle. He is an idol of strength. He is worthy of my praise, as my saviour."

Vanilla Ice gave one long lick up Dio's leg, and then left kisses down it, his lipstick marking it with rings of purple stain, claiming his lord as his own. N'Dour followed suit; his technique was different. Instead of the fury, the passionate force in which Vanilla Ice did everything, he left fluttering soft pecks of his lips. He moved his mouth slowly down Dio's calve, starting at the knee; his lips tickled though the flittery forest of hairs, and Dio's muscles tightened and relaxed, twitching underneath the strangely indirect sensations.

"You wore a corset," Dio said, playing with one of the twists of N'Dour's hair. "Was this Vanilla's idea?"

N'Dour glanced up, as if he could see, his milk white eyes directed towards Dio's. "Yes," he said, but added, "I chose to let him mandate my appearance tonight for I'm unfit to mandate it on my own."

"I see," Dio's throat rumbled an approval, and his nails scratched down N'Dour's back. Vanilla Ice, meanwhile, had started to lavish attention upon Dio's thigh, licking, kissing, and occasionally nipping. Small droplets of blood appeared on the pale white skin, standing out against it; it smelled heavily to Vanilla, his vampiric senses hungering for it, but he'd not dare to drink it- at least not intentionally, not with earnest- without direct consent.

N'Dour was still human, but he could smell it as well, his sense of smell better than others. He sniffed, and dabbed his fingers onto one of the bite wounds Vanilla had left, and then he brought his hand to his face, giving the blood a direct investigation. "You can even feel your power in this, lord," he said, and his fingers then streaked it down Dio's inner thigh, painting a bright line over pallid skin.

Vanilla gaped upon it, even more after N'Dour's head ducked down to begin kissing the flesh immediately over it. His friend, his fellow servant, giving their lord such glorious love, over the blood that had given him strength and life, it aroused him in ways he couldn't quite understand or articulate.

Vanilla looked to Dio, meeting him in the eyes. Dio looked back down to him with a mere quirk of a smile. Despite the fact his prick had gone rock solid, turned up to point towards the ceiling, Dio remained calm. It pulsed with each beating of his heart- slow, and steady- and the tip oozed a steady line of pre release. "What is it, Vanilla Ice?" Dio asked, the words oozing with amusement and pleasure.

Swallowing first, Vanilla ducked down his head. "My lord, have I permission to satisfy you with my mouth?"

Dio laughed. "Vanilla, so cold- such a way to put it. If you want to suck Lord Dio's prick, you merely need to ask directly." Those powerful legs spread wide open to make room for Vanilla's vast body. Vanilla moved in, lying on his belly between Dio's legs. His own prick was crushed beneath his belly, hard and leaking; he kneaded it for only a moment with one hand before ignoring it. One hand took up Dio's balls. The other held the shaft of his cock, and he began to kiss slowly on the tip of it.

N'Dour slid up, and he rubbed his hand over the sculpted muscles in Dio's belly. "I wish to continue to explore and honour my lord, if that is alright."

Dio glanced down to Vanilla Ice, between his legs. Vanilla had the head of his prick in his mouth, tongue swirling about it; he was not rushing it, but he certainly had an aggressive technique. Dio turned back to N'Dour, and gave a slight nod, petting one hand down his back. "Go on, N'Dour. Please."

"Thank you, lord," N'Dour's fingers traced over Dio's belly, and he gave it a pinch; he couldn't grab anything, there being no excess fat to grab. Instead, he scraped his nails over the firm skin. He came in from the side, and kissed on Dio's abdomen, climbing over him to do so. He was blind, but he moved with fluidity over Dio's body, using his breathing as a guide; he could tell where Vanilla was as well, and didn't get in the vampire's way as he worked on servicing their master.

N'Dour dotted his lips up Dio's belly, and then settled into his side. He licked at one of Dio's nipples, toying with the hard bud of flesh with the tip of his tongue until it became erect. He sucked it into his mouth and slurped on it as he crawled his nails down Dio's side. Dio groaned, and leaned in to kiss the top of N'Dour's head, his breath panting ever so slightly.

N'Dour pulled back. "Does it please my lord?"

"Of course," Dio replied, and he then glanced down to Vanilla Ice. "Vanilla. Please. Enough."

Vanilla obeyed, and drew back immediately. He swallowed the pre in his mouth, and looked up, awaiting orders. Dio's warm balls still rest in his palm, and the shaft pulsed firmly in his hand. He said nothing, waiting to be told, instead, what to do.

"I want to take him." Dio said, with a grin that flashed his brilliant teeth. "Get the lubrication and prepare him, will you?"

Vanilla gave a nod. "Yes, sir." He slid off the bed, his own lean prick bobbing as he walked off.

Dio lead N'Dour around, pulling him down seated into his lap. He aligned his prick up against his rear, cradling it against him. "N'Dour, are you ready for this?"

