Choke and Hold

BY : Michaelis Kristiansen
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Jotaro knew Dio quite well.

He was, in a sense, his great-great uncle- the same age as his great-great grandpa, who was long since dead. Dio had been involved in an accident involving an Aztec artifact, and had such been around for ages. Jotaro’s grandfather Joseph had known him, as did his mother Holly, and now Jotaro himself.

Jotaro had a daughter, and was getting older himself, in his late twenties; it’d been quite some time since he’d visited Dio, and he looked forward to it for reasons he was hushed about. Jolyne stayed with family while Jotaro went alone.

Dio opened the door to his manour, smiling a wide, toothy grin as Jotaro entered. “Ah, look at you. It’s been a while, JoJo, hasn’t it?”

"Ten years," Jotaro replied. "Last saw me in high school. And don’t call me that." He scuffed his shoes on the doormat before removing them, placing them on the side of the entryway. "Only my friends can, okay?"

Dio, of course, didn’t look any older. He never did. Even in photos from when Joseph was a young boy, black and white snapshots from visiting family, Dio was blissfully young, forever caught in his early twenties. Most would conisder it a blessing, but others may see it as a curse. Either way, Dio didn’t seem to mind it. He pushed his plump, painted lips into a pucker and kissed Jotaro’s cheek once. “I, Dio, say you’re not changed a bit, JoJo.” He stepped back, hands on Jotaro’s shoulders, and smiled wide, snapping his fingers.

Jotaro snubbed his nose and pulled away, grumbling. “Come on, old man, don’t slobber all over me.”

Dio laughed. “Don’t pretend you don’t like it,” he said, and he reached over, helping Jotaro remove his coat. “Vanilla!”

That tall, muscular manservant of Dio’s came from the other room, and took Jotaro’s coat, staring the other man down as he hung it up. “Shall I tell Terrance to make dinner?”

"Yes," Dio replied. "And please, Vanilla. Tell everyone to leave JoJo and I alone for a while." His hand danced down Jotaro’s chest, and Jotaro huffed one breath out, glancing away. "We have much to catch up on."

Vanilla Ice glared, snapping his gaze away, but he nodded. “Yes, Lord. I’ll let Terrance know and tell everyone your room is off limits.”

"Good, thank you," Dio said, and with that, he began to lead Jotaro away.

Jotaro barely smirked. “What was with him?” Dio’s bedroom door opened; they stepped into the large, lush bedroom, the oversized bed greeting them big enough for a whole party of men.

Dio shut the door tight, locking it behind them. “Don’t mind Vanilla. He’s the jealous sort. Possessive sort.” One of Dio’s hands settled on Jotaro’s hip, the other on the fly of his pants. He spoke softly as he unzipped them, and Jotaro swallowed hard, watching the vampire’s lips move. “The sort who’s horribly envious over exactly what I’m going to do to you.” Pausing, Dio looked up, meeting Jotaro in the eye, adding, “That is why you came here, right…? I, Dio, can’t imagine there’s any other need for you to see me in person except to feel my flesh again.”

Jotaro huffed. Dio’s egotism pissed him off, but at the same time, he couldn’t refute it simply because he was right.

In moments, they were both stripped from the neck down and on the bed.

"Oh, look at you." Dio’s hands ran up and down Jotaro’s legs, feeling up the thick, hairy muscled lengths. "Look at you. My, JoJo, you’ve gotten even riper since I last saw you in person." His thick nails squeezed into Jotaro’s inner thighs, and Jotaro bit at his inner cheeks, glaring down as Dio lavished attention over his lower body. "You’ve matured to a state of near perfection, And bless you, seeing your grandfather, I doubt you’re ever going to get much older." He leaned in, lips brushing against Jotaro’s, seeking a kiss.

Jotaro turned his head towards the vampire’s green-painted lips, and gave him a chaste little kiss, not the sort Dio was expecting or wanting. “Shut it,” Jotaro kissed him once more before turning away, teeth clenching together.

"Oh, don’t be so cold! There’s a reason you came, and you know it, JoJo." Both of Dio’s hands ran up Jotaro’s neck, and he squeezed at it gently, then not so gently, as if threatening to choke off his air. Then they drew away, and Jotaro watched quietly as Dio’s hands worked to undo the shiny metal latches on the thick leather collar he’d selected from his collection. He watched Dio’s calculating face as it was then put onto his neck, latched tight; tight enough to feel its grip, but not so much to where he couldn’t easily breathe. He swallowed as the matching leash was hooked in the large o-ring in front. "You know that nobody makes you feel like I, Dio, do."

