Reviews for Desire: Right As Rain

BY : ibshafer

  • From ANON - polka dot on June 04, 2011

    That was very cute this is a really pretty manga. nice to see some fanfiction for it.

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  • From Dream Wyvern on March 14, 2009

    You're very-very welcome, "ibshafer"! It makes me too happy for words, when I hear that you're happy... truly it does. And congratulations to you on being the very-very first AFF Author to post in the bouncing baby Sub-Domain!!! -confetti!- Hee, no one's gotten to christen a brand new one in ages.

    Tell your friends about it -- I've read people wishing we could do this for a few years, really, and was sooo thrilled to hear that the girls could make it happen... (Guess who's not a programmer? ^^;!)


    -sneaks off to let the Reviews happen on the Archive, like the ToS says...- o.o;

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