"Of course." N'Dour replied. "It's an honour, my lord." Both hands placed themselves onto Dio's chest and he leaned in, kissing against the vampire's neck. His cock drooled over Dio's belly, and he shivered, amazed, thrilled that Dio was strong enough to support his entire weight pushing against him with no complaint. His tongue traced over Dio's neck, feeling the oddly shaped, scarred skin. "Here is the strange part of my lord," N'Dour said, mouthing his lips over the scar that circled all the way around. One hand left Dio's body, and N'Dour didn't feel worried that he'd be dropped; he knew how powerful Dio was, and trusted him not to let him fall. The fingers explored the other side of the scar, and then cupped up the back of Dio's head, feeling against his scalp.

"What do you think of it?" Dio asked. His neck craned up, his head falling into N'Dour's touch. "Ohhh yes. That's good- it feels very good."

N'Dour thought a moment, and said, "It's... I feel as if it's a place where someone gave you a powerful gift. Someone you once cared for, my lord. Is that true?"

Dio's eyes popped wide open, and his breath hitched. His look was of such intensity that he nearly glared a hole through N'Dour's body. Subconsciously, he glanced to the preserved skull on his mantle.

"You're a bit too perceptive for your own good, sometimes, N'Dour," Dio replied. They didn't get a chance to continue this line of thought; Vanilla was back with the lubrication.

"What shall I do?" Vanilla asked, pouring a generous amount of the slippery liquid into one hand. He worked it onto Dio's prick, taking special care to lubricate under the foreskin. Dio groaned, wanton, not even trying to hold it back.

"Isn't it obvious, Vanilla?" Dio shook his head, tutting his tongue. "You'll be behind me."

Vanilla shivered up his entire spine. "Yes, my lord," he said, and he couldn't hide his smile as he began to wet down N'Dour's hole with his slippery fingers.

N'Dour's teeth grit, and he clung tight to Dio. "Gentle," he said, speaking soft through barely parted lips. "Be gentle. I'm not as used as you."

Vanilla could tell. As he slid one finger inside, N'Dour's body clung tight; part of it was natural tightness, but much of it was inexperience. He wondered how Dio and N'Dour had played with each other before; he knew they had in the past, but not the details. It was not his place to ask and he'd not be so rude as to do so.

"He will be," Dio said, assuring him. One arm held N'Dour tight and close, and the other pet down Vanilla's spine. "Won't you, Vanilla Ice?"

"Yes, lord," he said, working the finger slowly in to the first knuckle, wriggling it around. It was strangle arousing. Usually, he only had eyes for Dio, but there was something quite wonderful about the heat of N'Dour's body, much higher than the vampiric coolness of his lord's. There was something beautiful about the way N'Dour's breath hitched with each movement of his digit, the way he moaned as the finger slipped deeper in.

Vanilla's other hand went down between Dio's legs, and he pressed another well lubricated finger against Dio's pucker. He did his best to prepare it, per usual, but he used a less tender touch; it wasn't that he lacked care, far from it, but the way he fucked with Dio was hard and powerful, nothing like the coaxing method they were using now.

Vanilla pulled his finger out of N'Dour's body, and then out of Dio's. He shivered, surprised at himself; he had been with Dio and other men before, simply because it pleased Dio, but today, the idea of this pleased him as well. It stirred up his belly and confused him, but didn't worry him. He desired to press on.

He lined Dio's prick up with the hole, and N'Dour reached back to help guide himself in. N'Dour bit on his lip and gasped as the tip began to sink inside. Despite his corset not being laced tight at all, he felt as if it were choking him, his excitement making his chest swell, his heart beat faster.

Once the tip was in, Dio moved in one fluid motion, lying N'Dour down upon his back. Dio looked down at him; N'Dour's blind eyes looked back up, and he panted through his barely parted lips. "N'Dour?" Dio pet one hand down the man's cheek, then brushed it over his chest. The small blood sucking tendrils on his fingers were beginning to pop out, and they pricked N'Dour's skin, but didn't yet go inside. They left red marks wherever they went, streaking him bold. "You're handsome. Not just tonight, but always."

N'Dour's muscles squeezed tight, and he let out a sound that was halfway a sob, halfway a cheer of joy. "Thank you, my lord."

Vanilla moved behind Dio, and Dio shifted to allow him. Vanilla's prick aligned with Dio's hole; this was second nature by now, and in one easy motion, Vanilla sheathed himself inside. Like always, his knees quaked, and he moaned out his open mouth, but he waited for Dio's order before he moved.

Dio's hips shifted forward. He went slow, but soon, his hips were flush to N'Dour's ass. He then looked back, and gave Vanilla a nod. "Go on," he said. "Please me."

Vanilla didn't need to be told twice.

It took a bit of maneuvering between the three men, but soon, they found a good pace that worked easily, naturally, with little discussion. Dio moved slow but firm into N'Dour's ass, and Vanilla clung tight to Dio's body, wrapped up around him, and pounded into him hard. Dio let him, and even encouraged it, glancing back to praise him- "Yes, Vanilla, I like that- harder. Harder, go with all your might." Vanilla's balls slapped audibly on Dio's ass, and Dio loved it that way.