Jotaro gave a little nod. “Yeah.” he said, able to admit it simply because they were alone. “Yeah.”

Dio leaned in. His fangs nipped at Jotaro’s shoulders, and the other tightened up under him. “Oh, don’t be nervous,” he said, hushing him with some soft puffs of breath.

Jotaro shook his head, grunting once. “I’m not nervous, okay?”

Dio’s next words took him offguard, and his expression showed it. Dio hardly even seemed to be listening to him. “I’m somewhat envious of you,” Dio pressed his lips together, musing it as one hand’s fingers traced over the strong frame of Jotaro’s hipbones. The other hand swirled idly, twisting the leather leash tighter and tighter on his finger in the same manner as one may toy with their hair, inevitably drawing Jotaro’s neck closer and closer, less he be choked. “You look so young at your age, such a gorgeous display of masculine beauty.”

Jotaro shivered at the touches, watching as Dio’s dark nails pressed white lines into his skin. He was pale, but Dio was paler still, standing out against him. “Don’t be ridiculous. You’ll always look young, old man.”

Dio looked up to meet him in the eye, and he tugged on the leash, making their foreheads clap painlessly together. Not even an inch away, Dio stared straight into his eyes. “But, I, Dio, was a mere twenty-one when I died. My body will always be preserved. But you, you are, physically, seven years my senior, JoJo, but you’re still preserved in your prime! Not even a day older than me, are you?” His grip on the leash loosed and he pushed Jotaro’s chest with his other hand, pushing the other man back, and he leaned forward, his erection bobbing. “Now roll over. Present yourself to me.”

Jotaro did. He got onto his hands and knees, looking back as Dio shifted the leash in his hand to keep from immediately choking him. He knew that was likely to happen, experienced with how Dio did things, with how Dio played, but it wasn’t often he started so brazen. Jotaro spread his legs apart slightly, his hardening prick and large, heavy balls dangling down towards the bed.

Dio used both hands then to grab at Jotaro’s ass and squeeze it, kneading it rough in his hands like bread dough. His nails sunk right in, and then he gave the flesh a hard slap, first on the right cheek, then on the left, hard enough to leave the pale skin pink. “Mmn, just as soft and virginal as the first time I had you, JoJo. You were such a little charmer, so young…” He licked at his lips and leaned in, lying his prick at Jotaro’s tailbone, and he slowly began to rutt, grinding his prick against the other’s ass. “So unlearned in ways. Girls fawned for you every day at school, but it was your great-great uncle Dio who got to take you the first time. How jealous they’d be!”

Jotaro laughed a quiet, monotone laugh, and looked back, biting onto his lower lip. “I don’t think I chose poorly.”

"Oh, certainly not!" Dio laughed, and he pressed Jotaro’s asscheeks tight together, choking them around his swollen cock. His nails sunk in enough to make the skin go from pale to red back to white again, and Jotaro swore under his breath. "Look at this. Look at this lovely rear, JoJo, you’ve not even began to see any of the effects gravity tends to have on poor mortal humans!"

Jotaro shivered, and popped his hips up, grinding into Dio’s cock. He said nothing, but he didn’t object. Dio hadn’t even began to abuse him- if it could be called abuse with such willing consent. “It’s not like I’m immortal. Stop your gushing.”

"Ah, but I am, Jotaro, so I think I have quite the expertise on this." One of Dio’s hands fetched the leash back up and he gave a firm tug of it, forcing Jotaro to bend his neck to keep from being choked. "Ah, are you that keen to avoid the bite of pain? JoJo, sweet JoJo, you know that isn’t going to be possible in the long run."

As if to fight the words, Jotaro leaned to the right, struggling against the leash. His motions made it tight, and Dio gave Jotaro another firm slap on the ass, hissing at the other’s actions.

"What are you doing?" he asked, tugging the leash hard. The collar tightened on Jotaro’s throat, choking off his air. "You little brat. I can’t stand when you act this way." His smile belied his words.

Jotaro rolled a bit to his side, hands reaching up to tug at the collar, trying to pry it off from his throat to get him a bit of air, but Dio shook his head, swirling the leash about his wrist. Dio’s other hand held to Jotaro’s side, squeezing in, keeping him from moving off his knees with his superior strength. “Nuh-uh-uh, JoJo, you get what you get, you brat,”

Dio popped his hips, pressing his prick harder and harder into Jotaro’s ass, grinding into his skin. He pressed hard enough to feel his balls tighten, his hole twitch, and he could hardly stand it. But first, he had to loosen the leash. Jotaro was turning colours, choking to speak, his fingers grabbing hard at the collar.

He was trying to punish him, not kill him.

With a roll of the eyes, he unswirled the leash, and Jotaro huffed for breath, his desperate fingers relaxing. His eyes rolled back, and his muscles loosened.

Dio drew back, having to actually pull to unstick his prick from its spot tight between the other’s cheeks. “You didn’t call your stand,” he said.

Jotaro frowned. “It’s trust,” he said simply back. “It’s not like… you’re using yours.”

Dio smirked. “Nobody knows what we do here, do they?” He laid the leash down to free up one hand, and he moved down, sliding to his belly. He posed himself behind Jotaro’s ass, and both hands spread the younger man’s rear open, and he lapped his lips. Jotaro’s pucker was clenched tight, and Dio tugged lightly at it with his thumb. “I, don’t intend to ruin this little hole, JoJo, so it’s best you relax.” He leaned in, his breath tickling against Jotaro’s ass, against his balls. “Allow I, Dio, to help.”

Jotaro was groaning in seconds. Dio’s tongue was pressing against the hole, lapping the puckered skin, giving soft, expert licks to it. It loosened quickly under the dashes of Dio’s tongue, and even stoic Jotaro couldn’t stay silent, his mouth falling open as he moaned. It just encouraged Dio. He pressed his tongue against the hole, wetting it, getting it to part so he could shamelessly dip his tongue in, unafraid to lap the other man’s insides.

When he drew back, a line of saliva connected the two of them, and Dio wiped his mouth with one hand, breaking it. “Ah… I hope you’re ready,” he said, sliding up. Quickly, almost carelessly, he applied a thin layer of lubrication to his prick, and pressed it against Jotaro’s ass. Jotaro looked back, his breath huffing from his lips.

"It’s… been some time," he said. "So-"

"JoJo, I do know what I’m doing," Dio said, and he hilted himself, up to the base.

Jotaro’s eyes snapped open wide, and he yelled, fingers tightening to the bed.

"Oh, you child, nearly thirty and still such a crybaby!" Dio leaned over the other, both his hands scraping up Jotaro’s sides, his nails scratching the skin. "Just relax and enjoy it."

Jotaro clenched his teeth, but didn’t object. Really, it’s what he’d wanted. He didn’t object at all as Dio began to move, fucking at a fairly quick pace into him, enough to make his balls slap against Jotaro’s. He did, however, make a noise when the claws scraping down his sides, leaving trails and drawing occasional droplets of blood, sank in deep.

Those tendrils Jotaro hadn’t felt for years penetrated him. Dio ran his fingers up and down, dancing them and drumming them on Jotaro’s skin, and the long, red tentacles slipped from his fingers. Their pointed ends bit into Jotaro, piercing easily, spurts of blood shooting out as each one went in. Both hands were soon glued to the human’s ribcage, and Jotaro swore, with increasing loudness, at each piercing though. Visibly the blood sucked from him into Dio’s body. Dio leaned over Jotaro, his hips still moving. None of this broke the rythmn of his fucking, and in fact, he moved faster, drumming into Jotaro with increasing vigour.

"Fuck- fuck, you sadistic bastard!" Jotaro bit down on his lip, and Dio just laughed, leaning in. The vampire’s tongue quickly traced the star upon Jotaro’s shoulder before he moved slightly upwards, biting down hard, as close to the neck as he could without upsetting or having to remove the collar. His fangs went in without mercy, and the blood that came out overtook Dio’s mouth, spilling out, down Jotaro’s shoulder and onto the bed. Jotaro wailed, eyes wide, muscles all going taut at the pain. His prick pulsed.

Dio let go with his mouth. “Oh, you want me to touch it?” His tongue dashed over the bleeding holes on Jotaro’s shoulder, and one hand slipped away from Jotaro’s side, five miniature bullet-holes now oozing relentless in a half-circle below his right nipple.

"Yes," Jotaro gasped, his arms bracing the headboard as he looked down underneath himself. His blood dribbled down onto the white sheets, staining them bright. Dio must have picked them on purpose, simply to ruin. His prick was deep red from lack of attention and stood nearly straight up, straining against his belly even in this pose. He didn’t dare touch his own prick.