Dio more stirred himself in N'Dour than thrust. He wrapped his strong arms around the other man, and kissed about his neck. He was lazy, allowing himself to be fucked while he ground his prick into N'Dour's hole, but N'Dour didn't care. He was content to continue feeling about Dio's body, tracing his fingers over his muscular hips, down his ribs, slicking over his slightly sweaty skin to feel every inch of him. When Dio bit into his neck, he gave a cry, but didn't object. The blood loss overtook him; it made his head swirl, and enhanced the experience, making him float on a strange, fuzzy edge.

Dio pressed his entire weight onto N'Dour as he sucked out strong mouthfuls of heavy, heady blood. He swallowed with greed, and when done, he pulled back, licking his tongue up over the wounds. It drew a red line over the dark skin, and he then sucked at it to clean the remains up. N'Dour whined, not telling him no, but shivering uncomfortable in place as a bruise began to form; it wasn't anything he suffered through, however, the discomfort oddly pleasing. N'Dour's prick was crushed between their bellies, and as Dio was moved by Vanilla's furious motions, N'Dour was rubbed off. The sensation was strange, and indirect, and even he was surprised when suddenly, his back arched, and he came, splattering thick streaks of seed over his belly.

Then, Dio stopped. He hugged N'Dour close and nuzzled against his neck, giving gentle kisses, and words of praise. "Beautiful, my servant. Beautiful, N'Dour. You did so well. You pleased me, Dio, you pleased me." He then, in the same breath, looked back to Vanilla, and hissed through his teeth, "Vanilla- you too. I want to feel you come as well. Dirty me inside, Vanilla. That's something I order."

"Yes, yes, my lord!" Vanilla roared out the words, and clung into Dio's sides. His nails bit into the skin, enough to leave quick bruises in the transparently white skin. His hips crushed into Dio's, slapping, pounding, fucking his ass relentless as he powered on headlong towards orgasm. His face twisted up in an ugly, shameless as he stopped caring how he looked, caring only about do as he'd been told- caring only about pleasure. He panted, he groaned, hissing, growling as he went, and then, his body twisted, violent; his hands skipped over Dio's side, ripping through the skin, and he screamed, electrified as his prick burst inside his lord.

Dio's nostrils flared out at the fresh blood spilled from him. He didn't mind; he watched a bit of it drip down his skin, and then, he looked back up to Vanilla's face. Vanilla was leaned over him, panting helplessly, while his curls framed his face. The sweat was visible, beading up and dripping off as Vanilla tried his hardest to catch his breath. Dio chuckled.

"You please me, as always, Vanilla," he said, and then, without bothering to pull the other out, he began to move in N'Dour's body. He wasn't near as rough as usual, but he wasn't going at the slow pace he had been before; clapping firm into N'Dour, he shivered, shuddering, coming towards his peak. Vanilla clung to Dio's body, panting, whining, but he didn't dare pull out, even as Dio's movements tortured his softening, sensitive prick.

Dio's orgasm was calm, with little fanfare; he went stiff beneath Vanilla Ice, and he stilled, the first line shooting into N'Dour's hole. He popped his hips a few more times as the rest came out; as soon as he was done, he pulled out, and then pet one finger over the used, softened hole. N'Dour's face was stained with tears; he didn't know when he'd began crying, but he had, and he hid his face with one arm, not wanting his lord, nor his friend, to see.

"Don't be ashamed," Dio said. "I have been known to bring grown men to tears." He reached back and pulled Vanilla's cock from his ass, purring as it slid from his hole. He then reached down, and used one finger to loosen the strings of N'Dour's corset; N'Dour sighed in relief, and allowed it easily as Dio pulled it off.

They all laid together, then, Dio in the middle, with the others draped on either side. Dio busied himself drinking from Vanilla's neck; Vanilla would gladly allow him to drain all the blood in his body, and Dio certainly seemed to work towards it, his tentacle fingers popping holes through Vanilla's thighs as well. N'Dour cuddled into Dio's chest, quiet and content, the sleepiness of afterglow coming over him. Here, in Dio's arm, he felt safe, and he felt warm. His fingers continued to trace Dio's belly, then up his chest; they settled on his neck, and he shivered as he felt it dance with every swallow of life giving blood.

"You are perfect, Dio," N'Dour said, breathless; he couldn't help but say it, unable to resist. "Lord Dio, I am glad I have dedicated my life to you. If anybody is worthy of worship, in body or soul, it is you."

Vanilla tried to speak, but he could only gasp out; he'd gone raspy from shouting, and the blood loss was making him weak. Dio pulled away, licking his lips, and he chuckled at the praise. "I do know. And I do know that had I not pushed him to his edge, Vanilla would agree. That has always been what pleases me best about Vanilla- he goes so far to please me, even at his own detriment." Dio laid back, letting the two cuddle to his chest, and then said, "And N'Dour- you giving you whole, everything you have, to me is what pleases me more than anything else as well."

The three laid there together, and Dio let them fall asleep; he didn't mind a bit. He looked to Vanilla, then to N'Dour, and he could only be pleased. They were beautiful, handsome men, helplessly devoted-

No, not 'helplessly'. Both were strong; both were, simply, amazing. He was truly blessed to have them.

It was an odd thought to have, indeed, after having been so thoroughly worshiped.

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