Dio smacked Jotaro’s ass once more as he drew back, and then with all the roughness he could muster, he drove his cock back in. His other hand left Jotaro’s side, a second splay of finger-wounds now visible. The tentacles still remained outside his left fingers, dancing, and he repenetrated at a new location, nearer to Jotaro’s rear, just to watch him twist, and to hear his wail, and that delicious word he slipped out- “saikou!”- reverting to his native tongue while he was brutalized. He twisted his fingers in the wounds, and Jotaro shimmied in place, twisting back and forth on the bed, while those tentacles wriggled inside him, drinking up his life. His head began to swoon.

"Mmn, I think you’ve deserved it," Dio finally said, voice high with a satisfaction only gained from his absolute control. Finally, he drew his hand away. One took up the leash again, and the other went down under Jotaro’s body. His long fingers encircled Jotaro’s prick, and Jotaro sighed in abject relief. "But I know, oh, Dio knows that you can’t be satisfied unless you suffer just right."

Then Dio yanked the leash tight, straining it on Jotaro’s neck. Jotaro’s eyes bulged as the collar crushed against his windpipe. He could hardly breathe; he let out an inelegant sound as the collar went tight, and both hands made a grab for it, his muscles going rock hard beneath his skin. Dio jerked his arm down to the bed, holding the leash taut, and it forced Jotaro to sit up upon the vampire’s prick. Dio’s other hand worked itself into a frenzy. He only worked on the wet, dribbling head; he refused to pull down to the shaft, knowing that this focus would make his willing victim come hard and fast. Lubricated only with ample pre, he went down once to encircle Jotaro’s sensitive foreskin, then pulled hard enough to flick it relentlessly over Jotaro’s swollen cockhead. He popped his hips only as much as he needed to.

It was only moments later that Jotaro locked up, body twisting as he gave a breathless cry, his voice forced shushed and weak. His thick, pearly seed shot out, staining Dio’s knuckles and splattering over the red spots left in the bed. He still bled from the neck and fifteen holes worked in his side, and his vision went hazy. Dio’s cock pulsed inside his ass, and Dio groaned as he came right after, spilling in the other while he rode Jotaro’s spasms.

Dio then released the leash. Jotaro fell immediately forward. He collapsed without grace on his chest on the bed, tongue extended as he gasped mighty for breath. Jotaro’s eyes didn’t focus, and his body twitched. Dio stood, spent, amused, and brought one hand to his mouth, licking up the come and blood that stained it.

Then, he leaned in. Dio had well prepared. Any of his toys would be treated as well as the rest; even as rough as he was, he didn’t wish to break them. With a surprising amount of gentleness, he dotted Jotaro’s shoulder with a soft, warm, slightly damp cloth, and moved Jotaro’s hand up. “Hold this,” he said, before moving down, starting to dot at the side wounds with care. “Has it really been about ten years, JoJo?” he asked. “You took it like such a strong warrior. Even Vanilla has passed out doing that exact same thing, and we have sessions minimum once a week.”

Jotaro gave a weak smile. “Yeah, about ten years, old man,” he said, with a laugh, despite how cracked and croaky his voice had gone. “Shit, careful with that. It stings.”

Dio made no apology for the sensations as he applied ointment against the wounds. “You should come more often, JoJo. You know how much you like to see me.” He poured a generous amount of lotion into one hand, and began to rub it over Jotaro’s rosy red ass cheeks. “I may live forever, but you won’t. And I find a good playmate is very difficult to find.”

Jotaro simply laid there, eyes shut. He’d caught his breath, but the whole experience had been quite exhausting.

"Tired, are you?" Dio clucked his tongue, and unhooked the leash. However, he let the collar remain as he curled up at Jotaro’s side, and he pulled the blanket on over the both of them. "Just close your eyes and rest then."

"I’m here a week. Don’t go all sentimental on me," Jotaro said, but he accepted this. He hesitated a moment, but then rest his head against Dio’s chest, eyes closing.

"Yes, an entire week, to be trained up by someone as marvelous as I." Dio hummed, scratching light over Jotaro’s belly as the other man cuddled against him. "JoJo?"

Jotaro opened one eye and sighed. He simply wanted to sleep, but he’d humour the other. “Yeah?”

"Do you think, given that time," asked Dio, wonder in his voice, "That I could get Vanilla to join us?"

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